Beyonce Faces Major Backlash for Fad Diet Announcement

Beyonce vegan controversy

It took 10 years, but it finally happened: millions of Beyonce fans woke up to see Beyonce for the self-centered narcissist that she is.

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How To Raise Narcissistic Children

M and D tWins 2 Yung Kings

I was planning to enjoy one more glorious day off before getting back to the grind. But I had to write this post to show you how a misguided, materialistic single mom is raising her twin sons to be narcissists.

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Celebrity Seed: Alicia Keys

Singer Alicia Keys waved to fans as she arrived with 2-year-old son Egypt to the ITV studios in the UK for a guest appearance on the “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” show. 3 independent studies have clinically proven that sucking pacifiers stunts the emotional growth and development of boys.

The research followed the emotional growth of baby boys who sucked pacifiers while simultaneously viewing facial expressions in a video. The results revealed that toddler boys did not mimic the emotional expressions seen on faces in the video. The same studies showed no similar effects on girls of the same age.

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Kim Kardashian planning another fake TV wedding

Fame whore Kim Kardashian sparked rumors of a possible wedding to good pal Kanye West when she tweeted this pic of herself wearing a wedding dress along with the caption “Late night fitting #pucci.”

West, 35, also sparked rumors when he commissioned a design for an engagement ring last month.

Kardashian, who is still married to her last victim, Kris Humphries, often demands exorbitantly priced engagement rings from suckers within weeks of ensnaring them in her traps. This is typical behavior of women with borderline personalities.

Parents, please educate your sons about women like Kim so they don’t fall into their trap.

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Tom Cruise is off the market

Tom cruise has already found his next victim love interest. According to reports, Cruise’s latest source of narcissistic supply girlfriend is a little known actress named Yolanda Pecoraro. reports that the Church of Scientology rushed to find Cruise a new lady — one who was already indoctrinated into the cult — and 27-year-old Pecoraro fits the bill perfectly. She’s a devout Scientologist who has been passed around to two other Scientology members previously.

Unfortunately, Yolanda’s previous relationships with Scientology men didn’t work out for her. That’s the problem with dating cult members; they’re so flaky.

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Kim and Kanye: Family Portrait

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian family portrait posted by BN83 on


Obama wants you to donate your gifts to his campaign

Only a narcissist would expect total strangers to decline their wedding anniversary gifts or their birthday gifts in lieu of cash donations to his campaign.

Spotted on WZ


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