Obama calls Donald Sterling comments Offensive

President Obama took time out of his busy Asia excursion to comment on the tidal wave of controversy surrounding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

In a phone conversation that was secretly recorded by Sterling's girlfriend, V. Stiviano, Sterling reprimanded her for taking photos with NBA legend Magic Johnson.

"Don't put [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don't bring him to my games," Sterling allegedly said in the audio.

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Donald Sterling racist rant caught on tape

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is in hot water for a racist rant that was caught on tape. In an audio obtained by gossip tabloid TMZ.com, Sterling, who dates a mixed woman, is heard telling his GF he does not want her bringing black people to his NBA games -- including NBA legend Magic Johnson.

The conversation took place after Sterling's girlfriend, V. Stiviano, posted an Instagram.com photo of herself posing with Magic Johnson (she has since deleted the photo).

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Akon Thiam

Syndicated radio host Rickey Smiley took calls from listeners who weighed in on singer/songwriter Akon's controversial comments on monogamous relationships.

In a recent interview, the 40-year-old Senegalese singer, who is reportedly married to multiple women, said monogamy is not only "stupid"; it's "impossible."

"I don't know no one woman that can satisfy every man's one need. It's impossible. Just like there's no man that can satisfy a woman's every need," said Akon. He added: "Women just aren't built to breed like that or... mate with more than one partner. Women aren't built that way, men are."

Of course Akon is correct. Since the beginning of time man has evolved by mating with multiple women to ensure the survival of future generations.

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Usher son nearly drowns

TMZ has obtained a copy of the 911 call placed by Usher's frantic aunt Rena Oden after Usher's 5-year-old son nearly drowned in a swimming pool at a private residence on Howell Mill Road in suburban Fulton County on Monday, Aug. 5.

Usher Raymond V, aka Cinco, was pulled from the pool unconscious after his hand became stuck in a pool drain when he dived in to retrieve a toy. His aunt and a maid tried unsuccessfully to free the boy. Two men working inside the house heard the women's screams and dived into the pool. The men were able to rescue the child.

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Frank Ski big announcement V-103 morning show co-host Frank Ski announced his decision to end his long-running term as co-host of the V-103 morning show Thursday.

"I am not leaving Atlanta. This is my home," said Ski after telling radio listeners he would be back on the air.

"This is not a goodbye, but instead, a to be continued very soon," Ski said before airing one last Inspirational vitamin.

UPDATE: Ski's co-host, Wanda Smith, broke down and cried after announcing her decision to leave the Frank & Wanda Morning Show. Through her tears, Wanda thanked her supportive husband and reminisced about the day 14 years ago when V-103's former PG, Tony Brown, plucked her from obscurity to join Frank Ski in the mornings.

Sources tell Sandrarose.com V-103 afternoon host Ryan Cameron will move to the morning show. His slot will be filled by former 106 & Park host Big Tigger.

LISTEN to Frank Ski's big announcement


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    The singer who inspired rapper Jay Z to name his daughter Blue Ivy has dropped a new single.

    Blu Cantrell once dated Jay Z before he met Beyonce. Apparently, Jay Z was very impressed by Blu's oral skills.

    The 36-year-old singer dropped her new single "SOS (Tell Me Where You At)" off her upcoming album, which is set for release in April 2013.

    Blu's debut album, Bittersweet, was relased in 2001. Her first single off Bittersweet, "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)," reached #2 on the Billboard charts and made Blu an overnight star.

    Sources say Blu and Jay Z's relationship didn't last because she was too smart for him.


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  • Rihanna, who is in London with her childhood friend Melissa, launched her current single "Diamonds" off her upcoming album. Rihanna released "Diamonds" on her new website Rihanna7.com. So far, the single has received lukewarm responses from RiRi's fans who eagerly anticipated new music from their drug-addled idol.


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    Beyonce who?

    Singer Tamar Braxton is not only promoting her new reality series spin off 'Tamar and Vince' which premieres Sept. 20, the youngest Braxton sister is also promoting her upcoming untitled album.

    Here's a new acapella track titled "Love and War" off Tamar's upcoming album that you have to hear to believe! Tamar's soaring vocals reminds the listener of what Beyonce could be capable of if she wasn't so vocally restrained.

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    Up-and-coming R&B singer Junior is creating quite a buzz in Los Angeles and Atlanta. The LA transplant sings, writes, produces, and crafts the beats for his own songs. Junior has been described as a cross between Bruno Mars and Miguel. Major labels are already showing an interest in Junior. Let him know what you think of his song titled "What Have You Done".


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  • Kelly Krueger writes:

    Hey Sandra - I'm working closely with Deb and Mizay Ent on their latest upcoming artist, Tarvoria. Tarvoria is HOT in Atlanta right now. She is the winner of the Female R&B Artist of the Year at this year's Atlanta Underground Music Awards, and she will be participating in the Core DJ's Mixshow Live conference this weekend.

