Yesterday, I spoke with Atlanta music mogul Polow Da Don about a rumor he started on that female R&B singers Keri Hilson and Ciara were collaborating on a single slated for Keri's next album, due to drop next Summer.

Polow told exclusively that he had a long talk with Keri, whose CD, No Boys Allowed, sold 102k in the first week. He said that as soon as the holidays are over they will head back into the studio to start working on her new album.

"As soon as [Keri's] album came out, I was like, 'yo, we did good, you know, we survived the sophomore jinx or whatever,'" said Polow. "But now it's time to go in and make the best music we ever made and just like, all the way connect with the people, and just take it to another level."

Polow got the rumor mill working overtime when he took to his new Twitter page 2 days ago and tweeted: "KERI/CIARA COLABO IN 2011."

A collabo between the gorgeous studio singers is still up in the air at this point. But Polow makes it clear that the track could become a reality after the New Year.

Polow was quick to tell me that the much-hyped animosity between Ciara and Keri was a "pretend beef." Alluding to Ciara's disappointing 37K in sales of her latest CD, Basic Instinct, Polow vowed to "do everything I can to help [Ciara] turn it around.".

"Me and Ciara, we've always been cool through everything," he said. "And then Monica, of course, we're family -- and her and Keri are real close."

Polow described his artist Keri as "humble." He said Keri still hasn't lived down the flack she received from Ciara fans about the remix that featured lyrics supposedly dissing Ciara.

"Ciara thought she was talking about her when she wasn't talking about her in particular," he said. "I had a lot to do with it. I told Ciara, 'yo, Keri didn't even want to say half the sh*t she said in that remix.' I just kept pushing it and pushing it, and then it leaked.

"Now it's a whole year and a half later, and [Keri] still has to face that remix. She still hasn't lived that down," he said.

He continued: "I could never get Keri and Ciara on the same page. Every chance I would get - every time Ciara would want something - I would say, 'well, you know, you need to do something with Keri. Talk to Keri,' and she said, 'nah, I ain't fooling with that' and then Keri would say the same thing."

Polow said he slipped into his big brother role to finally bring about a positive resolution:

"Eventually, I talked to Keri, 'cause, you know, we have a good working relationship - she's signed to my label - I said, 'yo, you have to stop being retarded and really nip this Ciara thing in the bud.' I said to the both of them, 'yo, it's somebody out there waiting on both of y'all spots," he said.

As for the rumored collabo, Polow said Keri actually laid down a verse for a demo on Usher's track "Hot Toddy" featuring Ciara and Jay Z, but it was never released.

Polow also discussed using his influence to help revive Atlanta's stale music industry and the sluggish nightclub scene with the formation of a new record label, similar to LaFace Records of the 90s.

The planned venture, with producer Timberland, will infuse capital into the local economy and create new jobs. Polow has already signed a number of young talent to his Zone 4 Inc. record label.

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Singer Alicia Keys, 29, and her husband Swizz Keys took a romantic stroll in St Barts yesterday. The couple were spotted holding hands while shopping in high end boutiques such as Edgar and Louis Vuitton. Is there a celebrity who isn't in St. Barts this week?

Is it me, or does Alicia look like she's pregnant again?

Rapper Nicki Minaj was seen covering her face as she and her goofy looking boyfriend left their hotel in New York City last night. Her boyfriend wears many hats as Nicki's hype man, producer, bodyguard and Twitter gangster.

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In case you missed it, here's the music video for Miguel's 2nd single off his debut album, All I Want Is You. "Sure Thing" was directed by Hype Williams, who directed Aaliyah's last music video the day before she died in a plane crash.

The video for "Sure Thing" stars newcomer Brittany as Miguel's leading lady.

According to, "Sure Thing" is a "highly personal song that no one was ever supposed to hear." Bu tthe song was too good to leave off his album.

Ladies, Miguel is reading this post. Let him know what you think about the video!

Miguel is currently on tour with Usher. All I Want Is You is in stores now!

Music producer Polow Da Don graciously agreed to comment on the Twitter feud that erupted on the social networking site last night between singer Chris Brown and former B2K member, Raz B.

Polow, who loves Brown like a little brother, as well as a best friend, said Brown should not have responded to Raz B

Here's what Polow said in his own words:

"I think he never should have responded, number 1. But, he's 21-years-old, um, he knows the world was watching... it was his natural instinct to respond. I actually hit him after it kept going on and on. I said, 'yo, you made your point. You need to kill it, bro. It's going to turn into something, and you're going in a positive direction now. So don't play into it anymore.'"

"I feel like Raz B... is searching for something. I think he's got a plan... and everybody keeps falling into it. I think Chris Brown really has the talent to be a Michael Jackson. As you know, I did my [Thanksgiving] Carnival and he was my headliner. That dude is electrifying. Music needs him. But he needs to just tighten up on the things he does outside of performing. He's still a kid who's finding his way into manhood. Unfortunately, he's doing it publicly. We all did crazy stuff when we were 19, 20, 21 -- all of us."

