U.S. President Barack Obama said he would resign if he were in NY Congressman Anthony Weiner's shoes.

Obama said Monday that Weiner's behavior -- sending vulgar photos of himself to at least six women on the Internet -- was "highly inappropriate" and that Weiner had embarrassed himself, his wife and his family.

Obama stopped short of calling for Weiner's resignation, and he doesn't have the power to fire Weiner. But Obama said Weiner "should probably step back" if he couldn't perform his job duties effectively.

Obama made the statements during an interview for NBC's "Today Show" on Monday.

A White House spokesman called the media frenzy surrounding Weiner "a distraction from the important business that this President needs to conduct and Congress needs to conduct."

Weiner has stubbornly refused to step down despite calls from fellow Democrats to resign. About 20 of Weiner's constituents rallied in front of his office calling for his resignation on Monday.

The embattled congressman took a leave of absence on Friday to seek unspecified treatment for an unspecified problem. Weiner most likely suffers from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is very difficult to cure.

Last Sunday a woman walked up to embattled preacher Bishop Eddie Long during his sermon and handed him a stack of a thousand one dollar bills. Long seemed surprised as he hugged "baby girl" and said: "I see EVERYBODY moving like that!"

But according to Rhymeswithsnitch's Daily Long Report, the Bishop's own congregation seem to think the woman's generous gesture was a hoax.

Her approach seemed timed to coincide with him saying, "What I NEED..."

They say the unlikely act of generosity was staged to nudge other members into opening their wallets and donating $1,000 or more for a proposed expansion of the church to other cities.

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has seen a staggering decline in attendance since the news of his multimillion dollar settlement with former church members who claim they were coerced into providing Long with sexual favors.

In a screenshot taken from the video, the church pews near the back appear empty -- as do the church's upper tiers. Last Sunday, attendance at the church was at less than ½ capacity.

At this rate, New Birth will be forced to shut its doors in 6 months if attendance doesn't pick back up. Long needs a huge infusion of cash to replace the millions that he paid out to his accusers.

A female writer for CNN says Congress shouldn't force Anthony Weiner to resign -- even as the latest graphic images from the embattled congressman's Blackberry hit the Internet this weekend.

CNN contributor Anne-Marie Slaughter, who teaches politics at Princeton University, wrote that men like Weiner should be excused for their bad behavior because the job of being a public servant is a thankless, low paying one.

She added that these representatives, who are "willing to give themselves up to the public" are "competitive, driven, extroverted and high risk takers" with "high testosterone."

Ms. Slaughter argues that the downside of all that drive and testosterone is a scandal or two that we should all be willing to accept without regret.

Slaughter writes that we should look the other way in Weiner's case because his character flaws, "if properly channeled" are "the sources of the kind of bold, decisive, even daring action that this country needs from its leaders."

I'm not making any of this up.

Last week CNN featured an article by a writer who argued that society shouldn't be so quick to bash Weiner's narcissistic sexting because we're ALL sexually deviant in one way or another.

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NBA Superstars Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have their backs against the wall in the 2011 NBA Finals. After losing another nail biter to the Dallas Mavericks last night, the Miami Heat are down 3 games to 2.

In order to win the best of 7 series, the Heat must win the next 2 games convincingly in Miami. That won't be easy because the team's main stars -- LeBron and D. Wade are having trouble at home.

Wade and James have not been on their 'A' games since game 2 of the Finals when their tight defense collapsed and allowed the Mavs to score 18 points to their 2 points in the final 6 minutes of the game. Since then, LeBron has struggled to find his jump shot and D. Wade's mind seems to be elsewhere.

Every straight man's weakness is his woman. In the case of Wade and James, both men suffer from abandonment syndrome caused by the absence of their mothers in their developing years. Such men will always have difficulty bonding with women throughout their lives. Especially when they are dealing with women who have issues of their own.

If a man's ego is not being propped up at home, he can't perform well outside of the home.

There are unconfirmed rumors that LeBron's girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, slept with Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis last weekend in Miami.

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Celebrity blogger @Freshalina, owner of Crunktastical.net blog, said this about fading rapper Soulja Boy's attack on bloggers and his sad attempts to comeback from hip hop's graveyard of obscurity:

Still unwilling to take the hint his last album’s sales figures tried to send him, Soulja Boy has released a new video for the song, “Conceited.”

