This warms my heart to see the fortunate few unselfishly enriching the lives of others. A retired lawyer who has been dubbed the 'Skid Row Santa' made his annual visit to a homeless shelter -- handing out $10 bills to thousands of homeless persons who queued up for hours to receive the monetary gifts.

Of course the critics think the homeless would be better served if the donations were made to homeless shelters, but I disagree. The money should go directly to the people who need it the most.

The 69-year-old retired lawyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Thursday he’s been giving away $20,000 of his own money every year over the past 30 years at the Midnight Mission.

Dressed in red, the benefactor says he’s always moved by the appreciation and gratitude that homeless people show. He estimates about 3,000 people receive $10 bills every Yuletide.

The donor is one of several who hand out money on Skid Row on certain days of the year.

I told you earlier that Rihanna traveled to her native Barbados last night to spend the holidays with her loved ones. Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde wasted no time reestablishing their routine of spending every waking moment together.

Remember I told you that Rihanna's ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp, and Melissa didn't get along? Well, now that he's out of the picture, Mel is back in her life full time.

The girlfriends attended a house party together in the early morning hours today.

It won't be long before we start seeing pictures like this one again.

Images source: CG

Sometimes good gossip just drops into my lap when I least expect it.

The other day I told you that my jeweler let it slip out that 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' cast member Sheree Whitfield paid $32,000 for a 18k gold Rolex Presidential watch (the one she's wearing in the pic above, dated December 10).

Well, the other night I happened to be in another jewelry store at Lenox Mall looking at watches, when the talkative salesman told me that Whitfield came into his store and purchased a diamond encrusted Cartier wristwatch for $35,000.

It turns out that both watch purchases were made on the same day. And get this: she paid cash.

Sheree has the whole mall talking about how she's walking around dropping cash like a broken ATM machine. I thought only dope boys did that?

Where is Sheree getting all that loot from when she can't even pay her bills on time? Wouldn't a prudent adult put her money in the bank or invest it?

Photos by Prince Williams/

I was going to title this post 'More Horrible Music from Willow Smith,' but you guys already label me a hater and ask why I'm so hard on the 10-year-old. I have reason to be.

Every time I get in my car and turn on the radio, Willow's annoying single "Whip My Hair" assaults my eardrums. But relief is on the horizon:

Here's the snippet of Willow's new track "Rock Star". Thankfully, this new song is bad (and I don't mean good), so I won't hear it on the radio any time soon.

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony is grieving the sudden passing of his beloved sister Michelle Anthony. She was 36.

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Michelle Anthony, Carmelo Anthony’s sister, is dead at 36. Carmelo Anthony left last night’s game upon news of his sister’s death. Michelle Anthony suffered from a pre-existing medical condition not disclosed to news Wednesday night.

Carmelo was in San Antonio with the Nuggets when he learned of his sister’s passing. She is survived by four children. Michelle was a resident of Baltimore.

Anthony said he will return to his team after Christmas. Their next game is Saturday at Oklahoma City. Team officials confirm his absence from practice two days earlier was not connected to Michelle’s condition.

The Nuggets released the following statement to news last night: “Our entire organization supports Carmelo during this difficult time for him and his family. It is heartbreaking news, particularly during the holiday season.”

A family representative issued the following brief statement to CBS News last night that “It is a difficult time. especially during the holidays.”

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Last week I quoted singer Brandy's personal advice for raising children. Maybe Brandy was aware that her advice was way off the mark.

In an interview with, Brandy confides that her eight-year-old daughter Sy'rai doesn't believe in Santa Claus but she's still expecting to see a Blackberry under the Christmas tree.

"I got her list, and it is ridiculous. When she believed in Santa, she had a smaller list, but now that she knows I'm Santa Claus, she went crazy. Now, she wants a Blackbery and an iPhone 4. It's like, 'Little girl, you are 8, and you're asking for a Blackberry?'" she tells PopEater.

Brandy said she nixed the Blackberry idea, but Sy'Rai will still get plenty of gifts on her Christmas list.

"It was so cute. She also asked for a hug and a kiss," the single mother gushed. "Then clothes and shoes. She'll get that and a few Barbies and American Girl dolls. But no way is she getting a Blackberry."

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More pics of Ciara looking lovely while sitting court side at the Knicks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game at Madison Square Garden yesterday.

Singer Keri Hilson stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy with her biting remarks about her archrival Ciara. In an interview with Power 105.1 yesterday, Keri was asked if she was nervous about releasing her album, No Boys Allowed.

"I would like to [sell] higher than 35k - I mean anyone would," said Keri referring to Ciara's CD Basic Instinct which sold 37,000 copies last week. "I saw a quote where [Ciara] said it's not all about the numbers and I'm not really a chart reader. I don't look at charts. It's probably what she honestly feels," said Keri.

This morning, an exec reached out to me from Keri's record label to say that Keri didn't mean any animosity toward Ciara. "She was just stating a fact," said the exec. Ouch.

Troubled singer chris brown and rapper Fabolous got in touch with their feminine sides during the Knicks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game at Madison Square Garden yesterday.

Photos: Splash News Online

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Rapper Gucci Mane partied the night away with singer Kelly Rowland (rear) and Def Jam A&R Bu Thiam (right) at Club Halo in Atlanta last night.  All photos by Prince Williams/

L-R: Bu Thiam (Def Jam), Kelly Rowland and Shawn Holiday (Interscope Records

L-R: Dina Marto (Def Jam), Chaka Zulu, Kelly Rowland and Ashley Reid (LA Reid's daughter)

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Every morning I sip my tea while reading through my emails. And without fail, someone will write in asking for a real Morning Wood post featuring an actual heterosexual man. That's a huge order to fill these days. In fact, it's almost impossible.

When I reply that there are very few heterosexual men left out there and I just can't find any shirtless pics of them, one reader responded, "well, we can still dream."

So for her -- and other women like her -- who can only dream about tall, sexy, heterosexual man, I give you hunky heterosexual soccer star Edgar Davids. Davids is 37-years-old and 5'-7" tall. I don't know his weight but he looks solid.

Davids was one of the players chosen by Pelé to be featured in the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living soccer players.

As Drake would say, you can thank me later ;)

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Pop superstar Rihanna was spotted arriving in her native Barbados early this morning after jetting into the island's international airport. The singer showed off her killer curves in a tight black outfit. She was rocking her pink cashmere Louis Stewart cap and her Louis Stewart emerald green backpack, which she ADORES! Rihanna was welcomed home by relatives, fans and cameramen. Before leaving the states, she tweeted, “I’m in Miami Airport…Guess who just popped up and surprised me @ my Gate??? My mooooommmyyyy and my AUNTY!!! We all going home together.”

Celebrities Ciara, chris brown and Fabolous attended the Oklahoma City Thunder vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in NYC yesterday.

Rapper Nas attended the 2nd annual holiday dinner at Melba’s in NYC yesterday.

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Sean "Diddy" Combs traveled to St. Barts to spend the holidays aboard his yacht with his BFF Kim Porter and their kids. According to a source close to their camp, Sean and Kim agreed to put on a front for their children during the holidays, which I think is decent of them. Narcissists usually don't show consideration for anyone other than themselves.