Last weekend, 'America's Most Wanted' aired a segment on the ongoing manhunt for Wisdom Jeffery, the Riverdale man who shot and killed his young wife, Corrissa Friends, on August 11, 2010.

Loyal reader and Corrissa's stepmother, Jill Friends, writes:

I want to thank you for continuing to bring my step-daughter's (Corrissa Friends Jeffery) story to the spot-light. This has been a horrible time in our lives and we pray daily for his capture. We feel like Casey can't truly be safe until he is behind bars. Thank you for getting his picture out to your fans.


Jill Friends

Here is the video that was played at Corrissa's Funeral. Thought you might like to see it.

  • yallcrazy

    :pray: for the family, both hers and his.

    I hope they catch this piece of shyt and work his azz out overtime... :ma: Hmmmp

  • yallcrazy


  • vero

    THAT was a tribute to a funeral? didn't watch the vid, but the picture only says prom/party.... :shrugs:

  • free

    man, i'm going through it and it's so sad because i think about my own daughter and don't know what the future holds.

    @vero, i've only seen the first minute or so but it's pics that chronicle her life from infant through (probably) high school.

  • kingstonn

    she was so GORGEOUS! rip mama..

  • GAGIRL87

    I wanna know why job blocks youtube??? :shrugs: I can't see the pics

  • GAGIRL87

    :offtopic: was that her dad and stepmom in the picture? :blink:

  • LadyLew

    The song and the vid almost made me cry. May she RIP

  • nydiva4u

    So Sad. I hope they catch the maggot and :shotsfired: him.

  • Peachizz

    All so very sadd...

  • mirsmommy

    She was a very pretty girl with a beautiful smile. Sad that her life had to be taken because of a weak azz bytch azz punk. And now that beautiful baby (Casey) has to grow up without either one of her parents. :sad:

    I hope they catch his punk azz, and rearrange his azzhole. :mad:

  • vero

    @Free thank you for clarifying !

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Wouldn't life be grand if the victim that was shot yesterday turned out to be Wisdom or Wisdom met the same faith :think:


  • allwrightyden

    I hope they find that piece of shyt...

    Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Why did he have to take her life? Now he's hiding like a d@mn punk! :mad:

  • free

    i think that's her mom because i believe she is mixed. after seeing the pic with her dad, i wonder how he is doing because you can clearly see she's a daddy's girl and i see all of his pics with him so proud of his children. all we can do is pray over our kids.

  • Tatted Diva

    That is so very sad. That video had me lost for words. You can't just leave someone anymore without them thinking you own them. In my hometime, this woman tried to leave her boyfriend and he came up to her job and while she was in the parking lot, set her on fire & she died. Too sad for words....I hope someone 'effin let him have it! :no:
    Hiding like a dayum punk. He wasn't a punk when he shot her!

  • chibytex

    Where is First 48 when you need them....

    All these senseless murders are happening everywhere.....

    we gotta :pray: and keep the faith....

  • Choco aka Hippie

    The same thing happened to a woman from where Im from except she survived and goes on to do public speaking about domestic violence. He burned her face - she had to so many surgeries what he did to her was so wrong.

  • ALBoy

    chibytex says:

    Where is First 48 when you need them….
    In Memphis :coffee:

  • pinky2083

    Damn, that video got me all choked up at my desk and shyt. That is so fvcked up. I hope they catch that loser.

  • Jay Bee

    awwww my eyes watering! We all want to make it to heaven and hear him say well done, its just the way of getting there, especially at the hands of violence Lord give the family strength and comfort at this time!

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    Who is Casey?

  • renegadesince1985

    That video was sad. :(

  • Danielle

    Man that video was sad! I was a lil choked up. I feel for her daughter and the family. I :pray: they catch him soon.

  • Danielle

    22 Bird says:

    Who is Casey?
    Corrissa's baby

  • TooFlyy

    @Bird Who is Casey?

    She's their daughter

  • KrayZKat

    I can't even fathom what her family and friends are going through. RIP Corrissa. She was a beautiful young lady, who seemed full of life. The fact that this coward could kill, not only his wife, but leave their beautiful child motherless speaks volumes for this pile of cow dung.

    I pray for her family and that justice is swiftly served!

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    Oh, so Casey is her daughter. I think the dude is dead. I just have a funny feeling that he killed himself in some remote area where he has been found yet and maybe never will.

  • Melissa

    Mornting my sad...she was gorgeous!!!

  • Kezi

    She was so beautiful. How sad. :pray: extra hard for my children.

  • Ty

    My heart goes out to the family :pray: I hope they catch the bastard!!!! I really believe he will try to take the baby :(

  • Ty

    @ Lady...yeah I started to tear up too :(

  • KrayZKat

    I think the dude is dead. I just have a funny feeling that he killed himself in some remote area where he has been found yet and maybe never will.

    Well, if that's true, at least it won't cost the taxpayers any money for a trial or taking care of him behind bars. This azzhole would've done the court system a favor. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.


    your gravi makes me happy

  • Mr.BluPhi

    ALBoy says:

    chibytex says:
    Where is First 48 when you need them….
    In Memphis

    or Dallas (D-town stand up)...

    This story is sad. He will get caught eventually.

  • Melissa

    @suga walls how sweet :hug:and how are you doing today suga walls? I just love your name :lol:

  • jazzyiest

    @ Sandra Rose

    You mean to tell me this happened almost a year ago? Is the first time you reported on this this month???

    If so, why are we just now finding out about this when it happened in the ATL...your neck of the woods??? I thought you had your ear to the streets out there. 'Ole boy could be in the Bahamas somewhere with a whole new da** face by now!

    This is so sad. I hope they find him ASAP...'ole crazy azz!


    @Melissa From the bottom lip up you are :thumbsup:

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Lawd have yall seen the video of a ATL cop hitting a female in the face SMDH

  • Melissa

    @ awesome arsenal bwahahahahaha :rofl: thank yah!!! *smooches*

  • montcham

    @choco....i saw the video...and i smell litigation!! lol

  • yvonne79

    Three minutes into the video, I couldn't help but shed tears for this young lady and her family. You can tell Corissa was well loved and will be greatly missed.

  • Nicksocrazy

    May God continue to strengthen her family and loved ones in this time of need. :pray:

  • va_shawty

    This is so sad. I'm praying for the family. I really hope they catch him.