According to record label sources who requested anonymity, Keri Hilson’s sophomore album Calling All Boys, which dropped yesterday, is projected to sell over 100,000 albums.

Music industry Think Tank (which hasn’t posted its estimated numbers online yet) has CAB set to push 90-100k in sales in the first week. Keri’s “follow-up to last year’s gold debut [is] seeing big love at Urban, [cross]over and now crossing Top 40,” raved the staff over at HITS which ranked Keri at #2 on their Vibe-Rater list.

Keri’s record label, which does their own projections, has CAB going over the 100K mark for the 1st week. By comparison, her debut album, In a Perfect World, sold 94,000 copies in the 1st week.

Check out VIBE magazine‘s behind-the-scenes pics from Keri’s recent cover shoot after the break!

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First and foremost: the above photo of former celebrity stylist Tameka Foster is intended as an illustration to this post, and nothing else. Yes, I’m aware that there have been rumors in the past about Tameka stealing samples and selling them at her infamous sample sales, but nothing was ever substantiated.

It is standard practice for celebrity stylists to steal samples — or at least forget to return the clothing to its original owner. But my curiosity is piqued whenever a stylist is caught red-handed.

The thief will be exposed by NYC eyewear boutique owner Jordan M Silver (Silver Lining Opticians) on his Twitter page on Monday, Dec. 27.

If you’re not familiar with Silver Lining, their celebrity clientele includes Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Rihanna and more.

Loyal reader Kate writes:

So I noticed people at Silver Lining Opticians in NYC, where they sell Balenciaga and A-Morir who made the studded sunglasses Rihanna wore in the Run This Town video, have been talking about a mysterious female stylist who has been STEALING samples, thus causing the store to now require credit card authorizations before stylists can borrow.

The owner said he’s going to reveal on Monday who she is, and there have been talks about taking her to small claims court.

Since A-Morir works with the stylists for Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, I’m really wondering who it is…I’ll keep an ear out and let you know if it’s something exciting, I know you mainly cover ATL stuff.



According to Jordan, the stylist’s agent paid for the stolen merchandise. So all is forgiven and the thieving stylist is free to steal from others.

Hot 97 radio station in NY has suspended a popular DJ after he made a tasteless joke about Haitian women while live on the air.

An apology won’t be enough to keep HOT 97 DJ Cipha Sounds on the air following remarks he made about Haitian women.

The station says Cipha, whose real name is Luis Diaz, will be off the air indefinitely. He sparked outrage Friday when he said the reason he’s HIV negative is because he doesn’t, “mess with Haitian girls.”

Cipha has also been instructed to take sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community.

The reprimand came after community leaders and elected officials protested outside the HOT 97 studios, calling for Cipha to be fired. He has apologized on the air for his remarks, saying he made a stupid, tasteless joke.

HOT 97 also says it will work with community leaders to increase awareness of programs to address the HIV epidemic. Source



Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan can’t catch a break. Just when it seemed like everything was going well for her, we hear that she may have been involved in hand to hand combat at the world renowned Betty Ford Center.

It seems that a drug rehab worker was fired from the clinic after she received between $10,000 and $15,000 from to fabricate tell her story about a fight she allegedly had with Lohan.

The incident occurred on December 12, after Lohan allegedly stumbled back to the rehab center while drunk out of her mind.

Dawn Holland, a clinical technician, said Lohan, 24, attacked her in a “drunken rampage” when she questioned the “Mean Girls” star.

But Lohan insisted she was only reacting to the worker, who put hands on her while “unfairly” yelling at LiLo for breaking her curfew, according to TMZ.

Holland was immediately fired after it became clear that she received financial compensation from the celebrity website.

In an unpaid interview with, Holland said she made an agreement with TMZ to speak about a violent incident with Lohan.

“I’m not going to say (how much),” said Holland when questioned by “It was somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000… If I give you a ballpark then… well, then… yeah (it was between $10K and $15K).”

LiLo could face up to 6 months in jail if Judge Elden Fox revokes her probation.

Thanks to blogger Toya for finding this nugget of information on Keyshia Cole. According to the AP, the R&B Diva regrets her decision to release her single “I Ain’t Thru” from her new CD Calling All Hearts, featuring newcomer rapper Nicki Minaj.

Though her rap style is cartoonish, Minaj is the hottest thing smoking in Hip Hop right now. And it’s understandable that Cole wanted some of that heat on her record. But Cole now admits that that particular single wasn’t the right vehicle for both of them to jump on.

The label didn’t really want to drop the record because they knew that people wanted a more intense, soulful record from me about love and I really should have followed (their) direction. But I wanted that to be a statement record. It’s like saying, ‘I’m doing me, you know. I don’t have no regrets for nothing that I’m doing’

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Rihanna looked HAWT on the set of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” music video last night! She is modeling her brand new custom Emerald green Louis Stewart Collection suede backpack/duffle set! I hear Rihanna put in a large order for more bags in multiple colors. She is so trendy!

In a recent Vanity Fair magazine interview Rhianna mentioned that The Louis Stewart Collection is her favorite accessory line on the planet!! Awesome!


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Rapper Jay-Z, who was in Australia, was seen with his wife Beyonce on a hotel balcony wearing a Givenchy “Jesus is Lord” exclusive t-shirt ($195). This shirt features a representation of Jesus Christ, with the words “Jesus is Lord” over it. Can we let the illuminatti/devil worshipping rumors die now? Source: UpscaleHype

Is it just me, or is Beyonce looking pale and sickly lately?

Singer Lady Gaga was spotted greeting her fans in Paris, France, and as you can see above one of them got a little too friendly. She was wearing a beige outfit with a pair of matching Mykita Jane sunglasses ($525). These shades are part of the Mykita & Marios Schwab Spring/Summer 2010 Sunglasses Collection, and feature thin frames with round lenses. Source: UpscaleHype

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Singer Akon and his mother, Ms. Kine Gueye Thiam, President of The Konfidence Foundation, personally distributed over 2,000 holiday toys to Atlanta children ages 2 – 12 during The Konfidence Foundation’s 3rd Annual Toy Giveaway at Cascade Family Skating Rink yesterday in Atlanta.  Photo by Prince Williams/

Vanessa Simmons, Ne-Yo and Angela Simmons attended the Compound Foundation’s Annual Giving Tour at the Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta yesterday. Ne-Yo has donated over $66,000 worth of toys and bicycles to needy children in several cities. Good for him.  Photo by Prince Williams/

Hunky singer/actor Tyrese Gibson took his daughter, Shayla Iylana Gibson, out & about over the weekend. It looks like he might have had a slight run-in with the paparazzi. Too bad his daughter had to witness him losing his cool.

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How sad that troubled singer chris brown couldn’t wait to publish his dime store certificate of completion on his Twitter page yesterday. The ink had barely dried on the document before brown Twitpic’d it for the world to see like it was Show & Tell day on Twitter.

According to the certificate, brown completed 52-weeks of a domestic violence class that he was ordered to attend after he was convicted of nearly beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna to within an inch of her life in 2009.

Thankfully, most people know how manipulative domestic abusers can be and they dismissed brown’s latest attempt to curry sympathy for himself.

How embarrassing it must be for his mother to have a son who had to be ordered by a judge to complete a domestic violence class? Do any of his clueless Stans believe brown would have completed this class on his own?

Once an abuser, always an abuser! chris brown still has unresolved, deep-seated mental issues with women (including his own mother). I feel sorry for any female who runs into brown on a bad day. If she thinks a dime store certificate means he has changed his ways, she will find out how wrong she is on that day.


…to add this Quote of the Day:

cal86 writes:

What [a] self–righteous nutcase!! Once again Breezy shows his lack of education. I have no problem with people making mistakes and redeeming themselves but to make it like he won an award by showing off the certificate and now he’s a “man” is beyond ridiculousness. Here’s a clue Breezy… REAL MEN know when to walk away from a potentially violent situation. Real men dont get into stupid fights, get charged, go to court, then have to do a 52 week COURT ORDERED classes to show he’s grown up and changed himself. Just when Breezy gets off his ass and makes himself somewhat respectable in the biz again his mouth puts himself down again and makes u wonder if he’s really learned anything. No need to even post that certificate as if to say “he’s all better now”. Certificate is not something to proud of given the circumstances. SMFH.

Breezy should go to college. Then shows us a certificate he can be proud of… TRUTH!!!

Only Jamie Foxx can make a hawt $3,000 Burberry shearling trench coat look like a car cover.

From UpscaleHype:

Jamie Foxx was spotted around Good Morning America studios wearing a Burberry Shearling Trim Trench Coat ($3,195). This coat has an olive color, and features a double collar design with beige shearling trim, shoulder epaulets, a double breasted button and zip front, and a buckle belt strap.

See how the coat is supposed to fit after the break.

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I thought picking 10 winners out of the 200+ submissions would be easy, but it was a lot more difficult than I imagined! I read some heart wrenching stories and I had to make some tough decisions. It came down to who answered the questions correctly AND submitted the photo that I requested.

Congratulations to the winners! Each of you will receive a $400 Toys R Us gift card for your child! In addition to that, you and your children will get the chance to meet Grand Hustle artists Young Dro, Lil Duval and the OMG Girlz!

You will be contacted by someone from Grand Hustle later today or tomorrow morning. The shopping spree location will be given to you at that time. The shopping spree is between 7 and 9 p.m. tomorrow, Dec. 21, at a Toys R Us in Atlanta.

If you are a winner and you know you won’t be able to make it tomorrow, please email me at sandra @, or your GH contact no later than 12 p.m. tomorrow and let us know.

See if you won after the break!

