According to a loyal reader who works for ABC Network, higher ups at the network are "exploring" pressing charges against Chris Brown for busting out a window at the NY studios where 'Good Morning America' is taped.

The incident occurred this morning when Brown, 21, flew into a rage after co-host Robin Roberts questioned him about his violent assault against Rihanna in 2009. Brown, whose current album F.A.M.E. (forgiving all my enemies) dropped today, has documented anger issues with women.

Rather than assault Ms. Roberts, which surely would have happened had they been alone, Brown vented his rage on a dressing room window.

I can't post the contents of my source's email, but I can paraphrase it, per her request.

She wrote that ABC execs are "exploring pressing charges," because they have "no tolerance" for Brown's behavior. She said no crime has been determined yet.

She also wrote (I think) that ABC brass are in communication with Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, and that Geragos is worried that ABC will press charges.

She said ABC execs are holding back on pressing charges in the hopes that Brown will come back on the show -- once he's calmed down -- to give a proper accounting for his behavior. ABC believes that Brown's interview would be a "ratings blockbuster" for ABC.

The ABC source indicated in her email that Geragos is hinting that Brown will not come back on the show if ABC goes ahead with plans to press charges against him.

The source also expressed sympathy for her colleague, Robin Roberts, who has "been through hell and high water."

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Troubled singer Chris Brown's famous temper got the best of him again this morning when an online interview went awry. According to online reports, Brown flew into a rage at the 'Good Morning America' studios in NYC following an on-air interview today. Brown was badgered about his legal problems surrounding the Rihanna incident. The immature 21-year-old stormed into his dressing room and started screaming, cursing and throwing chairs.

Brown ripped off his shirt and confronted a segment producer in the hallway outside his dressing room. Brown was kicked out of the studio after staring at the producer. Paparazzi captured photos of the crazy look in his eyes.

Witnesses say Brown was totally out of control and the police had to be called to his dressing room. One source says he kicked a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto the street. Luckily, no innocent bystanders were hit by the flying glass. This should show you the level of violence that Chris Brown is capable of.

Brown later tweeted: "I'm so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t."

I keep telling y'all something is wrong with that boy! I don't want to hear any excuses about this punk being young. He needs to be on Thorazine or Lithium or something to control his Demons. I'll be emailing this post to that star struck judge in California who was so impressed by Chris Brown during an earlier. I wonder what his attorney Mark Geragos will email to the blogs now?


Just as she did last year, Rihanna is having a tough time selling tickets to her upcoming concert tour. According to Page Six, Rihanna's management have advised her to cancel tour dates in the United States because ticket sales are too slow.

This surprises me because Rihanna's Stans, er, Navy is at least 5 million strong. But, apparently, they are not confident enough in her singing ability to buy her tickets?

This is yet another setback for the immature redhead. My inside source tells me that Rihanna is taking the cancellations very hard. 2011 is just not her year.

Sources say after poor US concert pre-sales last month, Rihanna has been advised by her day-to-day manager, Jay Brown, to cancel domestic dates on her "Loud" tour.

"It has been a big disappointment," our source said. "The ticket sales in big US cities like Boston are so bad, they will barely cover basics like the lighting and other arena costs. Tour managers are begging local radio stations to do giveaways."

U..S. President Barack Obama faces possible impeachment for not obtaining Congress' approval prior to launching military attacks on Libya.

Members of the GOP and others are calling for Obama's impeachment on the grounds that he abused his power as Commander-in-Chief by violating the Constitution. Obama's critics are even using Obama's own words against him.

This is what Obama said on December 20, 2007 when he was a senator running for president:

"The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

Obama was referring to the section in the Constitution that clearly states only Congress shall have power to... declare War on another country.

I never imagined that Obama's term as president would end like this.

Everyone is complaining about Oscar winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson's stunning new shape. While she looks great, some of her fans think she's losing too much weight. Hudson, 29, attended her album release party at Tenjune in NYC last night. The event was sponsored by Weight Watchers and ARISTA Records.

