It was a madhouse in Atlanta this weekend when Lil Wayne’s ‘I Am Music II’ Tour featuring Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross rolled into the Philips Arena. The Louis Vuitton store at Lenox Mall was packed as ballers of every stripe bought out the men’s section. Even though the concert wasn’t sold out, the house was rocking with crazed Lil Wayne and Nicki fans.

After the concert, AG Entertainment threw a bash for Lil Wayne, who arrived with a new woman his stylist on his arm. I have no clue who this chick is, but she’s definitely much older than he is. She also looks like she’s led a very hard life filled with alcohol and street drugs.


The woman in the picture with Lil Wayne is his stylist, Marisa Flores. I know this because she’s having a fit on right now. Not so much because I misidentified her as Wayne’s new bust down, but because my readers are going in on her.

Marisa looks rather young in her Twitter profile. I’m still not convinced it’s her, even though she’s saying it is. To be fair, she might have been drunk (or high), and everyone knows that pouring a liter of Grey Goose in you will age you by 10 years in one night. So I humbly apologize to Marisa Flores, Lil Wayne’s stylist. They are not a couple — but it does look like they’ve been getting it in.

Even when Lil wayne showed mad love to a young Mexican fan, the older woman his stylist didn’t blink an eye. Although she did keep a very close watch on him.

My spies tell me that Weezy and his Cougar rarely left each other’s side in the VIP all night long. When they left Compound around 3 a.m. the couple were arm in arm and they seemed very much in love.

Oh, by the way, all of Lil Wayne’s baby moms (except Lauren London) attended the concert hoping to catch his eye. I’m told they were not happy that Weezy was giving all his attention to his new chick and not them. Toya, who is engaged to be married to MempHitz, didn’t seem to care. But they say that Sarah, the mother of his oldest son, 2-year-old Dwayne III, was tripping hard.

I’ll post more pics in the next post. You can also visit for more pics!

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Super couple Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom, both 26, dined out at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood, CA last night after watching the series premiere of their new show, ‘Khloé & Lamar’ on E!

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, 31, was seen shopping in the beautiful South of France over the weekend. Yes, he’s wearing black socks with sandals. It must be a French thing.

Rapper Bow Wow, 24, performed during the Sydney Supafest Music Festival at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia yesterday. Word is that Bow Wow signed a TV deal with director Ice Cube to develop a TV series based on the somewhat hit movie ‘Lottery Ticket.’ Good for Bow Wow. He’s successfully finding ways to stay relevant.

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The cast of the 1980’s hit ‘The Cosby Show’ attended the TV LAND Awards 2011, held at the Jacob Javits Center North in NYC last night. It pains me and saddens me to say that Bill Cosby’s TV daughter, Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa), has fallen victim to the self-hate syndrome that seems to be a scourge in our community. Yes, Tempest is bleaching her skin.

The 37-year-old married ‘A Different World’ star Darryl Bell (Ron). Maybe she’s trying to be his complexion? Do better Tempestt!

Thankfully, Cosby TV daughter Keshia Knight Pulliam, 32, (who played Rudy), posing right with TV sister Sabrina LeBeauf (Saundra), is a beautiful Nubian sista who clearly takes prides in her African heritage. By the way, does Sabrina look hawt for 53, or what?

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It’s every future mom’s hope for her unborn baby to have at least one set of grandparents around to babysit the kid while she goes clubbing. That may or may not be the reason why Khloe Kardashian is so concerned about her hubby, LA Lakers star Lamar Odom, reconciling with his father.

During last night’s series premiere of ‘Khloe and Lamar,’ Khloe revealed the real reason Lamar and his father don’t speak.

Khloe comes from a tight-knit family, where everyone is involved and supportive. Even though she lost her dad, attorney Robert Kardashian, to cancer at an early age, she enjoys a tight relationship with her stepfather, former Olympic gold medal winner Bruce Jenner. So it’s hard for Khloe to understand why a man would be distant toward his own father.

But in a single phone call, Khloe learns that Lamar’s father, Joe, was only interested in trying to get some money out of him. Khloe saw that Joe was nowhere near the father that her dad and Bruce have been to her and her siblings.


As most of you already know, troubled rapper Gucci Mane, real name Radric Davis, was arrested (again) last week — this time for pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle. He is charged with battery, but because he was on probation at the time of this latest incident, he is also charged with violating his probation.

This means that Davis, 31, will serve jail time — unless his well-paid attorneys can pull another rabbit out of their hats and spring him on some technicality.

According to 11 Alive, Radric’s accuser was unknown to him. The 36-year-old woman met Davis at S. Dekalb mall in Decatur on the morning of January 28th. After some small talk, he persuaded her to go with him to breakfast. The woman — who knew only that Davis was a musician — climbed into his white Hummer not realizing that Davis was referring to breakfast of the non-edible kind.

Once they passed the Waffle House, the woman became alarmed and asked Davis where he was taking her. Davis said he was taking her to a hotel and that he would gladly pay $150 for her services.

The woman refused the money and ordered him to take her back to the mall, saying “I can make my own money.”

According to the police report, Radric leaned over the woman and opened the passenger side door while the vehicle was still in motion. “Gucci Mane shoved (the woman) several times in the side and shoulder area attempting to get her out of his vehicle.” During the struggle, the vehicle left the road, and was still moving when Davis shoved the woman out onto the shoulder of the road before speeding off.

