Kanye West’s Yeezus Springs a Leak

Kanye Wets's Yeezus Springs a Leak

Kanye West is probably somewhere doing some furniture moving now that his much-antipated album, Yeezus, was leaked in advance of it’s June 18 release date.

Kanye is understandably paranoid about guarding his music from ruthless bootleggers.

To prevent unauthorized leaks of his and Jay Z’s CD Watch the Throne, West, 36, recorded and mixed the tracks in portable studios set up in hotel rooms rather than established studios where leaks are known to occur.

Kanye Wets's Yeezus Springs a Leak

The alnbum leaked online less than 8 hours after BuzzFeed.com published this article titled “8 Reasons You Won’t Hear ‘Yeezus’ Early.”

What do you think of the album so far?


01. On Sight
02. Black Skinhead
03. I Am A God
04. New Slaves
05. Hold My Liquor
06. I’m In It
07. Blood On The Leaves
08. Guilt Trip
09. Send It Up
10. Bound


17 Responses to “Kanye West’s Yeezus Springs a Leak”

  1. 1
    dabunique says:

    It’s out there ma … I like it, production is on point but I can’t see this bein well received

  2. 2
    Ni ni says:

    I wish he would announce his retirement as well. I hate that he is referring to himself as a (g)od. People always saying that kanye changed after his mom died but he was weird acting even then. I wonder what he was like before the accident.

  3. 3
    69 says:

    Nini I feel you on that God comment but for me personally

    The reason why I don’t go in in Ye is because of his mom. That chit had a detrimental effect on him and he hasn’t been right since.

    And it ain’t nobody’s place to tell this man how to handle her passing or how long it should be before he stop grieving. Dude lost his mom out of the blue- completely off guard too.

    If I were him it would take one bitch to come at me incorrectly and all the other “would haves” would change plans real quick. :nono:

  4. 4
    FuturedocDonte says:

    Hey auntie thanks for the weekend post :waves:

    And I didn’t plan on buying yeeZus cd :coffee: I bet blasphemy is alive and well all through that cd

  5. 5
    PumpkinsMama says:

    Happy Saturday Aunty, Doc :hug: 69 :kiss: Ni Ni and Dabunique :waves:

    Um Kuntye ain’t have nothin to fear of me buying this shat no way :nono:

    Aunty how you snatch the whole Penis Apt article down? :huh: :rofl:

  6. 6
    MsB2u says:

    Kanye can have a seat I don’t think anyone cares about his music anymore:no:

  7. 7
    MsB2u says:

    Good morning everybody

  8. 8
    MetroAtlMrs says:

    I see this replaced the peen post…can’t wait until Monday to see the write-ups on Birthday Bash this weekend…

  9. 9
  10. 10
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Hello people!!! I love Kanye ole self absorbed ass!!

    But him AND Jay Z with this GOD business…I dont like it. Not one bit.

  11. 11
    Sandra Rose says:

    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Hello people!!! I love Kanye ole self absorbed ass!!

    But him AND Jay Z with this GOD business…I dont like it. Not one bit.

    The God complex is consistent with narcissistic behavior. Good morning :coffee:

  12. 12
    Yardgirl says:

    Good morning Miss Sandra (thanks for the weekend post!!) and the rest of the Roses! :waves:

    I like Ye, but after his mama died he went even crazier than he already was!! :nun:

  13. 13
    Way up in the trees live the Monchichis-Chi-chi-chi-Monchichi-Monchichi says:

    Greeting Weekenders amd Weekendies :hi: Im starting to wonder what is the true motive of stuff like this. Do non hip hop or r&b albums get leaked? Im talking in lrg numbers. The only cd in recent yrs I can think of that didnt get leaked was WTThrone…They had to take special measures in order to make that happen. I want to know who is behind the leaks, and who is behind whoever is behind the leaks,,,Are they on the ***** mans payroll :think: I dunno….Hi to my fav sometime poster Yardie :hi: Did you see the Apeentment for sale yesterday? Some goofy brotha uploaded his personal weenus pictures with an apartment he listed for sale. Sandra snatched it down before I could show my Mama,,,I wonder if I saved the image to my comp :think: Hmmmm I’ll brb :nun:

  14. 14
    Yardgirl says:

    Hey Bren!! :love: :happy: I DID see the peen shot bwaaahaaa!!! That dude was trying to be all slick and shyte acting like that was part of the closing deal!!

    I totally feel you on these “leaks” Things that make you go “hmmmmmm”

  15. 15

    :shrugs: either way it gets no play in my crib :lame: azz ninja!

  16. 16
    hell_on_heels says:

    There is NOTHING “mentally” wrong with Kanye. He seeks ” attention” and at nearly 40 years of age, homie needs to STOP! He needs to know that he is NOT the “voice of reason”. No one cares Kanye; if you want to make good fulfilling music, then just do that! All that other bs…is simply just whack as fcuk!!

  17. 17
    Blako says:

    The album is weird.. im calling it Trash for now.. hes on some other chit..smh

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