A Decatur man claims he found rapper Trina’s cell phone and is now holding it for ransom. He leaked the pics to my friends at Worldstar Hip Hop who promptly put them online early this morning.

At the end of the video, the man, whose voice is disguised electronically, demands $100,000 from Trina to get her cell phone back with all of its contents intact. He also promises, if he doesn’t get the cash, he’ll release a part 2 of this video with photos of Trina’s former lover, Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin, smoking weed.

“B*tch, we found your phone in Atlanta. You want the phone back, give us a hundred thousand cash… Put it in a PayPal account… mail it to us. We in Decatur, shawty! You already know.”

The man accuses Trina of transmitting STD’s to rappers such as Souljah Boy, Lil Wayne, Puffy and 50 Cent (I can believe the part about Lil Wayne. I’m sure he’s been burned repeatedly).

Kids, this is why you don’t put sensitive information such as nude pictures on your cell phones. Celebs regularly misplace their phones during their travels in places like airports, hotel rooms, taxi’s, etc.

You’re probably wondering what that rash is all over Trina’s arms. Tomorrow, I’ll post a Medical Minute explaining what that rash is and why it isn’t contagious.

Personally, I think the man speaking on the video is Kenyon Martin, who dated Trina for a couple of years until she dumped him — allegedly for Soulja Boy, which I don’t believe. If it isn’t Kenyon, then it’s someone who knows him. Brothas can be just as vindictive as females when they are butt hurt and kicked to the curb for another man.

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Poor Whitney Houston looked exhausted and worn out when the paps caught up to her at the airport in Australia early this morning. The Australians gave the legendary singer a rough time during a concert there last week. They booed her vigorously during her performance, but that’s alright, people booed jazz legend Miles Davis too while he was alive — until they finally figured out that he was eccentric and his show wasn’t going to be the same normal routine every time.  Photos: Splash News Online

I may not like pseudo singer Ciara, but I can’t deny she has a bangin’ body. Even though she can’t sing a lick, I can appreciate all the hard work she puts into toning her marvelous physique (step your game up Keri Hilson!). Ciara attended Mariah Carey’s official end of tour party at Haze Nightclub at the Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter last night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Exactly one month to the day after 6-year-old Jasmina Amena succumbed to leukemia, her mom Thea took to her Twitter page to lash out at singer Rihanna.

In a tweet posted today to the social networking site, Thea wrote:

It has been a month since Jasmina’s passing. Still not even a card or text message from Rihanna. Did she use my child for a publicity stunt?

It was Rihanna, who, along with other celebs, pushed Jasmina into the spotlight by publicizing her urgent need for a bone marrow donor.

Jasmina passed away on January 27th.

Thanks to loyal reader Nioka for the tip.

Sean “Puffy” Combs and his baby mama, Kim Porter, took their twins Jessie James and D’lilah Star out for a walk last night in West Hollywood. They were surrounded by a security team as they shopped at Kitson For Kids. Kim’s friends assure me that they’re not back together and that Kim has moved on with her life. But it’s commendable that Sean remains a big part of his children’s lives.

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Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson gave the kids the serious femme queen vibe on the red carpet at the 41st Annual NAACP Awards yesterday in L.A. For those who don’t know, a femme queen is a male in drag who wears a ton of makeup and takes hormones in order to achieve a look that is highly feminine. Oh, did I tell you that Keri is rumored to be bisexual?

America’s Next Top Model alumni Eve Pigford is what comedian Lil Duval refers to as “small picture cute.” Eva should never take close ups. Ever. And she should leave all that makeup overkill to the trannies who gives such good face better than she does. A mess.

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Awww, this is such a sweet picture! Comedian Mo’Nique, left, paid homage to the newest Superstar on the scene, Gabourey Sidibe, who took home the Best Actress trophy last night at the 41st NAACP Image awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in L.A.

Comedian Chris Rock can’t get enough of Gabourey! The two stars hugged onstage at the 41st Annual NAACP Awards in L.A. last night. The star of Precious took home multiple honors last night, including the coveted Best Actress Award! Good for her!

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A while back I promised you ladies that singer/songwriter Sean Garrett would chat live with you on Sandrarose.com. Well, Sean has agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat with you guys tonight! He’s online now so get your questions ready.

You can also follow along on Sean Garrett’s Ustream page here.

Don’t forget, Sean will select a few of you to spend some the day with him inside his studio so you can watch a master at work! Those of you without Gravatar pics will not be considered. Sean wants to see who he’s picking to come to his studio.

Sean also asks that you keep it clean tonight. Don’t act out of pocket or ask him dirty questions. He knows you want his Hawt body, but he wants you to save the sex talk for when you see him in person! Hey, you never know, I might meet you at his studio that day too!