Yesterday, Nike announced the release of 1,500 limited edition pairs of Nike MAGS, the futuristic trainers that Marty McFly wore in the hit 1989 film 'Back to the Future'.

According to owner Matt Halfhill, who was flown out to LA for the shoe unveiling Thursday, the cartoonish trainers comes with a battery pack and the Nike logo lights up like the ones in the movie. But unlike the movie version, the shoes are not self lacing.

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In case you were worried that former Project Runway contestant Mychael Knight was homeless and eating cat food out of a can, you should know that he is doing well, and he has another clothing line coming out.

PMG Media Group sent us this exclusive photo taken today of model Nic Pace (America's Next Top Model) and designer Mychael Knight at a fitting for his 2012 Spring/Summer "Lost World" collection, which is showing this Saturday at NY Fashion Week. Good for him.

Photo: PMG

Comedian Kevin Hart's "Laugh At My Pain" Los Angeles Premiere after party had more stars than the BET Awards! The event was held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood last night. Hart is pictured above with his "trophy" date Eniko Parish.

The roll of B and C-list stars who attended the event was a Whose Who of black celebrities current and present, including Gabrielle Union (pictured above), Jamie Foxx, LisaRaye, Arsenio Hall, Cedric the Entertainer, Claudia Jordan (remember her?), Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin, Eddie Murphy, Eva Pigford, Marlon Wayans, Affion Crokett, Meagan Good, Melody Thornton, Michael Ealy, Niecy Nash, Adam Rodriguez, Snoop Dogg, Tami Roman, Shaunie O'Neal, Mario, Tichina Arnold, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa and Toccara Jones just to name a few!

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Last night it seemed that NBA mega star Kobe Bryant had become the latest narcissist NBA star to join the wildly popular social networking website (Raise your hand if you thought Kobe was already on Twitter).

Within the first hour of joining Twitter, the NBA's bad boy racked up over 18K followers. His @KobeBryant Twitcon was a pic of a black mamba swallowing the iconic tweety bird.

But just a mere two hours after Bryant announced his arrival on Twitter in spectacular fashion -- his account was suspended, then deleted. So what happened?

According to super groupie Jill of Jocks and Stilleto Jill blog:

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Singer Kelly Rowland has scored yet another magazine cover and she didn't have to fake a baby bump to do it.

Kelly covers the Fall issue of Runway fashion magazine. The 30-year-old beauty deserves all the accolades and achievements that came her way this year! But things weren't always looking up for Kelly, who grew up in the shadow of former bandmate Beyoncé. Having a narcissistic friend like Beyoncé can be a drain on anyone.

In the interview Kelly explains that she felt inadequate and insecure being in Beyonce's shadow in her childhood:

“There’s so much peer pressure growing up, I had an identity crisis. I went to a predominantly white school and I was the only black girl. I can remember thinking: ‘I don’t want to be as dark as I am – I want to be a little fairer.’ I didn’t want to be me…Tina sat me in front of the mirror and said: ‘Girl, look at how pretty you are.’ She made me feel comfortable in my own skin.”


Singer Lil Mama cover the Fall 2011 issue of Miami magazine:

Mami Magazine’s Publisher Algie Dewitt interviewed Hip Hop Artist and TV personality Lil Mama. Due to some shared interest: high end fashion, music and lifestyle, Algie and Lil Mama were able to carry on a quite interesting conversation. Needless to say the interview went well, but it was also a much needed and very refreshing experience for Lil Mama. The last few years have been challenging to say the least for this talented young artist, rarely does she find the opportunity to speak about the positive work being done in her career life. Mami Magazine was determined to get the positive side of Lil Mama’s journey. photography by Viktorija Pashuta Styling by Mr. Bradshaw MUA Grace Phllips

Kamikazi rapper Nicki Minaj glammed it up for Glamour magazine's October 2011 issue -- the same issue that Alicia Keys covers.

Minaj, whose personal problems have distracted from her storied rise to the top of the Hip Hop junk pile, pulled looks from Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Brian Atwood, Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin for the article.