    "Be Quiet" is the first single from Tarvoria's forthcoming album Street Couture.

    Listen to "Be Quiet"

    Website: IamTarvoria.com

    Voice samples of murder suspect George Zimmerman were released today as part of the discovery in the Trayvon Martin murder case in Florida.

    Zimmerman, 28, can be heard yelling "Help, help," repeatedly in voice reenactment audio samples recorded on March 22. The voice samples were used by investigators to be compared with the male voice heard crying on a 911 call.

    Zimmerman told police he called out for help before shooting and killing the 17-year-old high school student on Feb. 26. But 2 independent voice analysts hired by the Orlando Sentinel determined that Zimmerman's voice did not match the voice heard crying on the 911 tape.

    You can judge for yourself by clicking HERE.

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    Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin, called a non-emergency 911 line at the Sanford police department on Feb. 27 to report his son missing the morning after the teen was shot to death by an overeager neighborhood watchman.

    "It hasn't really been 24 hours, but I'm from Miami and my son's up here with me," Tracy Martin tells a dispatcher in the 8:39 a.m. call released Wednesday.


    "I'm actually staying at my girlfriend's house," Mr. Martin told the dispatcher in a calm voice, explaining that Trayvon didn't know anyone in Sanford.

    A second phone call released Wednesday, the dispatcher called Mr. Martin back a few minutes after the first call to ask for more identifying information.

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    Miami Heat star Chris Bosh calmly described his masseuse as "agitated" and "pale" after she collapsed at his Miami mansion last week.

    41-year-old Chautele Cooksey arrived at the Bosh home in good spirits. But her condition declined rapidly shortly after her arrival.

    "I need a doctor here at my house," said Bosh, who sat out 9 games of the playoffs with a lower abdominal sprain.


    During the 9-minute call to 911 Bosh told a dispatcher Cooksey fainted twice and she was having difficulty breathing. Moments later Bosh said Cooksey's breathing was "shallow."

    "She can't breathe, something weird is going on," said Bosh. The dispatcher instructed Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, to perform CPR on the stricken woman.

    Cooksey was transported to a local hospital where she later died. Friends say Cooksey survived cancer last year. Her cause of death is not known.

    "Don't Be Messin' Around" is an unreleased demo crafted by Michael Jackson in 1987 to be included on his Thriller album, but it didn't make the cut.

    The track was then presented as the first unreleased track off the BAD 25 campaign to be released as a bonus cut on the forthcoming I Just can't Stop Loving You single, according to MJDatabank.com.

    Don't Be Messin' 'Round is a song that already has a history among MJ fans and connoisseurs. Way back in July 2009, legendary sound engineer and longtime Jackson collaborator Bruce Swedien revealed to columnist Roger Friedman that the track was just -- simply put -- mindblowing: « Michael plays piano on it, and it's just beautiful. » He added: « Oh my God, there's nothing like it. » He also stated that Jackson plays the piano on it, a feat that has always been underestimated (he also plays drums on Morphine and keyboards & synthesizers on the lost and underrated track Children's Holiday, a song Jackson penned for the Japanese band J-Friends in 1998 and also recorded on his own).


    Source: HHU

    Justin Bieber teams up with rapper Ludacris once again for a new pop/crunk R&B tune titled "All Around The World". The track is Bieber's 3rd single off his upcoming album, Believe. The last time Luda and Beiber made music together ("Baby"), they ended up #1 on the Billboard chart.

    With the assistance of auto tune, Bieber sings "All around the world/ People want to be loved, yeah/ 'Cause all around the world/ They're no different than us."

    Listen to the track after the break.

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    More grown folks music from Grand Hustle artist Mitchelle'l. Houston native Mitchelle’l dropped his first track "Only A Few" on us last year.

    Now he's back with a new silky smooth joint titled "Irene", featuring rapper Wale.

    "Irene" was written by Mitchelle'l and co-written by actor Omar Epps!

    Mitchelle'l, who is half Eritrean, was discovered on Myspace.com and signed to Grand Hustle Records by General Manager Hannah Kang.

    Irene by Mitchelle'l

    LISTEN: Mitchelle'l - "Only A Few"


    R&B singer Jarvis has gotten rid of his boyish braids and now he is back and ready to make room for you in his bed, his head and his heart.

    Now 24, Jarvis just leaked a brand new single, "Make A Little Room," from his upcoming mixtape titled Heartache scheduled to drop Summer of 2012.

    Jarvis was originally signed to So So Def Recordings where he released the single and video for "Radio."

    His days at So So Def were short lived though, due to the fact that So So Def lost its major distribution deal and went belly up.

    Jarvis re-evaluated his situation which led him to a brief partnership with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace Imprint which yielded the popular single "Pretty Girl" ft. Ludacris.

