Poor Keri Hilson slaughtered the National Anthem during halftime of tonight's Lakers vs. Hawks game. Hilson, who has written Grammy winning hits for other singers, showed her inexperience by forgetting the words to one of the most popular anthems in America.

It's strange that Keri was chosen to sing the national anthem when R&B Diva Monica was sitting right there at courtside and would have killed the national anthem had she been asked to perform it.

Other celebs seen wincing at courtside as Hilson struck out at half court were rapper T.I., his artist Young Dro and basketball legend Dr. J.

Rapper T.I. looked happy

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R&B singer Bobby Valentino posed with sexy singer Melanie Fiona at her concert after party at Havana nightclub in Atlanta last night. I didn't know Prada made hi top sneakers.

Lakers NBA stars Ron Artest, left, and Khloe Kardashian's husband, Lamar Odom hosted a party at Havana nightclub last night in the A.

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Last night, music producer Polow Da Don held an ultra secret, ultra sexy birthday bash for himself at an exclusive mansion in Atlanta. Several celebrities were in attendance, including a superstar NBA player who was involved in quite a scandal some years back for being unfaithful to his baby mama.

The party was complete with ballers, local rappers, beautiful socialites and professional strippers (which explains why I didn't see the normal crew at the strip club I went to last night).

There was also a heavy presence of uniformed, off-duty police officers and private security personnel inside the mansion, which is unusual for an ultra private party held in a non-club setting.

Anyway, the executive director of Polow's Zone 4 entertainment, Amy Welsh, took it upon herself to make sure that no one got photographic evidence of this NBA star's presence at the party. Which was a pointless move on her part when you consider that everyone who attended the party last night saw him there.

We don't think the NBA star slipped away to one of the many bedrooms in the house with a stripper (we seriously doubt he would be that dumb). Maybe his shyness had to do with the fact that local nightclub promoters paid his fellow teammates thousands to attend parties at Havana nightclub and Primal nightclub last night while he partied with Polow (and the strippers) for free?

Everybody's talking about this new video spoof by comedian Chris Rock called "Crackers" which has the potential to create quite a stir once folks realize that he's not singing about thin, crispy wafers.

The song is a takeoff on Outkast's mega hit "Hey Ya" -- and we think we know why he did it.

Peep the tweet below by Tichina Arnold who played the young Chris' mother on the popular show 'Everybody Hates Chris'.

Did you know that the show was canceled? I had no idea. So maybe this is why Chris made the video as a subliminal diss to the network for canceling the show unexpectedly.

On the other hand, maybe Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews got the big head from all the positive press and great ratings and decided they were worth decidedly more cash than the network was willing to dish out.

Being greedy will get your show canceled in a hot minute.

Fox News released a statement about LL Cool J's appearance on Sarah Palin's upcoming news special -- and at the same time they dissed the former rapper.

Yesterday, LL tweeted this message accusing Fox of using an old interview clip he did in 2008 and inserting in her show. But doesn't news shows use old sound bites all the time to make a point?:

Fox lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else & are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote Sarah Palin's Show. WOW

LL was listed as one of the guests on the premiere of Sarah Palin's Fox News series "Real American Stories." But yesterday, a Fox News spokesperson told TVNewser:

"Real American Stories features uplifting tales about overcoming adversity and we believe Mr. Smith's interview fit that criteria. However, as it appears that Mr. Smith does not want to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others, we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career." Read More...

Yes, she actually said "fledgling acting career." Ouch.

This should go without saying that former First Lady of Turks & Caicos LisaRaye is not dating NFL star Chad Ochocinco. But since my readers are emailing me asking if they are, I put the question to her publicist Jevon Peak, Sr. publicist of Peak Publicity. His answer:

"Absolutely not! No LisaRaye isn't dating him. He is seeing a woman here in Atlanta though.

So there you have it. You will find out which man captured her heart on an upcoming episode of her new reality TV show.

That boy must love prison?

According to loyal reader Melissa, the troubled son of reality TV personality NeNe Leakes was back in the Gwinnett County jail yesterday. As you know, Bryson Rashard Bryant was jailed 3 weeks ago on traffic charges and possession of a small amount of weed.

This time, Bryant was arrested on Tuesday (Mar. 30) and booked for possession of a controlled substance (we don't know what) and possession of a weapon by a jail inmate. A weapon in jail...? Bryant was released on bond early this morning.

We're interested to see what NeNe will say about her wayward child this time. Remember how NeNe coddled and babied her eldest son during the first season of RHOA? Couldn't you just see this coming?

We've talked about this before, how ghetto hoodrats like NeNe raise their sons like girly men instead of raising them to be real men. Well, this is often the sad result.

R&B singer Erykah Badu may be facing jail time for her hi-jinks, indecent exposure music video romp in Dealey Plaza on St. Patrick's Day. Erykah is no stranger to narcissistic attention-seeking behavior. But this time her antics might land her behind bars. What will she do for an encore? Write a letter from the Dallas jail ala Martin Luther Kings's famous letter from Birmingham jail?

And after all this publicity, still no one is talking about her song. #MajorFail

"They definitely did not get a permit," Dallas Police Department Senior Corporal Janice Crowther said about the filming. "To shoot that video they would have had to get a special events permit from the events office and it would have had to specify what type of filming they were doing, what subjects they would use and any traffic control they would need."

Though so, Crowther further revealed that there is "no charges have been filed thus far." She stated, "We need a witness to testify to prosecute a case, but people were probably so shocked, and it happened so fast, that we don't have any record of anyone calling 911. We have not had any witnesses come forth to press charges."

Erykah could face a class B misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure, which may cost her $2,000 and a jail term of up to 180 days, Crowther explained. The singer might be also charged with a class A enhanced indecent exposure, which carries a fine of up to $4,000 and up to one year in jail, considering that there were children during the shoot. Read More...

By now you should know the routine: whenever a celebrity is caught with his pants down (so to speak) he enters a sex, drugs and ETOH rehab facility to repair the damage to his career and to potential endorsements. Is the public still buying into this crap?

The facility -- Sierra Tucson -- specializes in drug, alcohol and sex addiction, as well as other disorders. TMZ broke the story last night.

Multiple law enforcement sources have told TMZ when a CHP officer stopped Jesse last Friday on the 10 Freeway near Blythe, CA. -- for driving without a front license plate and driving with tinted windows -- James told the officer he was going to Arizona to try to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

We have now learned from our law enforcement sources that James was specific -- that he was going to a rehab facility in Tucson.

A TMZ producer called Sierra Tucson and spoke with a therapist, who told us Jesse was at the facility and in fact had a 6 PM treatment Tuesday night.

Jesse's rep acknowledged he's in rehab.

T.I.s 57s Maybach from atlnightspots.com on Vimeo.

As some of you know, rapper T.I. completed his court ordered house arrest and is now a free man -- sort of. He still has to report to a probation officer and adhere to a strict 10 p.m. curfew every night unless he's working.

A couple of days ago, T.I. shot a music video with Atlanta rapper B.o.B. And according to atlnightspots.com, this is the luxury car T.I. drove up in. It's a $400,000 2010 Maybach 57s.

The 's' stands for "special" not "sport" and this ultra-luxury machine includes every whim your heart desires if you have the duckets to spare. The power comes from a 6.0-liter bi-turbo V12 engine with its 604 horses tuned to perfection by Mercedes-Benz's AMG division.

The interior is appointed with wood grain covered with multiple applications of piano lacquer and soft, imported leather to provide that exquisite blend of performance and luxury that the super rich expect. T.I. loves his cars, and this is the second high end addition to his collection in the past couple of weeks. It must be nice!

I don't know why I keep getting emails like this one when it should be obvious that I have gay male friends and I love them. I don't have love for cowards who hide in the closet their entire lives and tiptoe out only when it's convenient for them (ie, Ricky Martin).

Sorry, but I'm not apologizing for being real. So let's all say goodbye to Jason and wish him well on his journey to other blogs where, hopefully he will discover that life is full of little disappointments.

