Chris Henry, the talented but troubled Cincinnati Bengals player who was arrested 5 times in 14 months, has died of head inuries suffered when he tumbled out of the back of a pickup truck in Cincinatti in what police are calling a domestic dispute between the wide receiver and his fiancee.

Henry died at 6:36 a.m. this morning after fighting for his life for 24 hours. He was 26.

Away from the team because of a broken forearm, Henry was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after being found on a residential road.

Police say a dispute began at a home about a half-mile away, and Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as his fiancee was driving away from the residence.

Police said at some point when she was driving, Henry "came out of the back of the vehicle."


A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, has a friend who is married to a NBA player. The friend just recently found pics of her husband's jump off on his cell phone where, no doubt, he thought the pics were safe.

Here's a tip fellas: your wives know how to unlock your cell phones. The tips to unlock your phones are all over the Internets.

These pics are typical of the types of jump off/gold diggers who lay up with a rich man and don't want him to forget her. I decided to obscure the jump off's face to protect her innocence.

You can tell this is legit because the hotel room is definitely a large luxury suite with a huge master bath. And peep the TV remote on the tub. How many hotel rooms have TVs in the bathroom?

You can also tell that the baller is taking the pics with his phone. Notice what part of the female anatomy he focuses exclusively on. Is it any wonder that clueless chicks with low self esteem rush to the hood clinics for butt injections?

Expect this NBA player's name to hit the blogs real soon.

I have a friend that has been with this NBA guy for some years. They just got married. She happened to find these pictures in her "mans" creep phone? Is this sexy for real? Dropping your pants and holding cellulite ass cheeks together? Then what makes this shit worse is the bitch knows that dude is married! And then is going behind him ironing the shit the wife packed him. I'm sorry but its 2010 niggas have got to be a little better. You couldn't buy your jumpoff lingerie? My girl just filed for divorce from her no good athlete.
Bet it won't be this bitch he wifes up next. Who does this shit? The outfit is out who wears this shit. Minnesota groupies get down! I would give names but it might not be good for her divorce that is in the process. But I did want YOU to see what GROUPIES DO!

Uncensored pics after the break. *Not Safe For Work*

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According to one of my loyal German readers, Burlesque singer Beyonce disses her husband in a German magazine article. It's a subtle diss, but a diss just the same.

It appears that Beyonce, who made it acceptable to wear lacefront wigs to the corner store, has grown wary of glamming it up for Jay Z who doesn't want to have children with her. Bey laments that she's tired of her over-the-top physical attributes which are designed to keep Jay Z's attraction to her at an all-time high.

Beyonce, who some say is 35, is tired of looking like an overgrown sex kitten just to keep her man and wants to tone it down some -- at least around the crib. But she's afraid her husband will bounce if she doesn't glam it up for him behind closed doors.

According to my loyal reader Natalija, who translated this article into English, "Beyonce dissed her own husband like that in a German magazine. She basically saying that she's playing with him and that jay assumes that she has to wear high heels to the toilet? Honestly, either this marriage is fake or i dont know. lmao."

Natalija translates the Neon magazine article below:

The American R & B singer Beyoncé Knowles (28) has some bitter truth in store for her husband Jay-Z. "I want children - not now, later. He's quite not aware of that fact yet" the 28-year-old magazine told Neon. In addition, the well-known for her glamorous appearances singer wants to sit at home and once in a tracksuit pants on the couch. "He assumes to believe that women go with high heels to the toilet," said Beyoncé.

According to Natalija, this article is via German Press Agency (So Beyonce definitely stated that otherwise the German Press agency wouldnt have released it!)

Susan Boyle, the relatively unknown 49-year-old talent contestant from London, is still storming the charts here in the US with her debut smash album I Dreamed a Dream.

Boyle sits at #1 for the 2nd week in a row with over 581K copies sold, giving her a total of 2 million in worldwide sales in just 2 weeks! Since appearing as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent TV show, Boyle has rocketed to worldwide fame despite her plain jane looks.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown's 'Graffiti' CD came in at #6 on the charts with just 102,000 sold. On Monday, Brown deleted his Twitter account after raging online at department store giant WalMart employees for hiding his CDs "in the back" where his fans couldn't get at them.

His public outburst resulted in a statement from WalMart's corporate headquarters denying the allegations. Rihanna's CD Rated R debuted at #4 on the charts with over 181,000 copies sold.


I LOVE Freshalina's commentary on all God's children. When I posted this pic of Kandi Burruss and that hot mess Lawrence, I had no clue who the other two mens were. I didn't realize that they wed one another and put the video up on YouTube where it became an Internet sensation.


Try to divert your attention from Kandi’s Dragonball-Z HAIR and Lawrence being painted and prepped for a meeting with the gods and get into the two fellas playing the bookend position. Do they look familiar to you? Wait for it, wait for it . . .

If it weren’t for the sharp eyes of Miss Gia from SANDRA ROSE’S COMMENT SECTION I would have been in love by now! Photographs and footage from Michael and Jamil Cole Smith’s WEDDING move through the internet at a dizziying speed after the couple exchanged HAIR PRODUCTS vows earlier this year.

Photo by Prince Williams/

Riahnna and her HLF Melissa did some Christmas shopping in NYC last night. Rihanna wore a huge rabbit fur hat which looked so cute on her. Love their boots! Remember at the beginning of their relationship when Melissa seemed so nervous, shy and reserved around the paparazzi? She seemed uncomfortable with the whole public display of affection thing.

But now she seems to have broken out of her shell and doesn't mind PDAs between herself and Rihanna, who is obviously the dominating partner in their relationship.

If that's not love in Rihanna's eyes then I don't know what is.

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You be the judge after watching this video comparing George Bush's 20,000 troop surge in Iraq to Barack Obama's recent announcement of a 30,000 troop surge to Afghanistan. Also recall that Obama campaigned heavily against Bush's troop surge in Iraq.

Thanks to loyal reader Mike for the vid link!

Atlanta's most well-connected key influencers gathered to toast the launch of the exclusive Key Club party at the renovated Gold club in Buckhead on Monday night. Atlanta's premiere promoters Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment, Hannah Kang and Laura Giles of Music Business Politics joined forces to create a Monday night soiree where the elite of the industry can mingle in a relaxing atmosphere away from the maddening crowds that are so prevalent at other area nightclubs.

The occasion also doubled as birthday celebrations for Alex Gidewon's girlfriend Elsa, right, and former model/Socialite Kim Porter.

There was no VIP area (everyone was a VIP) so Alex gave each birthday girl an entire section of the club to party with her friends. Their well-heeled guests wandered between the two sections all night.

Guests included rapper Rasheeda, 3 Brown Girl Eboni Elektra, Kandi Burruss (RHOA), Sheree Whitfield (RHOA) and the third 3 Brown Girl Nicole Brown.

Elsa and Kim each received many gifts, but Kim wore one her gifts to the party. These thigh high Chanel boots cost someone (Puffy?) $2,500 and there were only 25 pairs made.

Elsa blew out the candles on her Patron cupcakes (yes, the cupcakes were baked with Patron as a main ingredient).

Rich and chocolaty flavors Akon and Young Jeezy were in attendance.

MORE pics after the break!

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I had no idea that my recent post on the cutie pie Lacefront Baby would draw so much attention from around the country. I'm still getting emails about that post (including one from the baby's family threatening a lawsuit).

Talk Diva Tyra Banks tackled the issue of baby wigs on a recent episode of her hit show. And now Parent Dish has also weighed in on the controversy.

Mommy-n-me wigs may just be the most disturbing parenting trend we've heard in a long time, and The Frisky agrees with us. That site wants to know what's next: Thong diapers?

How about coordinating stripper poles, one for the nursery and one for the master bedroom? Or better yet, twin therapists to deal with their matching self-esteem issues? Suri's high heels are starting to look a lot more innocent with every waking moment.

We even found an entire site dedicated to hair-raising a child.

Not surprising that super models want to check out the trend. Here's a discussion of baby wigs on the Tyra Banks show:

Thanks to loyal reader RS for the tip!

Sean Puffy" Combs finally met his match yesterday at Madame Tussauds wax museum in NYC. where he unveiled the Sean "Diddy" Combs wax figure. Unlike most of their urban wax figures, this one resembles Sean more than a little bit.

Sean, who has become a little color struck in his declining years, was reportedly unhappy with the dark skin tone of his wax dummy. They say he didn't appreciate the dummy's skin tone being one shade darker than his and the overall ashy tone of the wax figure which clashes with his sexy. I got this from a loyal reader who was present at the unveiling, so please don't quote me.

Doesn't singer Justin Timberlake and actress Dania Ramirez make a gorgeous couple? She's a sight better looking than that pale Jessica Biel, who is Timbo's current on-again/off-again love. The Heroes star and the 28-year-old pop star spent yesterday afternoon filming a commercial for Audi Automobiles after spending the morning announcing the 2010 Golden Globe nominations [link].

Blindingly beautiful actress Halle Berry is always a sight for sore eyes. The stunner was spotted out & about shopping at Soolip in West Hollywood dressed in all black. I think I've been too hard on Halle this year and I'm going to ease up a little. Who knew she had a soft spot for anyone other than herself?

According to FadedYouth blog:

The Oscar-winner has been a low-key volunteer on the night shift at the Jenesse centre in Los Angeles for years, but has spoken out for the first time about how she can relate to the victims she works with.

Halle tells The Sunday Times: “I saw my mother battered, and could not do anything to stop it - my father was tyrannical, lashing out at her for no reason. I felt the effects that had on our family — I’ve experienced what these women have gone through.”

Pop legend Madonna and her beautiful daughter Lourdes graced the red carpet at the New York premiere of Nine at the Ziegfeld Theatre yesterday.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty and Fade Youth Blog

Last week was moving day for disgraced serial cheater Tiger Woods whose wife, Elin Nordegren, threw his things out on the lawn and told him to come get them after discovering he slept with 14, and maybe as many as 16 skanks.

Woods sent a moving truck to collect his things and he is reportedly living on a multi-million dollar floating mansion, his yacht "Privacy" in Palm Beach, Fla.

Meanwhile, paparazzi on location outside Woods' former residence in the gated Islewood subdivision in Windermere, Fla. say moving trucks were spotted outside the $2.6 million mansion yesterday. Elin's friends say she's packing up to move back to her native Sweden where she recently purchased a $2.15 million six bedroom spread for herself and her two kids, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 mos.

Elin, 29, has been seen out & about in Windermere in recent days without her wedding ring on. Elin told OK! magazine the children were “doing just fine.”

A neighbor also told OK! that the children “looked happy and healthy. It seemed like they had no idea there was any sort of problem.”

The transition from pampered sports star wife to single mother will be an easy one with that $300 million lump sum Elin is expected to collect from an uncontested prenup agreement she signed before marrying Woods in 2004.

Elin is very wise to keep it moving and not look back. And while all children need their father, a wife can only take so much public ridicule and humiliation. Clearly Tiger Woods, who has serious emotional and substance abuse problems, wasn't thinking about his kids when he was sowing his seed all over the world.