"I think [the beef] was wack overall. It's just hard to tell a 21-year-old -- who has been a star since he was 15 -- some of the things you learned from your mistakes. Some of the things he will have to experience on his own through mistakes. [Chris Brown] needs support. He's a victim. That's how I look at it. If you look at anybody who's been in the spotlight since he was a child, they have... difficulties in life because they have to grow up in front of everybody, you know?"

"...Even as a victim, you got to say 'I've got to change this, I gotta change that. I gotta do better at this'. You have to point the finger at yourself no matter what. Because you chose to be this [public] figure. You chose to say I'm great, you chose to do all these things. I feel like special people have to achieve different tasks than the rest of us. That kid is so special, so every little mistake that he makes, God is going to punish him double."

"It's almost like running for president; your whole record got to be clean. I just think, man, he shouldn't have fell for it. But people won't understand Chris Brown until something tragic happens, and he's... not here anymore, or when he's a lot older. But his story is an amazing story, and um, that's why I just... every time I'm around him, I like to create a loving environment for him and we just have fun."

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R&B singer Lloyd just dropped a special remix to his single "Lay It Down" honoring the late Teena Marie and the ailing Aretha Franklin.

The remix features the legendary Patti Labelle, whose sample was used on the original track. I just got off the phone with music mogul Polow Da Don who gave us some insight into how the remix came about.


Polow, who produced the original track and the remix, explains that the idea came to him when he spoke to an old girlfriend who is an acquaintance of the "Lady Marmalade" singer.

"She called me out of the blue one day... and I asked her 'can you please hook me up with Patti?'" he recalls.

"She said 'of course, that's my girl!' She called and talked to Patti's son... I talked to Patti's son and he loved the original record. So he convinced her to do it. I flew to New York and sat down with her, and we just got in there and did it," he said.

"She was a lot of fun," he continued. "She was great. The more we got into it, the more it started to feel special. When you hear that remix, it does something to you!" Polow continued: "When you make something that just brings people together, that's hater-proof, it's special. It's bigger than a song."

Polow also commented on the chris brown, Raz B Twitter controversy. Stay tuned for that!

According to, last night's Twitter feud between struggling R&B singer chris brown and former B2K singer Raz B took a violent turn last night when Raz's brother, Ricky Romance, posted a video threatening to put a "mother f**king pistol" in brown's mouth.

Last night, Brown twittered a response, "Ill be in LA REAL SOON!!!!!!"

Here in Georgia, such language would be deemed a terroristic threat -- and a warrant would be issued for Ricky's arrest. But since he's in Hollywood, nothing will happen to him.

I emailed this entire mess -- including brown's Twitter rant -- to Judge Patricia Schnegg who oversees his probation in LA.

I wanted the judge to see that brown has not changed one bit. Though Judge Schnegg lavished praise on brown during his last progress hearing, he is still very much capable of violence.

Of course she didn't respond.

Apologies for the slow posts today. There is only one of me and I had to take care of some business this morning. So you're getting two posts instead of one.

Kanye West's horrorcore "Monster" music video premiered yesterday. My writeup on the music video is here, in case you missed it.

And last night, R&B singer Keyshia Cole appeared on the Chelsea Lately Show. Let me know what she said, because I didn't have time to watch.

Teena Marie's autopsy was completed yesterday, but Los Angeles County Coroner Ed Winter says her cause of death remains unclear.

According to the Atlanta Journal, investigators say the 54-year-old R&B singer's autopsy results revealed no signs of trauma. This conflicts with rumors that Marie suffered several fractured ribs from a fall during a seizure she had weeks before she died.

Marie's daughter, Alia Rose, found her mother's body in their Pasadena home one day after they celebrated Rose's 19th birthday.

There were reports that Marie died in her sleep after suffering a grand mal seizure. But there are people who experience seizures every day and they don't die.

Also unclear is why Marie had seizures in the first place. Did she have epilepsy or were the seizures drug induced?

Winter said no illegal drugs were found in the family's home where Marie died on December 26. But police removed a bottle of Valium from the scene. Valium is often prescribed for people with anxiety, panic attacks and to control seizures.

Marie reportedly stopped taking the drug due to its serious side effects, which include drowsiness, fatigue and constipation.

Teena Marie's planned concert appearance on New Year's Day at the Fox Theater in Atlanta will instead be a tribute to honor her career. Scheduled performers include MAZE and Frankie Beverly, along with Johnny Gill and Stephanie Mills.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the Fox Theater box office. Refunds are available at the point of purchase.

I didn't know comedian Jamie Foxx had a toddler? Foxx was seen holding the child -- who looks to be about 2-years-old -- on his hotel balcony in Miami today. The 43-year-old singer/actor has another daughter, Corinne Bishop, 16, from a previous relationship.

Despite receiving generally poor reviews, Foxx's sophomore album, Best Night of My Life debuted at #6 on the charts last week with 144,000 copies sold.

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Troubled singer chris brown once again showed his immaturity and lack of class by throwing another of his infamous twitter tantrums today.

It seems brown heard a rumor that teh Ghey singer Raz B was about to release another lame home video outing him on World Star Hip Hop.

So, instead of calling the man on the phone and discussing the issue privately, brown unleashed a series of angry tweets calling Raz B a homo, among other things.

That boy is so pathetic.


chris brown just retweeted this pic: