I had my suspicions about Mr. Shaunie O'Neal but they weren't confirmed until I spotted this cover on that other blog:

On Basketball Wives
“Every season we need to do something different…whether it’s someone leaving [or] someone coming, but I can’t tell you.[...]I didn’t put myself out there and on TV just to be on a reality show. I have a plan and a vision, and as it continues to grow, my vision and my plan get bigger. It’s to build a legacy for my kids and…[to] have something that I’m proud of, outside of being mommy. It’s just [about] trying to be smart. That window is cracked, and I’m trying to open it all the way.”

On Leaving a Legacy For Her Children
“They’re definitely [the] motivation to continue to do what I do. I want them to be proud of me, and [I want to] leave them something. Ours is a generation where our parents were not able to leave us

Our good friend Ciara was spotted strolling in Beverly Hills near her home today. She looked hawt in an oversized white t-shirt printed with huge red lips, and cut off jeans. Nice!

What? Me? Worry?
Socialite LaLa Vazquez was seen leaving Cafe Entourage in Hollywood last night. As you know, one of her husband's former groupies has come forward to talk about her fling with Carmelo Anthony which resulted in his secret love child. So far, Lala has not commented on her Twitter page.

Former stripper E-V-E was spotted leaving Koi restaurant in LA last night. Her style game is always on point!

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According to Bossip (via TerezOwens), NY Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony had a good reason to want to be traded to New York, he has a love child there.

While I applaud all men who at least acknowledge their out of wedlock children, Carmelo is a dirty dog for doing this to Lala. He knows how insecure she is as evidenced by her increasing dependence on plastic surgery. This will only send her spiraling deeper into depression. Poor thing.

Supposedly there was a hidden reason behind Melo getting shipped to the Knicks…My source tells me that a big perk of his trade to the New York is he can now have more quality time with his side baby, by a woman in the New York area. My Sources say that the child is 11 months old and that when his then girlfriend (now wife) LaLa Vazquez found out about the pregnancy she gave him the ultimatum of marriage or a very messy break up. My source goes on to say…”People don’t even know the half of it. Just because her life is in the limelight, LaLa thinks Carmelo wouldn’t do anything to ruin there image in the public eye…which is not the case. I know for a FACT, he’s not faithful. Melo is a sweet talker and his sex game is on point…I’m not proud of what I did, but I’m not the first and certainly not the last”

There's yet another bizarre twist in the ongoing Usher/Tameka Foster sex tape scandal. According to TMZ.com, pr0n king Steve Hirsch, who owns Vivid Entertainment, is contemplating purchasing the sex tape to conceal it's contents from the public.

As I told you, a confidential source informed me that the tape contained a graphic scene involving a sex toy that is usually secured to a female's pelvic area by the use of straps. I can't go into more detail because this is a family-oriented blog.

But according to TMZ, Hirsch is willing to save Usher the embarrassment by purchasing the tape to prevent that scene from ever going public. What a great guy.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a letter Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch sent to Usher -- and shockingly ... Hirsch offers to help Usher STOP distribution of the tape.

Mind you ... Hirsch is the guy who put out Kim K, Kendra Wilkinson and Montana Fishburne's sex tapes -- but in the letter to Ush he says, "As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution."

Hirsch goes on to say he's shut down "many celebrity sex tapes" ... and claims he's willing to do the same for Usher.

Porn king with a heart of gold? OMG, indeed.

As you know, there was a series of explosions at several nuclear reactors in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami disasters.

One (or more) of the nuclear reactors is badly damaged and deadly radiation has escaped into the atmosphere.

If you're watching the news, then you know the the U.S. government is evacuating U.S. citizens to the United States from Japan. But there is more ominous news coming out of Japan that brings to mind the nuclear disaster that occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear plant inside Russia in 1986.

Technicians inside the plant were conducting tests on reactor #4 when a series of explosions rocked the building, exposing the reactor's core and sending radioactive dust and smoke spewing into the air. The fallout eventually spread all over Russia and Europe.

Neighboring countries had no idea what had occurred until their sensitive instruments began detecting high levels of radiation in the air above their cities. They knew that a nuclear accident had occurred somewhere, but they had no idea where because the Russians weren't talking.