Hello, Sandra. I'm a regular reader and have been since about 2007-one question: Do you hate gay men? It appears so. You glorify lesbian relationships but find disgust with any male who even thinks about being with another man. You seem to hold the point of view that gay men are responsible for all the ills confronting Black America. The last time I checked, they were not the ones selling crack, killing and robbing folks, going to jail repeatedly, leaving women with multiple fatherless children...and the AIDS thing. OK, you can't blame gay men for Black women having unsafe sex with NON gay men. Gay men don't like women, remember? Black women are disproportionately affecting the high AIDS rate because of their own actions. Go to any "str8" Black club and you'll see why.

Its bad enough you condemn violence on the one hand-and then glorify convicted gun slinger T.I. and that dreadful Tiny on the other, which can be understood considering you are presumably (at least I hope) being paid handsomely for your deference. But to perpetually degrade gay men is just beyond the pale because gay men are a big part of the reason you are so popular. They love you and you know it. Too bad its a one way street. You stake your claim as an influential music industry insider; if so, then how could you of all people disregard the fact that gay men may make up a larger constituency on your site than just the silly over-opionated women who dominate your posts? You love who you love; why can't you let other people do the same? You're a gifted writer who wastes a lot of time dehumanizing an over-victimized minority. As for me, I wish you well but the virulent homophobia has become too much for me and I'm OUT.

Thanks for helping make the world a safer place for bigots everywhere.


Convicted woman beater Chris Brown is reportedly having trouble finding a venue to host his upcoming birthday bash. Club owners and promoters in Miami, Las Vegas and New York have declined Brown's requests to hold his party at their clubs for fear of offending his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The 'With You' singer, who reaches the landmark age on May 5, is having difficulty getting a club in New York, Las Vegas or Miami to host his bash because they don't want to upset his ex-girlfriend Rihanna - who he assaulted in February 2009.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "They don't want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship with Rihanna."

As a result of the difficulties Chris is now looking to hold the party at a private home.

Last year, the R'n'B star had a quiet birthday following his altercation with Rihanna, spending it at home with family in Virginia.

The singer has seen his career take a nosedive since the attack, for which he pled guilty in June 2009.

Source: M&C

:yawn: Exclusive breaking news from Honey magazine:

Has Kelis found a new boo? It looks like it! Our Honeybees are buzzing that the former Mrs. Jones is bunned up with Chicago Bears footballer, Wale Ogunleye. According to our sources, the romance has been hot and heavy for almost two months - at least. The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand. Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, also in Miami. Ogunleye was in attendance as Kelis performed cuts from her upcoming album at the Belvedere Music Lounge.

Later that night sources spotted them canoodling in VIP at Club LIV. Kelis is not the first celeb Ogunleye has tackled off the field. The baller was in a four-year relationship with actress Sanaa Lathan. They ended things last year. For now, his new romance with Kelis is being kept quiet right now, but look for the two to debut their romance shortly. Was this why the pop-star sounded to nonchalant about her divorce in her recent interview with Honey.

The Internet is buzzing about Caucasian rapper Yelawolf who tore the roof off the SXSW Music conference last week. The Gadsden, Alabama native who now makes his home in Atlanta, was recently signed to Interscope Records.

I hope you're paying attention because it's no accident that major labels keep filling my Inbox with tracks recorded by white artists that they signed but haven't dropped yet.

Urban rappers and execs have just about destroyed their own music genre with internal beefing, numerous drug busts, drug abuse, etc. Is it any wonder then that labels have decided to concentrate their efforts on marketing "safe" artists like Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo and Lady GaGa?

The bottom line is, major labels can't make money if their artists are in prison or dead. So gambling on white artists is a safer bet. Can you blame them?

Yesterday, Latin singer Ricky Martin came stumbling out of the closet much to no one's surprise. He said that announcing his gay status gave him courage and strength.

Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) applauded Martin's move, saying "His decision to model this kind of openness and honesty can lead to greater acceptance for countless gay people in U.S., in Latin America and worldwide.”

That may be so, but Martin waited until he was 38 to finally come out. For two decades, Martin repeatedly denied being gay when pressed about his sexual orientation. In a December 2000 interview with The Mirror, Martin said:

"I guess these rumours were started by people who don't have a life, or perhaps it's because they want me to be like them and I'm not. I try not to pay attention to any of these allegations. I could have been married with kids for years or have 27 girlfriends, and if people still want to go around saying that I'm gay, they will."

Martin was 28 when he made that statement. So is it okay to live your entire life as a lie and then expect to be rewarded when you finally come out and tell the truth?

Being gay and proud has been socially acceptable for at least the past two decades. Gays run the music industry, and 95% of celebrity bloggers are gay. So in 2010, why is anyone sitting up in the closet anymore? The only explanation is cowardice. Plain and simple. If I can come out at the age of 5, then these grown folks who I'm about to name can come out as well.

Here's a list of urban celebs who are believed to be either gay or bi who should come out of the closet to help make this a better world for younger gays who feel alienated in their communities.

**Celebs in photos together does not imply that they are dating each other**

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry

Russell and Kimora (Kimmie once threatened to sue me to keep the contents of her closet a secret)

Rihanna and Melissa

Teyana Taylor, Mario

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This track leaked online yesterday, but it never should have been recorded. I love singer/songwriter Sean Garrett, but he missed the boat with this mess right here. Rapper Nicki Minaj sounds like a clown coming out of a drug-induced coma. I don't care about her window dressing or the blog hype, she makes my ears bleed.

DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett - Massive Attack

What can we say about Usher that hasn't already been said? Tameka Foster destroyed this man's career. He is so confused about what direction to take his life and his music in. Who gives the green light for garbage like this to be released? Usher needs to follow in Ricky Martin's footsteps and just come on out of the closet already.

Source: 2DB

Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin ended years of speculation today when he came out of the closet in a letter on his personal website. The singer, who used the services of a surrogate mother to birth his twin boys, wrote that finally coming out filled him with "strength and courage."

"At this moment I'm feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share," he wrote.

Hopefully, those of you who refused to believe Ricky was gay (just as some of you still refuse to believe Tyler Perry and Bow Wow are gay) -- will remember all the denials he made and the string of women he paraded in front of the media while hiding his true sexual orientation.

Yes, Virginia, more than half of your male singers, actors and rappers are either gay or bisexual, and they don't want you.

Source: EO

Pop icon Janet Jackson is calling it quits after 28 years in the music business. Jackson signed her first recording contract with A&M records at the tender age of 16, releasing her self-titled album in 1982.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the 43-year-old Diva disputed reports by ex-boyfriend, music producer Jermaine Dupri, who claims he's working on an album with her:

Janet Jackson has two tracks in rotation—“Nothing” and her Pitbull collab “Heartbeat Love”—but she told Rolling Stone that she’s not working on the follow-up to 2008’s commercially disappointing Discipline, nor has she signed a new deal after parting ways with IDJ. “There was a time where I was actually in the studio and I was recording, but I’m not working on an album,” she says. “There have been a lot of record labels that have asked me to sit down and talk with them, but I don’t know if I want to do something completely independent, or go with a major… I haven’t decided on exactly where I want to go or what I want to do.” “Nothing” is a one-off she co-wrote and co-produced with boyfriend Jermaine Dupri for the new Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married Too? As for the second song, Jackson said she did it as a favor for Rodney Jerkins, for “fun.”

Source: HDD

Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and Antonia "Toya" Carter look stunning on the cover of this month's Hype Hair magazine.

In a recent interview with Honey mag, the ladies shared their relationship experience and wisdom with their younger fans by telling them that it's not okay to be loose with their bodies. Hopefully, the young ladies will take heed of their advice.

How soon is too soon to get intimate with a guy?
Toya: When you first meet him like in the first 8 months. I think that’s too soon. Some of them just want to talk to you because of who you know, who you are, what you’re doing so you have to test them out. I want to know if you like me or who I am associated with. You have to feel them out.

Bad guy or good guy? Who are you more attracted to and why?
Tiny: Honestly I’ve always been into the bad boy – I can’t lie. Something about the bad boy just attracts me, just gets my attention you know? There are some good guys that I can think of now that can be sexy, now that I’m older. But when I was younger, it would always be the bad boy.

