Martin Shkreli

Jailed pharmacy exec Martin Shkreli, 34, managed to come out as transgender and issue a complaint against his fellow inmates in a single Facebook post that was quickly snatched down on Wednesday.

The much-hated "Pharm Bro" was convicted of securities fraud in August.

Shkreli's bond was revoked and he was jailed in September after he wrote a bizarre Facebook post offering to pay $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair.

His now-deleted Facebook post read: "My fellow inmates refuse to acknowledge my pronoun preference" -- followed by a sad face emoji.
Martin Shkreli
As far as anyone can tell, the Facebook post on Wednesday is Shkreli's first and only contact with the outside world via social media since he was locked up.

Jail officials quickly notified Facebook to take the post down.

Shkreli's dilemma draws similarities to Bradley "Chelsea" Manning, the convicted Army traitor who came out as transgender in prison.

Manning, 29, served nearly 7 years of a 35-year sentence before he was granted clemency by former President Barack Obama earlier this year.

Manning often complained about the lack of treatment for his gender dysphoria condition while in a military prison.

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    He always looked a little light in the draws and he leaves a trail of sugar wherever he goes..but he is probably trying to do anything to get out and moved to another facility.

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    I saw him in an interview at his apartment, he was very feminine so this is not a surprise if true.

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    He's a white collar scammer

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    You know, when you're on top, you never think your feet are gonna hit the ground. Well, his toes are dangling above the concrete. You get no sympathy from me sir/maam. You should have treated people right when they needed medicine, but instead you raised the prices. Karma never misses a client.

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    These dudes just don't want to be in general population so they make this up so they can be put in a separate area

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    A pharma big wig that raised the price of a medicine from approx $13 per pill to $750 per pill....a real sicko

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    Oh so now he's a girly-girl and his fellow inmates won't acknowledge this??? Back into gen-pop for him!!! If he really wants to be treated like a 'lady' I'm sure his fellow cell mates would be more than happy to accommodate him....

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  • Quitedeliteful


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    A dude who did a home invasion robbery on me and my boyfriend in 2015 went through all the court dates as a man then on the day I testified he came in a wig and drag demanding to be called princess and referred to as "her".

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    Well the gate is open so here comes the flood????? Ppl are going to flip flop genders when it’s convenient and they will start crying discrimination as well just watch and see!!!

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    When you are locked up...legally the system just refers to a person by a number... he has to fall in line like his peers... preference of any sorts goes out the window

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    why would he hes been teaching other inmates math and been getting them books and being just a generally good person

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    you do realise the only ones who have to pay the full price are insurance companys right if you really need this out of date medication for hiv then hell give it to you for dirt cheap cheaper then it was priced before even

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    Thanks for the reply Martin...??

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    FaceBook and jail? You should not be allowed to be on any social networks in jail. You're in jail for committing a crime and should not be allowed luxuries like that.

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    The ACLU is always on the Fed prison tip.. to avoid cases he will get his wish

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    This is messed up.