On the other side of the globe, alarmed United States gov. officials asked NASA scientists to point their powerful satellite telescopes at Russia, whereupon they spied the giant plume of radiation smoke and debris rising into the atmosphere from the damaged nuclear reactor inside Russia. Only then did the Russians finally admit there had been an accident.

Thousands of people eventually died from radiation sickness, including 200,000 Russian civilians and soldiers who risked their lives to go into the nuclear plant to plug up the leaking reactor and decontaminate the site.

An entire town near the plant was evacuated and to this day it remains uninhabited. Wild animals and stray dogs and cats near the reactor and in the town were ordered shot and killed to prevent the spread of radiation.

I'm telling you this because there is a giant plume of radiation fallout from Japan drifting toward the west coast of the United States.

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There's a bizarre twist in the tragic delayed development case of 4-year-old Suri Cruise. Suri is the spawn of megastars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who is often photographed sucking a pacifier (a sure sign of delayed development).

These pictures were brought to my attention yesterday by my Twitter pal Zeralyn. It seems Suri has a sweet tooth for penis shaped gummie bears(!)

I had no clue such x-rated candy existed until Suri zeroed in on the box and started snacking on the peen shaped confections.

I can't decide if I'm horrified or tickled to death over these pics. But I'll let Zeralyn tell you more since children are off limits on this blog:

Now I understand that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are Scientologists so their understanding and thinking about raising children are very strange, but really your daughter has bachelorette party favors as a snack?

This is something I expect from Supahead…Teach your daughters to gobble the dick early. But, im going to let this slide only because I pray that they are teaching her the difference in male and female anatomy.

Surely there might be better options, however considering that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter/son is confused maybe a play date isn’t the best option.

I say let her eat the fruit snacks, lets just hope shes able to count them unlike Will and Jada Smith’s youngest Willow..

According to Black Celeb Kids, Lauryn Hill's daughter, Selah Marley, is featured in the latest issue of Teen Vogue magazine. Dad is Rohan Marley, son of reggae great, Bob Marley.

In the issue, the 12-year-old budding star talks about wanting to follow in her parent’s musical footsteps. She tells the magazine, “Singing is my favorite thing to do. One day I hope to get signed to a record label.” Besides looking up to her famous parents Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, Selah admits that she is a big fan of singer Justin Bieber. “I am a huge fan of Justin’s. I love his personality and his looks just take the cake!”

Hill, an earth sista who prefers to wear her hair natural in order to be closer to God, has instilled the same beliefs in her children. Selah steers clear of weave extensions and lacefronts. Instead, she wears her natural, unprocessed, healthy hair past her shoulders.

Moms, please show these pics to your young daughters so they can see that natural hair is more beautiful than any manufactured weave or lacefront. Your daughter's edges will thank you later.

Source: 1 and 2

Jennifer Williams, the 30-something star of TV's Basketball Wives, recently sat down with "Style Stalker TV" to discuss her personal style, meeting Rafer Alston's other woman and finalizing her divorce from former NBA player Eric Williams. Jennifer, who comes across on TV as very self-assured and confident, doesn't seem to have much luck with men. Alston, who currently plays pro ball in China, is known for his cheating ways, and his lengthy criminal record.

Did "Tiny & Toya" star Antonia Carter jump the broom with her longtime fiance (occupation unknown), Memphitz? According to a loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous, she just might have:




I don't care enough to find her marriage certificate -- if there is one. But congrats to the happy couple -- if they are indeed married.

Pop singer Ke$ha's sexy bikini pics caused an uproar when they surfaced online yesterday. You can't tell Ke$ha she isn't fine. Well, you can tell her but she won't believe you. The last time the 24-year-old revealed her sexy bod on a beach, her fans screamed "PHOTOSHOP!"

Ke$ha shows how she keeps her malleable curves in tip top shape!

Speaking of top shape: if you are an aging supermodel (or an aging anything) allow Verushcka to give you some hope for your future. The German model, actress, and artist who was extremely popular during the 60s, is still modeling for the italian label OVS - Oviesse. She is 71.

They say everything old is new again, but multi-millionaire actress Mary-Kate Olsen takes those words literally. Mary-Kate raided her grandmother's closet for the fashionable rags she wore while strolling near her home in NYC yesterday. She is 24.

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