Toya: I don’t like a softy softy but I don’t like a thug either. The reason why is because I don’t need any thugs around me. I have a daughter. I need someone who is well-established, not into a lot of BS, and very family-oriented. Someone that is cool and not on no dumb stuff. You can’t just bring everybody around your kids. I’m dating. I need someone I can bring home to my daughter. Not just anybody can come around her.

The 2nd season of the popular Tiny and Toya Show premieres on BET April 13th.

Scroll down for update...

It looks like actress Gabrielle Union got a little tipsy in the club this weekend. Gabby was in town hosting the "In The Layne" Launch party at DaVinci's nightclub in Atlanta on Saturday night. I'm told she partied hard with the regular folk as well as a few NFL players.

My spies tell me Gabby was still showing out on the dance floor with the event staff after the club was closed. She was in a very good mood...

...probably 'cause NFL player Charles Grant (formerly of the New Orleans Saints) was in the house.


Date: Monday, March 29, 2010, 12:08 PM


This is very disappointing that you would post pictures up from the In The Layne Launch Party with Gabrielle Union stating that she was drunk as a headline. By no means was Gabrielle Union drunk. She was having a good time, dancing and hanging out with her friends in support of the Launch Party for In The Layne Ent. By no means does she deserve this bad press. She was very personable and approachable and a pleasure to work with, which is more than what I can say for most. I guess when you are being positive and having a good time, something negative always has to be said for a story line.

D.A. Layne
In The Layne Ent.

MORE pics after the break!

Club owner Eddie, Gabrielle Union and D.A. Layne (in The Layne Entertainment)

This is how we do it in the A

Photos by ExclusiveAccess.net

Rapper Jay Z hosted his after party with rapper Jeezy at TAO Nightclub at the Venetian in Las Vegas on Saturday (Mar. 27).

Meanwhile, singer Trey Songz, who opens up for Jay Z on tour, hosted a party at actress Eva Longoria's Eve nightclub in Vegas the same night.

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According to an online report, multimedia personality LaLa Vazquez underwent a rhinoplasty (nose job) just in time for her upcoming nuptials to NBA star Carmelo Anthony. La La doesn't come across to me as a vain type of woman who would be insecure about her looks.

So you be the judge: the photo on top was taken yesterday (Mar. 28), and the 2nd photo was snapped back in February of this year.

Personally, I don't see a difference in either photo. It isn't like her nose was that bulbous to begin with. So why mess with perfection? I've got La La's back on this one.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

(L-R) Actors Trey Smith, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith at the 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards.

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith (L) and daughter Willow Smith attended the 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards in LA over the weekend.

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, left, and Rev Run's son Diggy Simmons at the Kid's Choice Awards. Diggy, who fancies himself to be a rapper, doesn't even have an album out and I'm tired of him already.

Janet Jackson's ex, Jermaine Dupri (R) and his daughter Shaniah Cymone Mauldin, attended Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kid's Choice Awards held at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion in LA over the weekend. In case you're wondering: yes, JD has an endorsement deal with Polo.

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Normally I don't work on a Sunday, but I had to address this misconception.

The Internet is buzzing about Erykah Badu's digitally altered azz in her new video for "Window Seat", that premiered Friday. I thought it would be obvious to everyone that Erykah Badu has never had a phat azz ever in her life. But I guess it wasn't obvious -- even though everything below her waist is blurred throughout the entire video.

Still, it amazes me how easily some people will fall for anything that's right in front of their eyes. But I guess that's why you have me to open your eyes for you and help you to see the light. By the way, the entire video was shot with her in front of a green screen. But you already knew that (I hope you did). Notice how you never see her feet?

Anyway, peep the screen grabs above for all the evidence you need.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

R&B Diva Monica attended her star-studded album release party last night in midtown. I heard the bash was off the chain. I also heard from industry insiders who told me that tickets to Mo's party were going for $600 at the door! A few hard core fans paid $1000 to get in!