Sounding like a Kappa with Down syndrome, Diamond’s new sponsor boasts, “I look so good, I look so pretty. I’m conceited.” If that hook wasn’t cliché-ridden enough for you, Soulja Boy proceeds to snatch T-Pain’s now discarded vocoder to rinse and repeat his narcissistic lines.

As for that fuck bloggers line and threats of getting robbed, Sheree Whitfield trying to school somebody on the repo man sounds more believable.

Perhaps DeAndre is feeling himself ‘cause he knows Remy Ma’s last parole hearing was unsuccessful so she can’t pistol whip him for jocking her swag.

Embattled New York Congressman Anthony Weiner will be cleaning out his Washington office any day now.

An uncensored photo of Mr. Weiner's uncensored weiner made its way to Twitter.com today. Biggovernment.com's owner Andrew Breitbart, who broke the original Weinergate scandal, showed the image of Weiner's genitals on his phone to a radio show host who then took a picture and uploaded it to Twitter.

This new humiliating news comes just a couple of days after he tearfully confessed to exchanging sexually graphic photos of himself with SIX young women online.

Weiner's wife of 11 months, Huma Abedin, flew off to Libya last night with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So thankfully, she was spared the humiliation.

Sandrarose.com is a family-oriented blog, and therefore we won't post the picture here. But Gawker.com has the uncensored photo if you know where to look.

According to E! Online, troubled musician Kanye West gave the media the silent treatment as he walked the red carpet at the CDFA Fashion Awards yesterday. He told reporters multiple times that he wasn't answering any questions and he barely made eye contact with the press.

In addition to not speaking to the media since after his album dropped (and flopped), Kanye hasn't updated his Twitter account in months.

This silent treatment behavior by a narcissist is known as 'mental murder' because, in a sense, you are dead to them.

The silent treatment is one of the tools in the narcissist's sinister arsenal. It is the ultimate rejection. In the narcissist's arsenal, the silent treatment is a form of mental abuse.

When someone you love deeply gives you the silent treatment, the pain can be especially intense. The narcissist can ignore you for days, weeks, or even years. The narcissist usually ignores you until you apologize to them -- even though they were the cause of the conflict in the first place!

This is why the behavior is so abusive because the narcissist knows that no healthy person would apologize for something they didn't do. In this way they prey on your weakness and break down your defenses.

If you find yourself in a relationship with anyone who gives you the silent treatment for longer than 8 hours, please RUN!

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Somewhere in Paris Hilton's small, but grandiose, mind she sees herself as someone bigger than even Oprah herself, who, by the way, used to own a large share of Oxygen network before ABC bought it. The reason I bring that up is because Hilton is blaming the Oxygen network for fouling up the premiere episode ratings of her show 'The World According to Paris.'

The heiress to the Hilton fortune is complaining loudly that Oxygen network botched her premiere by switching the time slot for her reality TV show. But in reality, no one was checking for that garbage no matter what time slot it was in.

An insider tells Popeater.com, "Paris is furious that the show didn't premiere at the time it was supposed to. She worked her tail off doing promotion and publicity for the show and then because of a technical mistake, the show aired at a completely different time in a lot of markets."<\em>

But a rep for the network denies that the time slot was switched at the last minute due to a technical mistake.

The show premiered at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1 as was promoted," an Oxygen spokesperson told Popeater in a statement.

Hilton's reality show drew poor ratings (below 400,000 viewers). By comparison, former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day's reality series premiere drew 724,000 viewers. A TV insider tells Popeater that "If the numbers remain less then the 400,000 that tuned in last week she could get pulled off the air."

They might as well go ahead and pull her off the air right now. The public is becoming more aware of the signs of narcissism (thanks to this blog and others). And nobody likes a narcissist.

In a shocking confession during a live press conference today, Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted that he tweeted a graphic image of himself to a college co-ed!

After nearly two weeks of lying to the media, Weiner, a classic narcissist, faked tears as he confessed that he lied about not sending the vulgar tweet. He also said that he wouldn't resign as a NY congressman.

Congressman Anthony Weiner today sensationally admitted he had exchanged a series of photos and messages of an explicit nature with at least six women.

In a shocking confession, the shamed politician was close to tears as he broke down and told reporters he had lied about sending explicit pictures in a bid to protect his wife and family.

