Justin Bieber Milyn Jensen

According to reports, pop idol Justin Bieber was dumped by his longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez after she found out he was "serviced" by one of his jumpoffs.

According to Hollywood Life, Justin's weed carrier, rapper Lil Twist, and a chick named Milyn "Mimi" Jensen picked up Justin from the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Dec. 21. The trio made a fast food run before heading to Justin's posh $6.6 million manion in Calabasas, Calif.

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Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's 72-day husband Kris Humphries rejected her offer for $10 million to go away quietly, Radaronline.com reports.

“After Kim filed for divorce, she offered Kris a $10 million payoff, with the agreement that he would not continue to pursue an annulment to their marriage on the grounds of fraud,” a source told Radar exclusively.

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According to loyal reader Mel J, reality TV star Draya (Basketball Wives LA), celebrated her birthday with a star studded bash last night at a mansion in the hills. Those in attendence included: Chris Brown, Tyga, Wale, Omarion, Lloyd, Rob Kardashian, Karrueche and more. The Party was fully stocked with Ciroc, and all the hot celebs were smoking a Hookah portable.

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Beyonce Super Bowl setlist

Karaoke singer Beyonce is in New Orleans preparing to upstage the 49ers and the Ravens in the Super Bowl the same way she upstaged President Obama's Inauguration by lip-syncing.

Insiders whisper that Beyonce had no intentions of performing the National Anthem live during the Inauguration -- even though Bey claimed she was prepared to sing live. I'm told the Obamas were so upset at her deceptive ways that they disinvited Beyonce and Jay Z from the Inaugural ball. I don't know if that's true, so please don't quote me.

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Robin Roberts test run

ABC News anchor Robin Roberts is in a hurry to get back in her anchor chair, even if returning to work so early puts her health at risk.

Roberts, 51, returned to the set of 'Good Morning America' on Thursday after undergoing a bone marrow transplant late last year. She completed an on-camera "test run" to determine how her fragile skin responds under the hot studio lighting.

"My skin is very sensitive and so we have to see how it reacts to the studio lights," she said. "My vision is still a little blurry from the treatment. All of this is getting better day by day so that is the next step."

Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) -- a form of blood cancer similar to leukemia. The determined anchor expects to be back at work full-time in a few weeks.

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Obama and housefly

A common housefly tormented President Obama for the entire time he spoke in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on Thursday (Jan. 24).

Maybe the housefly was exacting revenge on Obama for flattening its cousin during an interview in 2009.

Then there was that time in 2010 when a swarm of flies attacked Obama's face causing him to halt a local news interview.

Apparently the industrial strength pesticides that the Obama administration have been using isn't doing the job.

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Starter Wives

Last night, TLC hosted a meet & greet and press screening of their upcoming docu-series about famous ex-wives titled “Starter Wives Confidential” at the INC Lounge in Times Square, NY.

I'm assuming "docu-series" is another term for reality show? The networks are backpedaling quickly away from the reality show label due to its ghetto connotations.

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Manti Teo Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Katie Couric

Deadspin.com just posted audio of voice mails left by alleged hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo on the cell phone of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

In the audio, Tuiasosopo (picture inset) is pretending to be Manti Te'o's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua -- 2 days before she supposedly "died" of leukemia.

If you haven't been following this bizarre story, click here.

The NY Daily News reported this morning that Tuiasosopo's attorney admitted his client "disguised his voice" as a woman in order to fool Te'o for 3 years.

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Holy Goldie longest Weave in the world

Comedian Alex Thomas recently caught up with the chick who boasts the longest weave in the world. Holy Goldie answers all of your most pressing questions after the break! Don't try this at home, ladies. That much weave will break ya neck!

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