A cocaine dealer with a sweet tooth is out of luck if he's looking for his chocolate bars with the powdered cocaine filling.

Customs officials seized the chocolate bar shipment -- street value $130,000 -- at Dulles International Airport on Sunday, April 22.

The cocaine was discovered in the luggage of a Guatemalan woman who arrived on a flight from El Salvador on Sunday.

According to the Washington examiner, a suspicious Customs and Border Protection officer found the unusual looking chocolate bars, cut one open, and found a bar of cocaine wrapped in plastic, covered in chocolate, said CBP spokesman Robert Hunt.

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Troubled singer Rihanna stepped out Monday night with her lover Melissa Forde. Rihanna looked stunning in a silver metallic maxi dress and a light blue denim vest, while Melissa wore a black aviator jacket and jeans. Rihanna and Mel walked arm-in-arm as they left their Midtown hotel and headed to dinner at Da Silvano in New York City. Melissa looks a lot more comfortable playing the butch role -- at least in public. But friends say Rihanna is the dominant one in their relationship.
Photo by: Turgeon/Steffman/Splash News

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Chris Brown's concubine, Karrueche Tran, tweeted a silhouette pic of her and Cb sharing a kiss at sunset. "head over heels" reads the caption. But are they really in love, or is Karrueche doing the utmost to convince herself that their love is real?

There have been recent signs that CB's ex-lover Rihanna is getting to Karrueche, and Chris. As I told you yesterday, a source within CB's camp told me that he's "pining away" for his ex. As a result of their unrequited love -- and his stalled career -- he isn't eating or sleeping well.

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Pilar Sanders' mugshot has hit the internets. In the mugshot taken at a Dallas jail last night following her arrest on domestic abuse charges, Pilar smirks at the camera. The fallout from Sanders' arrest is likely to be huge. She will certainly lose custody of her minor children, and any endorsements she acquired as a result of being married to former NFL star Deion Sanders.

A judge will probably force her to move out of the residence she shares with Deion, since he will ask for a restraining order. According to Deion's daughter, Deiondra Sanders, Pilar had refused to move out of the mansion.

Deion took to his Twitter page last night to tweet about the attack by Pilar and a female friend, known as @Toothickchick on Twitter.com.

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President Barack Obama is inching closer to becoming the modern day Big Brother in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

According to the Mail Online, the FAA was forced to reveal 63 spy plane launch sites in 20 states, including Georgia.

Most of the active drones are deployed from military installations, enforcement agencies and border patrol teams, according to the Federal Aviation Authority.

But 19 "registered owners" of the unmanned spy planes are universities, including Georgia Tech. (View the map)

The specific purpose of the drones within the U.S. are unknown (the FAA says it will release this information later). But in Europe the drones are used to spy on government installations and civilians.

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An actor accidentally hanged himself while re-enacting the death of Judas in an Easter play. The tragic accident took place in the town of Itarare, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The actor, Tiago Klimeck, 27, hanged himself when he jumped off of a 4-foot perch with a stage noose around his neck. The noose was attached to a vest, like the kind used in movies, which is designed to break his fall and give the illusion that he was being hanged.

But the vest malfunctioned -- or wasn't secured properly. So when Klimeck jumped, the vest slid up and crushed his trachea (airway). Once his trachea was crushed, he could neither cry out nor breath. It was a slow and agonizing death. Klimeck's cast members in the play didn't realize he was choking to death.

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The subpar ratings for the Residences of Morgan Falls apartments in the Sandy Springs suburb of Atlanta tells the story of residents living in fear for their lives.

It's not just the open air drug dealing, or the crumbling structures that cause 2nd floor railings to give way at the slightest touch -- it's the two shootings that occurred there within a week of each other.

Just two days after turning 40, attorney Adina Parson was shot eight times -- 3 times in the head -- and left for dead in the breezeway of her apartment building.

On Monday she was in critical but stable condition in Grady Memorial hospital's ICU unit, a close friend told the AJC.

So far, Sandy Springs police have no leads.

“Adina is very loving person so we’re all baffled," Lisa Baker, Parson's friend, said by telephone from Grady. "It just doesn’t fit. We’re just dumbfounded."

Parson was on her way to pick her husband up from work when she was shot around 11:45 p.m. Friday, according to the AJC. The shooter, laying in wait, emptied a gun clip into her -- a sign that the shooting may not have been random.

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On the very day that former NFL star Deion Sanders confirmed his relationship with Hollywood trampoline Tracey Edmonds, a fight broke out ... in his bedroom.

According to tweets sent out on Deion Sanders' official Twitter page, his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders (pictured above) and a friend of hers jumped him right in front of their sons in Dallas today. Now Deion says he is pressing charges.

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It must be hard for NBA star Lamar Odom to be an unemployed man being dragged around from one photo op to another by his reality tv star wife, Khloe Kardashian. Lamar and Khloe were seen leaving the upscale Jeffrey shoe boutique with Khloe's siblings Kourtney and Rob in NYC today. The former Dallas Mavericks and LA Lakers superstar wore a trendy Nike Air Army jacket as he strolled the streets of Manhattan's Meatpacking district.
Photos by: Jackson Lee/SplashNews and Oak Thorton/INFphoto.com

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This Summer, VH1's "Single Ladies" season 2 premieres - without Stacey Dash. Newcomer Denise Vasi will struggle to fit Stacey's cute shoes, but it's doubtful that she will replace her. LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea reprise their roles as Atlanta's most eligible bachelorettes. Watch the preview of season 2 after the break. "Single Ladies" Season 2 premieres Memorial Day, May 28 at 9PM.

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Troubled singer Chris Brown has lost a frightening amount of weight in recent weeks. So much so that his concerned fans are emailing me wondering if I know what ails him.

I reached out to Brown's handlers today to inquire about his unexplained weight loss. A confidential informant confided that Brown is not on drugs -- he is simply "pining away" for his ex, Rihanna.

They also say Brown is despondent over his stalled career and his loveless relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran. "He's only with her for his public image," said a source about Karrueche. "He's not in love with [Karrueche], he's in love with Rihanna," the source added.

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