But despite the humiliating apology, the Congressman repeatedly refused to resign. In an extraordinary press conference in Manhattan this afternoon, Mr Weiner said: 'I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt some of the people I care about most.

'I apologise to my wife and our family. I am deeply ashamed of my judgement and terrible actions.
Then he told a stunned audience: 'I have exchanged photos and messages of an explicit nature with at least six women over the last few years.'

Just when New York Congressman Anthony Weiner thought his troubles were over, another woman has come forward claiming to have lewd photos of the Congressman's junk in her possession.

Earlier today, BigGovernment.com and BigJournalism.com revealed that a woman had come forward with what she claims are photographs, chats, and emails she exchanged with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

The above photograph was allegedly emailed to the woman from AnthonyWeiner@aol.com on Thursday, May 5, 2011, via BlackBerry. (Internet sleuths have already provided proof that a Blackberry snapped the scandalous Weinergate photo). The woman had asked the horny Congressman to send her proof that the owner of the substantial package in the photo really was him.

BigGovenment promises to post more photos sent by Weiner to the woman throughout the day. This should be interesting!

If you recall, on May 13, BigGovernment.com broke the 'Weinergate' scandal after Weiner allegedly tweeted a graphic photo of himself in an advanced state of arousal to a 21-year-old college co-ed.

Within seconds, the tweet was snatched down and Weiner claimed his Twitter page had been hacked.

Meanwhile, Weiner's submissive wife Huma Abedin returned to work on Monday as the aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, like nothing had happened.

Click the link to see Weiner's infamous NOT SAFE FOR WORK package.

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R&B singer Rihanna kicked off the North American leg of her Loud tour in Baltimore, MD on Saturday. During the 2-hour show she stripped down to a colorful 2-piece to the delight of her fans. Rihanna's performance of "Skin" drew the loudest screams when she pulled a female fan out of the audience for a risqué lap dance (see the video after the break).

Rihanna's sexually suggestive lap dance for her appreciative female fan seemed spontaneous and completely arbitrary at first. But according to a loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous, the woman was no random audience member: she was actually part of Rihanna's entourage.

The reader, who attended Rihanna's Baltimore show at the 1st Mariner Arena on Saturday, said she saw that same blond woman earlier in the day. My reader said she was standing near the loading dock with friends when Rihanna and her crew walked in through the back door for a sound check. She said the blond chick entered through the back door moments later with members of Rihanna's entourage.

My reader said the woman wasn't seen walking in with Rihanna, but the reader is familiar with Rihanna's road crew, and it was clear to her that the blond chick was with the crew.

By now, you should know that artists never randomly pull concertgoers onto the stage and make them a part of their act due to insurance regulations. Audience members who are pulled onstage are always carefully hand picked and asked to sign a waiver in case there is an accident.

Rihanna's Loud Tour stops in Atlanta on July 12 at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre. I already have my tickets.

Image source: DM

Video source: MJ

R&B singer Rihanna's constant companion, Melissa Forde, is urging her bestie to tear down the walls she's erected around her fragile heart. There are very few people that the rebellious Rihanna will listen to. Melissa is one of them.

It's clear that the "S&M" singer is an emotional wreck after the severe beating she suffered at the hands of former boyfriend Chris Brown. But in the aftermath of her disastrous past relationships, Melissa is the one she turns to keep her emotionally balanced.

Rihanna desperately wants to be in love. But due to her personality disorder, she has difficulty choosing the proper mate. The problem is, Rihanna craves the attention that only a troubled, emotionally unavailable man can give her.

Still, Melissa only wants what's best for her friend -- even if that means dating the wrong men until Mr. Right comes along.

Melissa is also encouraging the sensitive singer to stop showing her immaturity by reacting to insults from fans on social networking sites. Mel understands that Rihanna thrives on negativity, but she knows it's not healthy for her.

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Last night was the season 3 premiere of VH1's sports-themed eality TV show, Basketball Wives. The fully scripted show looked back on the drama of last season, which included Evelyn Lozada's explosive (but scripted) "confession" that she slept with Tami Roman's baby daddy, ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson.

Now Evelyn is selling the t-shirts that resulted from their brief cat fight at the end of last season. Are you yawning yet?

Watch the full episode after the break!