The woman was transported to Atlanta Medical Center where she complained of soreness and pain. According to Dekalb police spokeswoman, Mekka Parish, no warrant was taken out for Radric’s arrest until April 1st when the woman appeared before in Magistrate court to swear out a warrant.

DAvis was subsequently arrested on Friday, April 8, when he arrived for his appointment at the Georgia Department of Corrections Probation Office on Sylvan Road in Atlanta.

This post is more about the mentality of the thirsty women here in Atlanta. The fact that a grown woman would climb into a car with a total stranger, and risk her life for some breakfast, is indicative of the mindset of Atlanta women. All a man needs is a nice ride, a little gold or a watch with some fake bling on it, and he doesn’t even have to have a job.

Source: 11 Alive via RWS

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A loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous writes:

Hey Sandra, I love your blog. I wanted to give you some breaking gossip. I was headed home from work today. I got off at Flat Shoals Rd off of I285 and made a left. I noticed two Dekalb police cars had pull over a red BMW 740i and a guy in handcuffs on the ground arguing with the cops. When I passed by, I noticed it was Apollo, Phaidra’s husband from Real Housewifes of Atlanta. This happen 20 minutes ago. Please keep me anonymous.

Have a good day.

I called the Dekalb County jail and they have no record of anyone named Apollo Nida being booked into the jail as of 20 minutes ago.

Apollo was last arrested in Atlanta in January, 2010 for running a red light. As you know, Mr. Nida is an ex-con who served prison time for various white collar crimes before marrying Phaedra in 2010.

Update I:

According to a credible source who spoke to Phaedra today, her husband Apollo is “at work” and she says this post is incorrect. My immediate question was, “What work? He has a job?” This email may very well be a hoax. If it turns out to be a hoax, this post will vanish without a trace.

Update II, April 9, 10:01 am ET:

I LOVE my readers! Once again, they gave me the tea before it was spilt on any other blog. :)

According to, Apollo Nida, occupation unknown, was arrested on Thursday (April 7) just as my reader said he had been.

Supposedly, Nida was pulled over and cuffed by U.S. marshals in connection with some type of sting operation by the feds. He was briefly placed in handcuffs and then let go. The claim is that he was arrested by mistake, but we know better.

Here’s the tea: why did Apollo’s wife, attorney Phaedra Parks, tell a local blogger that her husband was “at work” and therefore not arrested?

In the pics above, you can clearly see Apollo in handcuffs. My loyal reader emailed me before 4 p.m. on Thursday and he saw Apollo in cuffs 20 minutes before that. It’s a good thing there wasn’t a woman — or a man as the case may be — in the car with Apollo when he was pulled over.

U.S. President Barack Obama finally has something to smile about.

In his weekly radio address to the nation today, Obama praised both parties for their “cooperation” in sealing a deal to avert a shutdown of the federal government last night.

“The entire federal government will be open for business tomorrow—and that’s because Americans of different beliefs came together today,” Obama victoriously tweeted to his 7.4 million followers moments after reaching a last-minute budget deal last night.

Congress managed to avert a government shutdown at midnight that would have thrown about 800,000 federal employees out of work. A stopgap funding measure was hammered out an hour before the deadline. Both the House and Senate approved the measure and Obama signed it.

“This is good news for the American people,” Obama said in his weekly radio address on Saturday morning. “It means that small businesses can get the loans they need, our families can get the mortgages they applied for, folks can visit our national parks and museums, and hundreds of thousands of Americans will get their paychecks on time – including our brave men and women in uniform.”

Warning of more “painful” cuts yet to come, Obama praised lawmakers for “keeping politics and social issues from overtaking the budget talks,” referring to the GOP’s Planned Parenthood standoff. Obama warned that many federal programs that people depend on would be terminated or delayed due to budget cuts. “I would not have made these cuts in better circumstances,” he said.

Political analysts agreed that a government shutdown would have caused more damage to the Republicans than to Obama. Even though Obama, Pelosi and Harry Reid put off approving a fiscal 2011 budget in 2010 — when they controlled both the House and the Senate — to avoid a battle with the Republicans before the midterm elections, which ended badly for the Democrats.

Still, Obama stood firm — and even sounded presidential — when emphasizing the importance of living within one’s means. “Reducing spending while still investing in the future is just common sense,” he said during his weekly address to the nation. “That’s what families do in tough times. They sacrifice where they can, even if it’s hard, to afford what’s really important.”


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Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, is suddenly shy as she leaves The Frolic Room in Hollywood, California yesterday.

R&B crooner Usher was spotted leaving a bodega after buying refreshments in New York City today.

Actor Will Smith was seen filming scenes from ‘Men In Black 3’ on location in Times Square in New York all this week. A prototype car made by Ford Motor Company is also featured in the film.

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Kim Kardashian, 30, was seen outside her home filming scenes for the upcoming season of her reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” today in W. Hollywood.

Former Danity Kane member and MTV ‘Making The Band’ alum, Aubrey O’Day, 27, posed on the red carpet at Logo’s “New Now Next” Awards. That’s a beautiful dress she’s wearing. After the group was dissolved, Aubrey’s stalled career was revived by a new reality TV series that she stars in.

American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, 29, posed with a transvestite lookalike at Logo’s “New Now Next” Awards at The Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood, Ca today. I think I see Rihanna in the background.

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