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Those of you who have been charting Amber Rose’s successful rise from stripper to industry slore probably already know that she’s found another mark. Rumor has it that Kanye’s ex-beard and the NY Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire are an item.

Amber attended the LeBron James ‘One of a Kind Night’ event at 1OAK on Thursday, Dec. 16, and then she copped a coveted court side seat at the Miami Heat vs NY Knicks game the next day.

Only time will tell if Amar’e is really as clueless as he looks, or if they just happened to be taking pictures together at the party. Maybe Amar’e doesn’t read the blogs?

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

(L-R) Rappers Fabolous, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Red Cafe attended the Inaugural Joy to the World Fest Black Tie Gala at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges signed bottles of Conjure Cognac yesterday (Dec. 19) at Kenwood Liquors in Chicago, IL. I wonder if there was a line out the door?

RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield somehow got on the guest list. My jeweler confided in me that Sheree recently came into the store and dropped $32,000 on a 18k gold Rolex Presidential watch. She’s not wearing that classic timepiece in these pics, which makes me wonder who she really bought the watch for?

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On-again-off-again celebrity couple Ashanti and Nelly attended Nelly’s 5th Annual Black And White Christmas Ball at Chase Park Plaza in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri yesterday. Performers included Ashanti and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC.

Last week Rap-Up TV caught up with the rapper and asked him why he’s waiting so long to marry Ashanti. “I think you really have to be friends first. It’s not about how long it takes,” he explained. “I’m not a person that wants to get married more than once. If I’ma do it, I’ma do it. You’re dying if you leave me.”

Watch the video of the interview after the break!

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Good morning all! I’m sipping my morning tea while reading through my emails.

Over the weekend, a couple of significant pieces of legislation were voted on by the Senate. I’m not into politics and I don’t want to offend my politically sensitive readers, so I will reserve my opinion on either bill.

Thank goodness for loyal reader Jerri Harper who has a strong opinion on the bills, and Obama in general.

A new post will be up shortly.

Jerri Harper writes:

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jerri and I have been reading your website for almost a year now and I also recently became a member (thank you for finally opening up registration). I notice how you show restraint when it comes to falsely accusing or perhaps jumping to conclusions with the celebrities and famous people, however to me it appears that you are quick to show a bias towards our president. Let me preface the rest of this email by saying that I am from Texas a very red and conservative state, I stay in Dallas which is becoming more and more of democratic county. I am a finishing up my degree in political science and I have down campaign work for republicans and democrats alike. I grasp economics and the politics that is known as politics. I also voted for President Obama, yet I am not a “kool-aid” drinker as you like to graciously put it…

I decided to write because I noticed that while you were quick to mention the alleged royal snub of not being invited to the royal wedding, you made no mention of the tax cut package (that [President Obama] quickly bent over backwards to appease republicans) nor the fact that the DADT policy had been repealed. You are quick to point out the flaws, but why did you not jump on the opportunity to show that his policy is not a total liberal or socialist policy? Are you aware that corporations posted a record TRILLION PLUS DOLLAR PROFIT and yet hiring is still at a minimal? Since the mid-term elections and the passage of the tax cut package layoffs and the reduction of staff have already begun to rise. Are you aware of the complexities of the deficit? Are you aware that almost half of the deficit is composed of interest only payments on debt (that will also rise since the basis of these tax cuts are unfunded)? Do you not keep up with the amount of the budget that does not include emergency funding for the war accounts for a large part as well? Did you know that when he signed this tax cut package he also launched an attack on the dwindling social security funds? You call him a socialist, yet he is often at odds with the true liberals in his own party…

Looking back over the years at previous presidents and their administrations all presidents have flaws. President Clinton is often regarded as “the first black president” yet he did more to set back blacks and the democratic party than baby Bush ever did. Most of the economic problems that we are dealing with now are a result of previous administrations attacks on the lower and middle class, separating the haves from the have nots: the stomping out of social welfare programs, the tapping into the social security funds, the launching of Cold War and Wars on Terror, and the unwarranted tax cuts.

I’m not sure if you are dedicated to politics as you are to your blog, but sometimes you cannot go off of what politicians or what the media has to say in regards to politics. They have their own agendas and platforms to promote and reelections to procure funds for to secure that highly coveted incumbent title. Unfortunately most Americans have to work and don’t necessarily have the luxury of keeping themselves informed and trying to seek out the truth in regards to what is happening around them. Most people have to get their facts and opinions from a third party. I just ask that before you post something in regards to the President, please make sure it is an informed post and unbiased; attempt to grant him some of the civility that you allow the celebrities.

In closing, I too at times are disappointed with the Democratic party as much as I am with the Republican party. I am one of the few that know the constitution does not specifically mention the separation of church and state. I would like to say that I know you want your readers to be informed and educated about important topics, otherwise you would not do your medical minutes. I just ask that you don’t use your blog as a bias in regards to politics.

Jerri Harper