Monica's 6th studio album 'Still Standing' sold an amazing 70,000 copies on the first day! Industry estimates put Monica's first week sales at 165-200K. Congrats to Mo!

Monica looking hawt!

Comedian Ricky Smiley with Keyshia Cole's mama, Frankie

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Last week I told you about the Louis Stewart Collection line of high end custom made bags that's about to take over the streets. Designer Louis Stewart worked at Louis Vuitton for a year before leaving to start his own line of pricey bags. The bags aren't available in stores yet. But you can order your own custom made piece by visiting the website.

A couple of days ago, Louis Stewart sent me a gray suede backpack from their line (my friend is modeling it above). I get compliments on that bag every where I go -- even in the Louis Vuitton store! The bags are in high demand right now amongst NFL and NBA players.

I saw a man last night at the Tyler Perry WDIGMT premiere with a custom gator Louis Stewart duffle bag. So word is getting out. The line ranges from $2,500 and up.

More after the break!

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Last night I took in a movie with my friend at Atlantic Station. We went to see 'Shutter Island' starring Leonardo Dicaprio (which I've seen once already because it's that good). About an hour into the movie I went to the concession stand.

It sounded like a party going on in the hall as about a hundred or so well-dressed industry folk mingled and networked (loudly) amongst themselves. I spotted Tami of Talking With Tami blog walking by and I pulled her to the side to ask what was going on. She told me that Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married Too' screening had just ended.

A minute later, I saw a nice lady near the concession stand and I asked her how she liked Tyler's movie. She hesitated to answer at first. Then with a sly smile, she whispered, "I hated it... and I work for Tyler Perry Studios."

Others shared her same sentiments, saying the movie was "horrible" with "too much going on." One movie goer called 'Married Too' the "worst movie Tyler Perry ever made."

Luckily for Tyler, his built-in core audience that followed him from his chitlin circuit days will support any garbage he puts out. 'Married Too' was directed by Tyler Perry and financed by Tyler and Oprah. I'm sure they'll make their money back, and more.

Rapper Yung Joc extended his arms for me to run to him. But I was trying to remain incognito (I don't know how he recognized me).

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As I told you in a recent post, rapper T.I. was on house arrest at his posh mansion for the remainder of his sentence.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., was sentenced to one year and a day in an Arkansas prison following a conviction for possessing machine guns and silencers. He served seven months of his sentence before being released to an Atlanta halfway house two days before Christmas.

The AJC quotes T.I.'s attorney Steve Sadow who notes that at the end of the day Friday, T.I.'s house arrest ends and he begins three years on probation. For the next 23 days, he will have to observe a curfew – home by 11 p.m. unless he has a concert, which pushes the deadline back two hours.

“He’s been working,” Sadow told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He intends to continue working, which includes being in the [recording] studio and performing concerts."

There are already a couple of official welcome home parties in the works for the rubber band man, including one at the new Vision nightclub, although the paperwork has not been finalized yet. Stay tuned!

Photo by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

A New Jersey judge is not a fan of Keyshia Cole's music. According to TMZ, the judge lashed out at Keyshia in open court yesterday. Keyshia was being sued by a promoter for skipping out on a concert in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front.

The judge questioned the singer's intelligence, saying Keyshia was "confused and at times nonsensical."

The judge was peeved because Keyshia was reluctant to read documents that proved she was booked to do the show. "It appears at times that she was not literate," the judge wrote.

Eventually, Keyshia managed to read documents that she thought helped her case, which made the judge even more salty. Keyshia lost the case and was ordered to fork over nearly $160k in damages. Ouch. That was one time when Keyshia's celebrity status did not help her case.

Keyshia lives in Cleveland, Ohio with Cavaliers star Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. She recently gave birth to the couple's first child, a boy.

Source: TMZ

Yesterday, Monica was the in-studio guest on V-103's Ryan Cameron Show. She spoke about the amazing success of her new CD, Still Standing, which is flying off the store shelves, and she spoke about her relationship status with her children's father, Rocko. Will Monica forgive Rocko's cheating ways and take him back?

LISTEN: Monica on the Ryan Cameron Show

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