I guess that's a dumb question these days...

Arranged marriages are nothing new. Other cultures have arranged marriages for their daughters or sons since the beginning of time. It's just a bit strange to see an arranged marriage played out live in televised images beamed to millions of people around the world.

That's exactly what happened this weekend when Prince Albert II of Monaco took the hand of South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock in marriage.

Reportedly Charlene was offered a tidy sum (millions of dollars) to marry Albert and bear him an heir to the throne. Prince Albert, 53, assumed the throne in 2005. He is the son of the late American actress Grace Kelly and Prince Albert I, ruler of Monaco.

Monaco is a tiny principality in the French Riviera bordering France. Considered a playground of the rich, Monaco has its own laws, customs and traditions. It's economy is propped up by casinos and tourism, and it is a tax-free haven to the filthy rich.

But let's get back to Albert and Charlene.

It seems that she agreed to marry him because Albert has a thing for loose women. He knows he's not marriage material, but he needs an heir to assume the throne when he passes on.

The sex-starved prince has already impregnated 2 women (that we know of). But Monaco's constitution will not allow illegitimate children to assume the throne, even though they are entitled to the prince's riches. Now a third woman has come forward with paternity papers in hand just days before the wedding.

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Lounge singer Beyoncé is featured in an artsy B&W spread in this month's Italian version of Vogue magazine, Vogue Italia. No, it isn't your imagination: she really does look like a younger version of Katherine Hepburn, when Hepburn was in her heyday back in the 60s.

I bumped into rap mogul Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, his girlfriend, Fab, and her friend yesterday at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. We had a long conversation about blogs fabricating stories about Luda and Fab. More specifically, about how my blog influences the things other blogs write about.

Luda made it clear that he expected way more from me because he and I go way back to the days when I was a photographer and he was DJ Chris Lova Lova on Hot 97.5 (now 107.9).

Eudoxie Fabiola

The bottom line is, Luda and Fab are not ready to marry just yet -- and when they do get married, everyone will know. They simply refuse to allow outside forces to influence their decisions. Luda stressed to me that he LOVES Eudoxie very much, and he would do anything for her.

I was happy to meet Eudoxie for the first time. She cleared up a few things, such as her name: she goes by "Fab" because her middle name is Fabiola; and the fake Facebook page that everyone, including me, thought was her. She said "Agnan" is not her last name, and she has no idea who created the fake page.

Fab's real Facebook page is in French, and it is private. She only has about 200 Facebook friends who are friends and family.

She was so sweet! She took out her cell phone to show me pictures of her childhood. Fab proudly showed me pics of her mom, Jermaine, holding her as a toddler in Gabon, in Africa! I asked her if she would send it to me, and I was surprised when she agreed.

Check out the picture she sent us Exclusively after the break!

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Amber Rose switched up her hairstyle this weekend by throwing a curly wig on top of her head because she was bored. What else does she have to do with her time?

I love how this blog refers to amber as a "model," lol. By the way, the pics below show Amber before she gained fame as Kanye West's bald headed beard and constant companion. She wore her naturally curly hair past her shoulders back then.

In the pics below, Amber is posted up with her boo, Tiffany, who once had a thing for trannies.

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NBA star Kobe Bryant is no different than any other powerful, wealthy man who desires a little variety to spice up his sex life. Luckily, he's married to a submissive Latina woman who understands that her place is in the home raising their two daughters. Besides, there's nothing he can do to her that a $4 million, 10-carat ring won't fix.

You recall that sexual assault case in 2008 when a hotel desk clerk complained that Kobe brutally sodomized her? It turned out she was lying -- the sex was consensual. Kobe supposedly learned his lesson and started treating his extramarital sexcapades as business transactions. But now a hooker has come forward to say that Kobe didn't put a ring on it like he promised:

Selina Miller, an Ohio prostitute (as listed on her resume) filed a lawsuit last week in Orange County Superior Court. Selina is claiming that Kobe gave her a “completed and signed agreement” to provide her with a ring. Of course the promise always came during their sexual liaison. “He likes playing games with women more than people know,” she said. “I’m upset because he promised me a ring [during one visit], and then some other people influenced him, and I didn’t get it. He thinks he can stop by my house any time he wants to. There are other women, too. One of them got a ring.” Kobe’s infidelities have already cost him a multi-million dollar ring. I guess any woman would be mad to know that she gave him this negro some head and tail and didn’t get the ring but other whores did.

At least she didn't accuse him of raping her.

Source: DD

It seems lounge singer Beyoncé has the luck of the Irish on her side. According to London tabloid The Sun, the R&B stars record setting appearance at Glastonbury Music Festival in England last week has boosted sales of her album, titled '4'.

As you know, early industry estimates based on one day sales predicted Beyoncé's '4' will push 275-300K in the fist week. That's not bad considering Bey had no hot singles at radio -- but it will be the lowest sales figure for her since 2003.