Unfortunately, no one but WBLS radio personality Egypt Sherrod showed up to support your girl. Maybe Jennifer's dramatic weight loss intimidated them?

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Keyshia Cole headlined the Power Live Presents Keyshia Cole In Concert at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in NYC last night. Prior to stepping onstage, Keyshia appeared on BET's 106 & Park to promote her album, Calling All Hearts. According to BET blog, will give a special musical performance on April 30 during the New York EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women. Good for her!

Young Money artist, Lloyd, performed at the Power Live Presents Keyshia Cole In Concert at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill last night.

Rapper Bow Wow and his BFF, Chris Brown performed live on BET's "106 & Park" yesterday in New York City. Brown's album, F.A.M.E. is in stores today. Please unfollow me on if you have any plans on purchasing that garbage. I want only mature adults following me. Bow Wow's rumored baby mama, @miss_joie, needs to learn a few things about being a mature adult before she gives birth to their baby. Last night, she had a meltdown on Twitter that was brought on by a barrage of insults and offensive tweets by users on Twitter. I am ashamed to say that your auntie joined in on the taunts last night. I regret doing that because @miss_joie is obviously a very emotionally troubled young lady.

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The world is mourning the sudden death of Berlin's most famous polar bear. A tourist caught the exact moment when 4-year-old Knut keeled over and died in his enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.

Knut was born in captivity at the Berlin Zoo in 2006. He became an overnight celebrity when a German tabloid published a quote from an animal rights activist protesting keeping the bear in captivity. Knut's worldwide fame spawned toys, media specials, DVDs, and books.

In the video, it appears as if Knut is sick. Poisoned maybe? The video starts off with a disoriented Knut chasing his tail around in circles. Eventually, he is unsteady on his feet and loses his balance. Finally, Knut lets out a loud groan and keels over backwards into the water.

Tourists can be heard screaming in the background as Knut thrashes in the water for a few seconds before drowning. How sad.

Thanks to celebrity blogger Nigel D for sending these pics! Swizz Beatz & Eve were in California yesterday to shoot the video for "Coolin," off of Swizz Beatz' upcoming album, Haute Living. The video was shot by Taj and features Diddy's mini me son, Christian.

I must say that Eve is looking right nice in these pics! I LOVE a woman with all of her original body parts. It's so easy to give in to peer pressure and buy fake breasts and azz these days.

Swizz is looking sharp too. I must give him his props.

I had to post this picture of one of the extras on the set for my male readers (and my lesbun readers too!)

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According to celebrity blogger Michelle over at Straight From The A blog, if you even think about purchasing that sex tape featuring Tameka Foster (allegedly) slamming her ex-husband Usher's back out -- you will face ramifications and repercussions.

Usher's attorney, the esteemed Mark Geragos, has sent out a new round of emails containing language meant to scare the living hail out of those bloggers who scare easily.

This new email (and all the legal hoopla that preceded it) all but confirms the existence of said sex tape. Usher must really be scared of what's on this sex tape. If the rumors are true, he wouldn't be the first male celebrity who likes to be mounted and rode into the sunset by his woman.

Read on...

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Swizz Beatz's baby mama, Mashonda, covers this month's heavily Photoshopped May/June 2011 issue of KING magazine. In addition to being a contributing writer for VIBE magazine, Mashonda, 34, has a new album coming out this year.

Inside the magazine she talks about life after Swizz and her many male and female admirers.

How are you going to handle all the groupies that are sure to be coming your way?
You mean the groupie boys?

Or groupie girls. You never know.
Yeah, you never know. I mean, they all love me.

After they see this spread, they’ll love you more. Word to Angela Winbush.
[Laughs] Oh, Lord, you know what, I show everybody love. But I don’t like the word “groupie”—it’s so harsh. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with one person admiring another person.

Who is admiring you nowadays? Have you’ve been hitting the dating scene lately?
I have. I recently went on a date, and it was incredible.

Sounds like homeboy is getting a call back.
Yeah, definitely.