Lukace Kendle was working as a security guard at Club Lexx on NW 27th Avenue, just east of Miami Dade Community college, when he encountered two black men sitting in a car outside the club.

Kendle, 26, was licensed to carry a handgun. He later told Miami Dade police he felt "threatened" when he drew his weapon and unloaded it into the 2 men.

Kijuan Byrd, a 29-year-old electrician with 2 small children, died of 11 gunshot wounds. Michael Smathers, 31, was shot four times. He survived his injuries but he remains in critical condition at Jackson hospital's Ryder Trauma center.

Kendle, the guard who shot the 2 unarmed strip club patrons on June 1, remained free for a week thanks to the controversial Florida law 'Stand Your Ground'.

Kendle is a white Hispanic. His victims are black.

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Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts will undergo chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, according to Roberts, who made the announcement this morning.

Roberts, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, has Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) a pre-leukemia blood disease caused by radiation.

Roberts, 51, underwent radiation therapy to kill the remaining cancer cells after a double mastectomy 5 years ago.

The bone marrow transplant will take place later this year, but Roberts will begin chemotherapy immediately. She will be off the show for an undetermined period of time after the bone marrow transplant. But Roberts hopes to keep working at GMA full time.

"My big sister is the perfect match for me, and she's going to be my donor," said an emotional Roberts as her sister looked on during this morning's show.

Over the weekend rumors were running rampant that Sean Comb's landmark Justin's Restaurant was closing its doors. The AJC finally confirmed the rumor yesterday. But rumors have swirled for years that Justin's was closing down.

Justin's restaurant was never really profitable in the 14 years since it opened to much fanfare on Peachtree Road in midtown. Rumor had it that Combs was just a minority owner who fronted for the real owners of the restaurant.

Justin's business really took a hit when V-103 Morning Show co-host Frank Ski opened his popular restaurant a block away from Justin's last year. Franks Ski's was the nail in the coffin for Justin's Restaurant as the Frank's eatery attracted celebrities and other VIPs.

Combs opened the restaurant in 1998 when he and his family maintained homes and a presence in the Atlanta area. Combs and Kim Porter's children attended private schools in Atlanta.

Porter moved to California when local socialite Sarah Chapman gave birth to Combs' first daughter.

Justin's restaurant's namesake, Justin Dior Combs, made headlines last week when he graduated from high school amid angry reports that his $54,000 free ride to UCLA could have gone to someone less fortunate.

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It all made sense last Sunday when Chad Ochocinco dipped out of his hosting gig at the Coors pool party in Miami. It was the same day that the New England Patriots cut Chad from the football Chad and Basketball Wives cast member Evelyn Ochocinco stayed about 30 minutes before making excuses to leave the party early. They didn't even get their toes wet.

The Patriots announced their decision to release Chad later that day. Other celebs partying at the Perry hotel on South beach included Big Tigger, NBA stars Shawn Marion, Andray Blatche, Vernon Macklin and Lou Willams.

Photos by

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Lots of celebrities use body doubles in commercials and films. But it sparks headlines when troubled singer Rihhanna does it for a huge advertising campaign.

According to British tabloid The Sun, Rihanna's camp hired a body double for her Armani campaign to give RiRi's boyish, drug-addled body the appearance of being fuller and more feminine.

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The Bible preaches using the rod sparingly to subdue and "train up" an unruly child.

But Fayette County police allege that Creflo Dollar, the charismatic founder and leader of World Changers mega-church in Stone Mountain, skipped the rod and, instead, used his bare hands and fists to beat his youngest daughter into submission.

What should have been a private family discussion exploded onto the national headlines and fueled debates on how far parents can go when disciplining their own children.

Dollar, 50, was arrested early Sunday morning after his 15-year-old daughter, Lauren Dollar, called Fayette County police at 1 a.m. to report that her father choked and punched her during an argument that escalated out of control. Police noted "superficial abrasions" on the teen's neck.

Dollar admitted he "restrained" his daughter after she "became very disrespectful" when he told her she couldn't attend the party.

Lauren told police the altercation wasn't the first incidence of violence in the Dollar home, and that she felt threatened in the home.

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All those news reports about the 'Causeway Cannibal' Rudy Eugene "eating" the flesh of his victim, Ronald Poppo, were wildly premature and sensationalism by the national media.

According to autopsy reports, Eugene's stomach contained undigested pills -- most likely Ecstasy -- not human flesh. Police and emergency personnel in Miami reported seeing chunks of skin on the ground near the victim following the May 26 attack. Eugene also had flesh between his teeth.

Police investigators assume Eugene consumed an MDMA type drug such as "bath salts" which is known to cause extreme violence and aggression.

Lab results show the presence of marijuana in Eugene's system. But Eugene's family say Eugene was a regular pot smoker.

Poppo, whose face was mangled beyond recognition, was transported to Jackson Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where he remains in serious condition. He is unable to tell doctors or investigators what happened.

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Beyonce's stylish sister Solange Knowles continues to wow fans with her fashionable yet sensible personal style. Solo, whose DJ skills are in high demand, is proud of her vast shoe collection which she keeps in a room-sized closet.

Solange was spotted out deejaying at a Saks Fifth Avenue event in New York City a few days ago. According to lifestyle blogger, Talking With Tami, Solange wore a "Etro Printed Crepe De Chine Shirt, black high waist short shorts and some banging black leather & suede Balenciaga ankle strap sandals." The sandals retail for $1,245.

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