In the article, Nicki said her trash bag Barbie image is all her, and she's not changing for anyone:

“In my down time, I’m the most low-key person in the world.[...] We all have insecurities, but you have to know you’re beautiful. I’m comfortable in my skin and I don’t feel the need to change for anyone.”


Alicia Keys was seen taking her son Egypt Dean for a walk in his stroller in NY yesterday. Alicia, 30, was accompanied by a nanny as they took in the sights on Thursday evening in NYC's SoHo neighborhood.

Last night, La La Anthony attended A Night Of Style & Glamour wedding party to Welcome Newlyweds Kim and Kris Kardashian to New York. The party was paid for by someone named Jason Binn, because one extravagant, over-the-top wedding reception wasn't enough. The newlyweds plan to live in a $7,000-a-night penthouse apartment in the luxury Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue for 3 months, presumably while they film their reality show. La La wore a cute black and white, sheer tuxedo dress shirt with black flare leg slacks. Earlier in the day, she was spotted leaving an office building wearing an impossibly skin tight dress that easily accentuated all her curves.

Photos: Splash News Online

According to The Village Voice, J.C. Penney has agreed to pull a controversial t-shirt from its stores after parents complained that the shirt's message was harmful to teenage girls.

After pulling the shirts, J.C. Penney released a statement that read, in part:

We agree that the "Too pretty" t-shirt does not deliver an appropriate message, and we have immediately discontinued its sale. Our merchandise is intended to appeal to a broad customer base, not to offend them.

J.C. Penney was selling a T-shirt for girls aged 7 to 16 featuring a colorful slogan across its front that read: "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me."

The online sales pitch for the tee reads, "Who has time for homework when there's a new Justin Bieber album out? She'll love this tee that's just as cute and sassy as she is."

Alarmed parents were concerned with the t-shirts message, which encourages conceit and overinflated egos among teenage girls.

The parents were correct to be worried, especially in light of a recent research study that shows narcissism on the rise among teens and college students.

Young girls who are constantly told how "cute" or "pretty" they are tend to develop a false sense of identity and a false feeling of entitlement. These children usually grow up to become depressed women who frequently have difficulty maintaining relationships.

The Village Voice reports that parents took to Twitter in droves to express their disgust with J.C. Penney. There was also an online petition circulating that had collected 685 signatures as of yesterday.

After contributing to the deterioration of the black community by promoting prison culture such as wearing his pants off his butt, ex-convict Lil Wayne now hopes to encourage your sons to wear women's leggings as a fashion statement.

Lil Wayne's performance on the MTV Video Music Awards was memorable mainly because of the tight, form fitting, leopard print spandex pants that he wore. He tried to make the feminine leggings look more manly by pairing it with a multi-colored Louis Vuitton belt. But that particular belt is mainly worn by chicks, not men.

Weezy's fashion gamble caused Twitter to implode with tweets ridiculing his leggings, which he called skateboarder pants. But according to Tripp NYC's Facebook page, Wayne was wearing their leggings, which are sold as female pants.

Pretty soon, your sons will be wearing spandex pants as fashion statements just like Lil Wayne.

And why not? Greedy record label owners have long succeeded in emasculating the black man with the assistance of ignorant rappers who care more about the dollars and nothing about the sense of what they're doing to their community.

Spotted at RWS

La La Anthony covers the premiere digital issue of Vibe Vixen.

Melo’s wife La La graces the cover as she juggles her newfound reality star power! La La, who's reality series Full Court Life premiered on VH1 last week, dishes about her expectations for the show, her upcoming projects that may have Hollywood accepting a new face on red carpets and a few things you probably didn’t know about her!

Read the excerpts below:

On the topic of lesbian sexuality that arises:
My cousin Dice is a big part of my reality show and what’s important to me about Dice besides, obviously, that being my cousin and one of my best friends, is Dice is dealing with sexuality issues and different things like that. I think it’s important to see things like that on television because you have a lot of people struggling with who they are and trying to find themselves and worrying about if people aren’t going to accept them, and it’s good that we touch on these issues on the show. I think that can help a lot of people.

Of course, La La's affable lesbun cousin Dice Dixon a 30-year-old grad student at A&T, is one of the reasons why many young ladies are tuning into La La's show in droves. My spies tell me that sparks will fly between Dice and La La's pal, Ciara, this season. But please don't quote me on that.


