Thousands of frenzied shoe enthusiasts battled it out in long lines all over the country as they wait to be among the first to buy the new retro Air Jordans X1s. They couldn't wait a few days when the supplies are replenished because they lack self esteem and they need the hideous shoes to impress their friends and boost their own egos. How pathetic.

There are reports of pepper spraying and fisticuffs as lines queued up for hours, and some for days. According to celebrity gossip blog, from Baltimore to Washington to Atlanta, people waiting in lines for the new Nike Air Jordan shoe are getting CRAZY violent -- except at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

TMZ spoke with several people at the Bev Center who have been waiting in line for hours ... and some for days ... and they all seem to say the same thing -- it's been cold, but everyone has been extremely cordial.

It seems to be a sharp contrast from other shoe lines across the country -- so far, there have been reports of pepper spraying at a mall in Washington, a brawl in Kentucky and girl fights in North Carolina. Source

The shoes have been re-released numerous times over the years. The $180 shoes quickly sold out after midnight today, and are currently selling on eBay for $400.

Yesterday we posted pics of Gabrielle Union, 39, in a string bikini playing in the surf on Miami Beach with Dwyane Wade's sons, Zion and Zaire. What we didn't know at the time was that LeBron James' baby mama, Savannah Brinson, 25, and her sons, were with Gabby on the beach.

The reason being is that Savannah was covered from head to toe in a grey hoodie with black jogging pants in 80 degree weather.

According to sources in Miami, Savannah took offense at people criticizing her for trying to keep up with her more promiscuous friends who don't care how they dress in public (such as La La Anthony). Friends say the disapproval stung Savannah and she made a vow never to show her skin in public again -- or at least until her sons are fully grown with wives of their own.

We don't know how true that is, but it does seem that Savannah is dressing more respectfully these days. Good for her!

Photos: Splash News Online

Troubled singer Rihanna premiered her music video for her 2nd single "U Da One" off her album, Talk That Talk. TTT has managed to sell only 320K units after 4 weeks on the charts, despite the fact that Rihanna has over 10 million followers on the social networking website

The Melina-directed video is more of the same from Rihanna, slutty imagery juxtaposed with elementary lyrics backed by a simplistic track, and Rihanna's dependency on pot (see screen grab above).

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The late rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s seemingly prophetic song, "You're Nobody Until Somebody Kills You," comes to mind as Atlanta's underground rap scene grieve over the death of rapper Slim Dunkin, 24.

Dunkin, real name Mario Hamilton, was virtually unknown to the rest of us outside of the underground scene, until he was killed.

Police say Hamilton was shot once in the chest -- reportedly over a piece of candy at a southeast recording studio on Dec. 16.

Hamilton, who was 6-8, towered over his shorter assailant who produced a gun and shot Hamilton. Friends loaded the mortally wounded rapper into a car and rushed him to Grady hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police say about 20-30 people were present inside the recording studio on Memorial Drive when the gun went off. But no witnesses came forward.

On Thursday, police identified Atlanta rapper Young Vito, 28, as the gunman. Police say Vito, real name Vinson Hardimon, is in danger, and he is being urged to turn himself in.

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Angelina Jolie is catching heat for her choice in hairstyles for 6-year-old daughter, Zahara. The little girl recently debuted a head full of weave at a family outing. The hair extensions normally take hours to braid and the procedure can be painful, especially if the child is tender headed.

“If Angelina wants Zahara to be in touch with her roots and have her hair braided then she can do that with the child’s own hair and she doesn’t need to add extensions,” celebrity groomer DaRico Jackson told

“She is far too young for that and Angelina is creating insecurity in the little girl that what she has is not good enough.

“Growing up with siblings who have long flowing hair, Zahara may grow to feel that her own natural hair is not pretty enough, and that without the fake hair she is not beautiful. She should be made to embrace who she is.”

Jackson added: “There are many cute styles that Zahara can have without adding fake hair at such a tender age.”

I agree, but many women in the black community put weave extensions in their daughter's hair. It's a matter of convenience for women who don't have the time or money to take better care of their children's hair.

Yesterday, T.I. released this trailer for his much-anticipated mixtape titlted F*ck Da City Up. The mixtape drops at midnight on T.I.'s official website,, and on

I've never heard of a trailer for a mixtape, but we're talking about the innovator, T.I., who sets the standard for these other lessors to try and catch up.

Since it's so close to Christmas -- and I did promise one more giveaway this year -- I've decided to give away 1 $500 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card to each of the first 2 readers who correctly answers the following 2 questions (you can answer one or both questions).

You must be a registered member of blog to enter. The gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or additonal gift cards. Saks gift cards are good for purchases made at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, OFF 5TH stores or online at

1. What timepiece is T.I. wearing in the pic below.

2. Why do ballers love wearing this particular watch?


Actress Gabrielle Union, 39, showed off her gorgeous bod on Miami Beach in Miami, Florida today. Gabby is transitioning into her role as mom to boyfriend Dwyane Wade's two sons, Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade, 9, (not pictured) and Zion Malachi Airamis Wade, 4. The children seem to genuinely love her.

Union and Wade have been an item for 5 years. Gabby faithfully stood by her man's side as he fought a bitter, public child custody battle with his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches. The couple divorced in 2007.

Union is no stranger to dysfunctional marriages. She was married to Chris Howard for 5 years. Their marriage ended in divorce in 2006.

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'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Chaz Bono, 42, who is living life as a man, was spotted moving out of the home she/he shared with ex-fiancee, Jennifer Elia. Last week Chaz announced the couple's break-up after 12 years together. Bono was spotted hauling a large suitcase out of the home. Elia showed up a little while later to move her things out.

Celebrity gossip blog described Elia as looking "visibly distraught" upon her arrival But she looks relieved from where we're sitting.

Both women were lesbians when they first met 12 years ago. Things were normal on the home front until Chaz, born Chastity Bono, decided she was a man yearning to be free. Bono had her healthy breasts surgically removed and began taking male hormones.

Bono and Elia attempted to live a somewhat ordinary life as a heterosexual couple -- Chaz as a man, and Jennifer as "his" straight girlfriend. But the strain of pretending not to notice her man's vagina may have been a bit too much for Elia.

Twitter comedian Kevin Hart seems to have found a girl more his size. The 'Think Like A Man' star has a Napoleon complex which makes it hard for him to stay in a stable relationship for very long. The couple were spotted spending his money in high end stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday. We don't know her name, but hopefully she is stacking his chips because he will soon tire of her and move on to the next breezy.

Photos: V. Labissiere / Splash News