A smiling Halle Berry stayed close to a friend as they left Nuela after dinner with friends last night. I LOVE her Christina Louboutin boots and that shearling jacket is hawt!

Rapper Lil Kim hosted the grand opening of La Scala Boutique with Lil B and owner Rose Cordon on West 125th Street in Harlem, NYC last night.

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The most significant part about rapper Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am’s performance last night on “Late Night Wth David Letterman” was that they performed live — no lip syncing.

That means Nicki did not have the added benefit of an engineer in the studio twisting knobs to make her sound cartoonish. as a result, she sounded woefully out of tune.

I still can’t figure out why anyone takes this chick seriously. She’s not even remotely talented. Her performance was lackluster and boring. Rappers like Nicki Minaj are the reason Hip Hop is in the sad state it is today.

Photos: Splash News Online and INF Photo

Tennis superstar Serena Williams was seen frolicking on Miami Beach yesterday with ex-boyfriend, rapper Common and Russell Simmons (not pictured).

No, Serena and Common are not back together. Common told friends that their split was an amicable one, meaning they remain good friends.

Remember when we used to fiend for pics like this one of Serena’s bikini clad bod back in the glory days when she was the finest tennis player on the planet?

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Sean Combs’ concubine, Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura, was spotted soaking up the sunshine on Miami Beach yesterday.

My apologies in advance for the rather weak Morning Glory pics today. But I do realize that some of my male readers are currently enamored with these flavorless LSLH chicks like Cassie.

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Correction: I just got off the phone with Waka Flocka’s mom Debra Anteny who denies reports that he son and her artist Gucci Mane are beefing. She explained that Waka and Gucci Mane were trying to get Waka’s brother and producer Lex Lugar into the club. They were not beefing. More on this later.

Originally posted on Oct. 4, 2010 @ 9:58 a.m.

Well, the love fest didn’t last long.

Just two weeks ago it was all love between rappers Gucci Mane and Waka Focka at a MTV Awards after party in Hollywood.

When they returned to the A from the west coast, Gucci even walked Waka over to his personal jeweler, Fezi, and the two men purchased identical custom chains in the shape of a camera dipped in the best quality diamond chips.

But on Friday night my spies tell me that Gucci and Waka almost came to blows at a pre Hip Hop Awards party in Atlanta thrown by Alex Gidewon and Belvedere Vodka at ESSO nightclub.

My spies couldn’t hear what the argument was about, but they say the former friends are at war again.

The shouting match started when Gucci and his crew entered the VIP inside Club ESSO where Waka and his peeps were chillin’. Words were exchanged, then Waka stepped to Gucci Mane. The two crews were quickly separated by security, but the verbal sparring continued minutes later.

Security once again stepped between them and made sure that no fists or jewelry flew.

Can’t we all just get along?

Photos courtesy of Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

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Tameka “Tiny” and Clifford “T.I.” Harris hosted a private luncheon at Luckie Lounge on Sunday, Oct. 3rd. All proceeds went to benefit T.I. and Tiny’s For The Love of Our Fathers Foundation to continue the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Guest speakers included Tiny Harris’ mom Diane Cottle, who is the primary caregiver for Tiny’s dad Charles Pope who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

As some of you know, T.I.’s dad, Clifford Joseph Harris Sr., passed away from Alzheimer’s. So working with the foundation is a labor of love for T.I., Tiny and Diane.

There were performances by Tiny’s group the OMG Girlz and Jazmine (QT Jazz).

For more info, visit www.fortheloveofourfathers.org

Photos courtesy of www.keeimages.com and www.SIRMAG.net

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Pop singer/actress Janet Jackson attended the Haider Ackermann Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris over the weekend.

Singer Toni Braxton was spotted at a pool in Miami, florida yesterday. I see a tummy tuck on her “Things To Do” list in the near future.

Beyonce couldn’t seem to keep her hands off a friend at a party over the weekend somewhere.

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Singer Trey Songz attended the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards at the Atlanta Civic Center yesterday. Industry insiders couldn’t stop whispering about how the biggest names in Hip Hop (Jay Z, Drake, T.I., etc.) either didn’t bother to show up or they didn’t perform.

We know why T.I. didn’t attend, but where was Jay Z? He can show up for every mainstream (read: Caucasian) event, but he can’t pay homage to BET, who basically put his black azz on the map when he was a nobody? At least Sean Combs showed up and performed.