Ciara, 25, was spotted shopping with a friend on Roberston Blvd. in Beverly Hills Saturday-- the day before she attended Lil Wayne's Record Release Party for "Tha Carter IV" in Los Angeles. My spies tell me that Ciara didn't arrive alone. It's good to see she got over her recent split up with NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire, who went back to his baby mama.

Rapster Nicki Minaj, 29, also attended the Lil Wayne Record Release Party last night in Los Angeles. Of course she looked like a fool. The only thing missing is the Barbie box she was packaged in.

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Hip Hop's #1 rapper/songwriter Drake won the prestigious "Songwriter of the Year" award at the 11th Annual BMI Urban Awards last night at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. Drake is most deserving of that honor. BMI collects licensing fees for artists and publishers for most of the music you hear on the radio.

In attendance were singers Christina Milian (pictured above), Dawn Richard (pictured below), Charlie Wilson, legendary funkster Bootsy Collins, rappers The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Busta Rhymes, Ace Hood, Lex Luger, and more!

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über couple Will Smith, 42, and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, 39, were spotted shopping in Malibu, CA on Thursday. Will was wearing a big smile and grey Dolce & Gabbana jeans, according to fashion blog Upscale Hype. The happy couple didn't seem to have a problem in the world.

Will Smith was spotted shopping in Malibu, California with his wife Jada Pinkett wearing a black cap, black tee, grey Dolce & Gabbana Gold Dirty Gabardine pants ($558) and a pair of Nike sneakers. Also, Jada was carrying a Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag.

Vogue Italia has come under fire for a controversial article covering "slave earrings" as fashion accessories.

The fashion magazine's Italian version features a controversial article titled "Slave earrings Hoop earrings: a classic always in evolution." The article reads:

Jewelry has always flirted with circular shapes, especially for use in making earrings. The most classic models are the slave and creole styles in gold hoops.

If the name brings to the mind the decorative traditions of the women of colour who were brought to the southern United States during the slave trade, the latest interpretation is pure freedom. Source

Furious readers have taken to social networking websites to voice their displeasure about the article's wording which is surely designed to bait and inflame its African readers.

This latest furor about insensitivity in marketing comes on the heels of a disastrous marketing campaign by body care giant Nivea which featured a black man in a magazine ad accompanied with the text "Re-civilize yourself."

But unlike Nivea, which later apologized for its insensitivity, Vogue has yet to release a statement.

All eyes were on the wedding of the century in affluent Montecito, CA on Saturday as Kim Kardashian married her basketball player.

Beaming and beautiful, bride Kim Kardashian looked a picture of happiness as she prepared to exchange vows with fiance Kris Humphries.

In a sneak peek of the couple's wedding, which took place on Saturday at a private home in Montecito, California, the 30-year-old reality star could be seen gazing up at her husband as they stood hand in hand.

E! Entertainment let fans of the show have a brief glimpse of the wedding last night (watch video after the break). The full ceremony will air on the network in early October. Source

Ciara wasn't exactly thrilled to attend the wedding, especially since her basketball star boyfriend dumped her weeks ago.

Kim looked stunning in her ivory custom-designed strapless Vera Wang gown. The gown was one of four that the designer created for Kim. The dress had a full tulle skirt, a basque waist and Chantilly lace decorated the bodice and long train. Kim changed into the other 3 gowns at the reception and after party.

The extravagant wedding cost $29 million and the tab was picked up by Kim's sponsors. Lucky girl!

Caution: Video will auto play

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As you know, celebrities are extremely vain about their public image and their omnipotence in particular. They consider themselves to be unique and unsurpassed by any other celebrity in the stratosphere. For that reason, they wouldn't be caught dead in the same designer dress that another celeb wore -- unless that dress is so awesome that they put aside their narcissism to wear what the other stars wear.

Such is the case with Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears and La La Vazquez-Anthony, who each decided they had to have this starry, sheer Dolce & Gabbana dress. So who wore it worse?