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    R&B singer Brian McKnight caused quite a stir earlier this week when he released a sexually graphic track called "(Let Me Show You How Your) Pu$$y Works". McKnight later admitted the song was a "joke" that he'd written because he was bored while laid up at home with a bum ankle.

    R&B crooner Tank was not amused at McKnight's attention-seeking antics. Just because a man makes you wet and buckles your knees with his high notes, that doesn't make him a gentleman.

    Tank, on the other hand, is always a gentleman who would never stoop to such tactics to get attention.

    "That's not how you talk you to a woman!" said Tank while promoting his upcoming album on the WGCI Morning show on Wednesday. "First of all he's 57 years old with a mohawk... It was the old dude at the club trying to holla at the 21 year olds."

    Listen to a part of the interview below.


    Source: INACAK

    Emo rapper Nas dropped a sentimental track titled "Daughters" off his upcoming album, Life Is Good.

    On the track, Nas wonders aloud if his promiscuous 17-year-old daughter Destiny would have turned out better if he wasn't such a whoremonger himself. Didn't he teach his daughter to respect herself even as he rapped about disrespecting other men's daughters? Nas waxes poetic about lavishing cash and jewels on his kid instead of giving of his time (which is free).

    “They say the coolest playas are foulest heart breakers in the world
    God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls”

    And now he laments the fact that his grown daughter is posting pics of condoms on Twitter and pretty much advertising her goodies. Nas sounds like a man who's worried about having to support a daughter and a future grandkid. She's a chip off the old block, as old folks would say. "Daughters" was produced by No ID.

    Destiny's mother, Carmen Bryant, was outraged that Nas (who is known to be an attention whore) basically called their teenager a slut on a record. She came out swinging on Twitter.com Wednesday, saying Nas should have allowed his daughter to hear the song first.

    "I think he really didn't realize how the song would affect Destiny. He should have allowed her to hear if first," she tweeted in one message.

    Read what Carmen had to say, and listen to the track, after the break.

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    Earlier today, Brandy released the first single off her upcoming RCA album, Two Eleven, titled "Put It Down" featuring Chris Brown. The track, which was produced by Bangladesh, is quite possibly the worst record Brandy has ever recorded. If you think I'm hating, listen below and judge for yourselves.


    Ever since the Trayvon Martin vigilante murder case burst into the nation's headlines, media outlets such as CNN, FOX, and ABC News have gone out of their way to twist and distort the facts in the case.

    George Zimmerman, 28, was arrested Wednesday and charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting case of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer had a history of prowling his gated community, stalking black males and calling 911 to report black males walking.

    Last night, while viewing a video of George Zimmerman's 911 call, which originally aired on CNN, I noticed the CNN graphic credited the dispatcher with saying, "And he's a black male?"

    Actually, that is Zimmerman's voice heard on the tape identifying Trayvon as a black male.

    But the media continues to distort the evidence to diminish the fact that Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon on Feb. 26.

    Click the image above, or CLICK HERE to hear the audio of the 911 call.

    Did a reporter for ABC News inadvertently leak the existence of secret audio of a 911 call made by 17-year-old Trayvon Martin the night he was shot to death in Sanford, Florida?

    On Tuesday night, several ABC affiliates aired video footage of an ABC7 news report which claimed the FBI had in its possession an audio of a 911 call made by Trayvon moments before he was shot by overzealous neighborhood watch person George Zimmerman.

    Less than an hour later, that video footage was mysteriously scrubbed from the Internet.

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    George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who gunned down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, used a racial slur during a 911 call to police. Zimmerman called 911 to report a " a real suspicious guy" in his gated community in Sanford, Florida on Feb. 26.

    Zimmerman, 28, later told police that he stepped out of his truck to read a street sign when Trayvon attacked him from behind.

    Zimmerman said he fired his .9mm handgun in self-defense. Trayvon, who was carrying a bag of candy and a can of iced tea, died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

    The full audio of the call has been released (without the police edits) -- and now the public knows that Zimmerman is at the very least a racist.

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    Gossip website TMZ.com broke the story about comedian Mike Epps making terroristic threats to his own daughter, Bria. According to TMZ, Bria, who is 18, filed a police report against her father.

    What makes this situation worse for Epps is that he used a telephonic instrument to deliver his threats. His actions could be punishable by jail time depending on the jurisdiction that he made the threats in.

    According to TMZ, Epps was angry at his daughter for demanding her college tuition be paid in cash.. in her hand rather than paid directly to the college as Epps wanted to do. It seems that Bria was further annoyed after Epps went on 'The Wendy Williams Show,' and shouted out his other children but not Bria.

    In the audio, which was released last night, Epps can be heard calling his daughter all types of names, including the B-word. He also threatens her with bodily harm if she releases this same audio to the media.

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