Thank God Keri Hilson showed up or the evening would have been a complete waste. I’m kidding of course.

Nicki Minaj won 3 trophies, but she didn’t perform due to technical difficulties with the track that she was supposed to lip sync to. They say that Nicki attended a private lesbun house party in Atlanta over the weekend. But I wasn’t invited though.

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When R&B crooner Mario’s mom called 911 to report that her son had attacked her, she referred to him as a “mental case” according to the probable cause statement. “On Oct. 01, 2010, at 12:53 a.m., this officer, Michael Ogle… received a call via police radio for a mental case breaking up property inside [address redacted],” reads the report.

The statement goes on to say when officers arrived, they found the victim, Shawntia Hardaway, sitting in the lobby of a high rise apartment building upset and in tears.

Hardaway told police that her son was upstairs throwing things and damaging the property. Hardaway and Mario are listed on the report as residents of the apartment.

The report states that earlier in the day, Mario and his mom got into a verbal argument when Mario “used his hands” to shove Hardaway “very hard” 8 feet into the living room where she fell and hit her head, “causing pain and discomfort.”

Mario was arrested and charged with assault and destruction of property.

Photos: Splash News Online

Pop superstar Rihanna and her red wig caused quite a commotion outside the BBC studios in London, England this morning. The paparazzi were in a feeding frenzy as burly security personnel shoved them aside so the Diva could pass.

Unlike some celebs, the Diva looks hawt coming and going!

Photos: Splash News Online, INF Photo and Rihanna Daily

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Loyal readers Emma and Frederick are the lucky winners of tickets to T.I. and Tiny’s Alzheimer’s Foundation luncheon this Sunday at Luckie Lounge!

Special guest speakers at the luncheon include Tiny’s mom, Diane Pope, who is the main caregiver for Tiny’s dad, Charles Pope, who has Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, there will be special performances by Xscape Members cough*TINY*cough, as well as OMG GIRLZ and Qt Jazz!

To those of you who are interested in attending the luncheon on Sunday, RSVP Shashicka@aol.com to reserve tickets. Luncheon tickets are $100.

Thank you so much to every one who submitted their touching stories of the loved ones they lost to this terrible disease. I was very much moved by your emails and I wish I could give you all tickets to the luncheon.

Loyal reader Emma writes:

Hi Sandra,

My name is Emma _________ and I am 50 years. My dad died of Alzheimer three years ago July 23rd in Chicago. He was 87 years old. He spent the last 5 years of his life in a nursing home, but he was very bless because he was showered with love from his family.

I can so relate to Tiny and her father. When I watch the show it brings tears to my eyes, because it like I am looking at our life on the TV. I relocated to Atlanta from Chicago in 2003 and my sister Shawn was left with a big part of the responsibility of taking care of Dad and she did a wonderful job without complaining. My sister moved here about a year ago and it would be a privilege for us to attend the Alzheimer Luncheon.



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According to TMZ.com, R&B singer Mario was arrested for allegedly attacking his own mother. I’m not surprised to read this.

It’s been rumored for years that Mario is a down low male who hides his preferences for men. Usually these down low men are conflicted. They tend to have deep seated issues with women in general that stems from their poor relationships with own their mothers, who they blame for all their problems.

According to police, Mario’s mother Shawntia Hardaway — a former heroin addict — told cops the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant had been “throwing and damaging property” … and pushed her around with his hands and forearms.

Cops say they found several broken items inside the apartment — including a broken china cabinet, a busted mirror and a hole in the closet door.

Mario’s mother also told police the 24-year-old singer had attacked her earlier in the week — in which he pushed her “eight feet into a living room wall, where Ms. Hardaway hit her head on the wall.”

Mario — real name Mario Dewar Bennett — was eventually arrested this morning for 2nd degree assault. He was released on $50,000 bond.

Beyonce and Jay Z attended the Keep A Child Alive’s 7th annual Black Ball at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC last night.

Legendary singer Sade is still a radiant beauty at age 51!

Former model Tyra Banks celebrated The Vogue 90th Anniversary during Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 Paris Fashion Week at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo today.

When an occasion calls for ultra Glam, Dita Von Teese never disappoints!

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