Celebrity blogger Tami of was invited to Cash Money artist Cymia Telleria’s signing party at Pink Pastry Parlor in Alpharetta,Ga! Cymia is a pop singer and actress who recently inked a deal with Cash Money Records/Universal Republic.

Cash Money splashed out a lot of cash to celebrate the young star's signing with a mardi gras style party. Also in attendance were Antonia "Toya" Carter and her daughter Reginae (by Lil Wayne); and former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Lisa Wu Hartwell with her sons Justin and Jordan (by singer Keith Sweat).

Here is a rare picture of Senegalese singer Akon with his beautiful wife (or one of his wives, if you believe the polygamy rumors). The couple were spotted riding Segway bikes with friends on Miami Beach yesterday. It's good to see they're still together. Some of you longtime loyal readers will remember Akon's wife from years gone by when I had my popular gallery on After I revealed her existence Exclusively in my old gallery in 2006, she had someone call me to request that I remove all of her pictures. Akon has always said he wanted to keep his wife (or wives) and all of his children out of the public eye. But that's kind of hard to do when you're a superstar. OK, I'm rambling.

Solange Knowles and her son Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. attend the INC International Concepts announcement at Open House Gallery. Solo's "stylist" June Ambrose was looking ridiculous as usual. If you're going to be a stylist your so-called "styles" should not be offensive to the eye. We're overjoyed that Solo threw away that horrid afro wig she used to wear in favor of showcasing her own healthy, natural tresses.

Halle Berry's explosive anger disorder was on display again yesterday when Halle Berry arrived to pick up her daughter Nahla from a private pre-school. Halle shamelessly yelled and cursed at the paparazzi who came too close for her liking. These explosive episodes are becoming all too frequent as it's obvious that the paparazzi know what buttons to push to make her angry.

The price of Gucci backpacks are about to skyrocket. According to the Atlanta Journal, a 13-year-old boy was beaten by as many as 6 youths who targeted him for his trendy Gucci backpack:

Four people accused of beating and robbing a teenager at a Forsyth County shopping center could be linked to other crimes in the area, police said Wednesday.

A 13-year-old boy required medical attention after being robbed of his Gucci backpack and beaten outside the theater Friday night at The Avenue Forsyth near Cumming. The teen sustained cuts and abrasions in the assault and was punched in the face, police said.

Roberto Emilio Basilio and Ayinde Kadeen Woodley, both 18, and Anthony Jason Riddle and Jose Luis Sotero, both 17, each face charges of theft by taking and robbery, both felonies, and battery, a misdemeanor, according to the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. Investigators believe at least two others may also have been involved in the crime. Source

But why was a 13-year-old boy walking around the streets at night with a $900 backpack? Why weren't his parents arrested along with the thugs?

Janet Jackson, 45, wore entirely too much makeup while performing live during her 'Number Ones: Up Close and Personal' tour at The Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan yesterday. The pancake foundation gave her a ghastly appearance which made her look like a clown. Shocked fans took to their Twitter pages to tweet about Janet's makeup and her oversized butt pads.
Photo: Joe Gall/

Kelly Rowland, 30, knocked 'em dead on the red carpet at the X Factor Press launch at 02 Arena in London today.
Zak Hussein/

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About an hour ago, a random tweet popped up on our timeline from singer Ciara's Twitter account. It read, "Check out the hot new Kardashian Kollection from Sears! Clothing, accessories and more – see it all here" -- and then she posted a link to the Kardashian Kollection "Look Book" at E! Online.

The tweet seemed innocent enough. Just a tweet from a friend in support of another friend. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until we saw the hash tag that read "#ad" behind the link. This led some of us to congregate immediately in the Direct Message box in the back alleys of where figures of $5K to $10K per tweet were thrown around.

This led some of us to wonder if Ciara is so broke that she is now accepting cash to tweet ads for her friends.

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Last week, while shopping at Lenox Square mall here in Atlanta, we noticed there were far fewer thugs wearing their pants sagging off their butts.

This new change could be attributed to the fact that gaggles of gay men descend upon Lenox Mall in droves every weekend -- and, they too, wear their pants sagging off their butts.