Bey's record label, Columbia, was quick to dispute its reported displeasure with the overall project. Ron Stringer, Columbia/Epic Label Group's Chairman, released a statement last week claiming the label was "vindicated" by 4's sales so far:

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Last week, loyal Sandrarose.com member April Lamons (BlackBarbie404) held a launch party for her new online business, GLAMSHOPOnline.com, at the M Bar in Atlanta. The event was sponsored by Seraphic, and the SR family came out to support. Some of my loyal readers didn't want to be identified (I'm not sure why), but eastpointvet, Suga Shay and Diva Mama were in the house!

From Press Release:

Women, picture yourself walking into your favorite retail outlet where your fashion couture taste buds are savoring because you find everything to your liking feeling you could roll your bed up in there and call it your closet. Well now you can do just that with GlamShopOnline.com – an online boutique featuring chic items for women that are both trendy and beautiful. From dresses, shoes, blouses, shorts, purses, jewelry and even hair pieces, Glam Shop Online will eliminate the broker offering the savings onto the customers who will be paying a fraction of what is paid for in current retreated fashion stores. Glam Shop Online will make sure that all items sold are current with the latest fashion trends, styles and forthcoming seasons all at an affordable cost while giving the ultimate online shopping experience.

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Acccording to the NY Post, the chambermaid who accused Dominique Strauss-Khan of sexually assaulting her in a swanky hotel suite in May, was, in fact, a hooker who provided sexual services in addition to her housekeeping duties.

Strauss-Kahn, 63, was dragged off a commercial jet at Kennedy airport on May 15, and arrested for allegedly raping a hotel maid. A Manhattan judge set Strauss-Kahn's bail at $6 million -- $1 million of that in cash. After spending a week in jail on suicide watch, he was subsequently released to home confinement at considerable expense to his long suffering wife, who traveled from her home in France to bail him out.

But the maid, 32-year-old Nafissatou Diallo, has since been outed by defense attorneys, and the NY Post, as a hooker who lied on her application for asylum in the U.S. Diallo allegedly lied about being gang raped in Guinea.

Strauss-Khan was set free on his own recognizance yesterday. The smear campaign against Diallo got off to a running start almost immediately after Strauss-Khan was arrested.

In short order we learned that Diallo was probably HIV+ because she lived in a flop house specifically for HIV+ residents.

According to the Post, Diallo was "collecting cash on the side from male guests" at the luxury Sofitel hotel in NYC where she worked. "There is information . . . of her getting extraordinary tips" from hotel guests, according to the Post.

"When you're a chambermaid at Local 6, when you first get to the US, you start at the motels at JFK [Airport]. You don't start at the Sofitel," a source told the Post. "There's a whole squad of people who saw her as an earner."

The woman also had "a lot of her expenses -- hair braiding, salon expenses -- paid for by men not related to her," the source said.

Diallo made a decent living on wages and tips -- over $100,000 -- that she deposited into her bank account, according to the NY Post.

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CNN's Anderson Cooper got down to the bottom of the Kim Kardashian fake butt debate last night on his "AC 360" show.

Cooper said: "For a while now I've had this unsettling feeling... Like the universe was slightly out of whack. I couldn't pin-point the source of the feeling, but then it hit me: no one has really been saying much about Kim Kardashian's butt lately."

He added: "Unbeknownst to me, the entire world will not stop with the cracks about her butt..."

After cracking more butt jokes, Cooper showed his viewers a clip from last night's episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', where she goes for an x-ray to prove once and for all that her butt is real.

So what was the doctor's professional opinion of Kim's butt after reading her x-ray? He said, "No implant. This is ALL Kim!"

Of course, if Kim was wearing butt pads (as I believe she does) they wouldn't show up on x-rays if she removed them beforehand.

Now look at the x-ray below, and then look at the photo above that was taken of Kim while she shopped for her wedding dress in New York yesterday. You be the judge. The debate rages on.

Watch the video after the break!

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The world famous Gold Room was off the chain last night in Atlanta as actor Laz Alonzo hosted Thursday nights. Reality TV stars Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada (Basketball Wives) stopped by for a second. Actor Michael Jai White was also in the house.

Photo by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

One of the men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct was arrested late Thursday in Miami on suspicion of being a drug dealer, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Jamal Parris, 24, was driving a white 2011 BMW in Miami Beach Tuesday evening when a Florida Highway Patrol officer noticed that it had no tags.

Sgt. Seth Dubinsky stopped the car. When he approached it, he smelled marijuana, he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday.

Dubinsky searched the car and said he found 181 grams of marijuana, which is worth about $1,000 on the street. He said he also found 50 clear plastic baggies and a Taurus semiautomatic handgun. He said Parris also was carrying $1,250 in cash.

Police said the stash along with the automatic weapon was "indicative of a drug dealer." Parris was arrested and charged with two felony counts of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He also was charged with operating a motor vehicle with no registration, a misdemeanor.

The BMW was towed and impounded. Parris' passenger, Jeremy Jouvanni Gordon, 20, of Miami was also arrested on drug related charges.

Parris was apparently driving the same 2011 BMW that he bragged about buying on his Facebook page a few days after settling his lawsuit against Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Parris and three other men accused Long of plying them with cash, clothing and trips in exchange for sexual favors.

The men reportedly settled their lawsuits for around $2 million each. But, according to the terms of the structured settlement, the cash will be paid out in installments over the next 20 years.

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