So you can imagine the dilemma faced by young girls who can't tell the difference between the thugs they admire and the gays who admire the thugs.

The hilarious result is that more and more thugs are pulling their pants up these days to set themselves apart from the gays who roam the malls admiring them.

But that didn't stop the Jonesboro City Council from approving a new ordinance to ban everyone from wearing sagging pants. That includes the gays and straights.

"People in Jonesboro don't want to look at other people's drawers," said Mayor Luther Maddox, according to

The mayor noted that our young people's lack of home training was affecting tourism in Jonesboro, a suburb just south of Atlanta.

"Jonesboro is home to ‘Gone with the Wind'," said Maddox. "We get visitors from all over the world, and we don't need to show them our underwear."

We concur.

There was a time, way back in the day, when wardrobe stylists were only responsible for the costumes that artists wore onstage or in movies. Then someone got the bright idea to dress artists 24/7.

Former Pu$$ycat Doll member Nicole Scherzinger attended the 2011 Fox TCA All-Star party in Malibu wearing a pair of Alexander Wang Britt leather buckle sandals ($725). They feature an all leather upper and sole on a 4.5 inch heel detailed with multiple straps and buckle closures, according to


Loyal reader Tico writes:

Hello Sandra,

I will first start off by saying that I absolutely love your blog!! Even when you are bias, at the end of the day we all are to a certain extent. When everyone in the office going for their first cup of coffee, I on the other hand am also getting my first dose on your blog, lol. I don't always agree with you however I will say that I respect you for keeping it real on all levels and what I truly admire are the times you've admit to being wrong. Many faces have come to grace your blog for morning glory and most definitely I felt it was time to stand out for the beautiful sisters with their heads shining like the midnight moon, bald and beautiful!! I'm of Haitian descendant, pursing a second degree while show casing talent for the curvy, well proportioned women out there. This industry is the nature of the beast and can easy manipulate women to fall in between the cracks and accept the no's. However, I'm the definition of the average woman, beautiful burnt skin, flaws and all yet still demanding my respect. I want to let every aspiring model out there striving to know that it's never over until YOU, yourself throw in the towel and say it is. I want to wish you continued success and please preserve what has made me a FAN from the beginning which is being YOU because even when some may not like it they will RESPECT it. Thank you for making my day, EVERY day!! :~)

LIVE, LOVE and always LAUGH

Warm Regards,


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Pop Icon Lady GaGa searched her closet for her Sunday best to wear to her interview on 'The View' today. Lady GaGa was dressed in Houndstooth from head to toe, literally. Every surface of her body was adorned in the familiar black and white checked pattern -- including her fingernails and sun shades!

When singer Usher Raymond wants to know how his money is working for him, he goes to Wall Street to see for himself. I'm kidding. Usher rang the opening bell during MTV's 30th Birthday celebration at the New York Stock Exchange this morning in New York City.
(Photos by Jemal Countess/Getty Images North America)

Photos: Splash News Online and Getty Images

Loyal reader, and this past weekend's Morning Glory, Shay Elise, writes:

Greetings Sandra!

I just wanted to reach out to you once again, and express my deepest gratitude! The feedback from you posting me as your "Morning Glory" has been overwhelmingly positive and inspirational. I'm still in shock that you chose me, but I'm so honored you did! Your readers are great, positive people, who have reached out to me just to say, "Keep Grinding!" God Bless you Sandra.

I'm forever in your debt;)

Best Regards,
Shay Elise

P.S.- I saw a couple people ask about the tattoo on my chest. It's of me and mother when I was a baby, it represents the hardest times in my life. And it reminds me who helped me get through those. I wanted her forever close to my heart.:)

Songstress Mariah Carey-Cannon loves everything about her Marriah Carey Collection. The Diva spent 8 hours on the Home Shopping Network hawking her wares earlier this week. Some say she was drunk on live television, but it may just be that Carey was drunk off the sweet smell of success? Her exclusive collection of Target-style clothing, shoes and fragrances are selling quite well, thank you.

Anyway, Rich over at fourfour blog (he also writes for the VH1 entertainment blog) put together this 5-minute clip of the hundreds of times Carey mentions the word "love" during the show. Enjoy.

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