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Socialite Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kris Humphries attended their first event together since announcing their upcoming nuptials. The happy couple attended the Amber Fashion Show held at the Meridien Beach Plaza in Monte Carlo, Monaco yesterday.

Word coming out of R&B singer Rihanna's camp is that she's feeling a little flustered about her upcoming hosting gig at the new Vision nightclub and lounge Grand Opening in midtown Atlanta in July. I'm told she's nervous about hosting such an Epic event. She needn't be worried; I'm sure she will do a great job. The new Vision nightclub is the crown jewel of AG Entertainment's expanding portfolio. The nightclub and adjoining lounge will feature state of the art lighting and a sound system that rivals Las Vegas show venues! Requests for tickets are pouring in from as far away as NY and LA! If you know Alex or Elsa Gidewon, get on their guest lists now. Don't wait until tickets go on sale next month. Keep it right here on Sandrarose.com for more details on the new Vision grand opening!

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A source tells Popeater.com that Oprah Winfrey will revive her show on her OWN network before the year is out.

Oprah ended her 25-year run on May 25th with an extravagant, overblown 3-day sendoff that would have made Jesus blush.

Before the final two episodes were even taped, Harpo Productions, Oprah's company, announced that Oprah's final guest would be "the biggest star in the world" -- prompting many in the media to try and guess who the biggest star could be since both Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor were dead.

As it turns out, Oprah was her own final guest, meaning she is the biggest star in the world. At least in her own mind, Oprah believed that no other star was big enough to share the stage with her.

And to drive the point home, Harpo photoshopped Opah's final photo (shown above) 5 shades lighter, giving her an otherworldly glow, not unlike that of an angel who is too perfect for this world.

"I won't say goodbye. I'll just say, Until we meet again," she tearfully told her audience, which was made up of people who had never been in her audience before.

"She is going to dedicate herself to her new network and do whatever needs to be done to make sure it's a huge hit," a co-worker of Oprah's told Popeater.com. "If this means bringing her own show back to life on her network then she will. I can't imagine that she won't be back on the air before the end of the year."

Phil Donahue was (and will always be) my favorite daytime TV host ever. He ended his long daytime television run with one respectfully understated episode.

It took Oprah three star-studded, over the top, overhyped shows to say goodbye - and she she won't even be gone that long. Like a drug addict, no narcissist can stay away from their steady source of supply.

Several readers emailed me this morning wondering if Kim Kardashian's 20.5 carat, $2M engagement rock is the same one that she purchased for herself in 2009 after her then-boyfriend Reggie Bush refused her desperate pleas to marry her.

Kim has pressured every man she's ever met to marry her. So I wouldn't put it past her to take lighten the load on Humphries' wallet by trotting out the ring she already bought for herself years ago.

What do you think? Are they the same rock?

Loyal reader Vonice C. thinks they are one and the same:

Hey I noticed yesterday on your site you posted about Kim's ring. You also included link that showed how she purchased her own ring when she was with Reggie Bush. I noticed in today's post with an up close pic of her ring..that ring on her is same one ring from 2 years ago.. Check it out you will see.

Remember I told you yesterday that Kim Kardashian's wedding would be a splashy spectacle? I was right. According to PopEater.com, Kim wants her wedding to be the biggest ever -- even bigger than Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding earlier this month.

"Kim's wedding is going to be bigger than Tom and Katie," a friend of Kim's tells Popeater.com's Rob Shuter. "In fact, she wants it to be bigger than William and Kate's."

Shuter adds: "On that grandiose note, a source also told OK! Magazine that Kim "sees herself as a bigger celebrity than Kate Middleton."

"Kris Humphries might not have known what he was getting into. This wedding is going to happen very much in the public eye. And they will make millions off of it," writes Shuter.

Kim and her fiance Kris Humphries have only been dating since December 2010, which means it only took Kim 5 months to convince Kris to put a ring on it. And what an ostentatious ring it is!

The 20.5 carat sparkler carries a price tag of $2 million! A typical female narcissist begins harassing her victim to marry her usually after only 2-4 weeks of dating. Healthy men immediately bolt for the door. But a weak minded man stays because he thinks he's in love with the most beautiful woman on earth. No sane man would marry a woman he just met, so this should be a major red flag.

My prediction is it will take Kris a year to 2 years to figure out what he's gotten himself into. In the meantime, he will suffer greatly at the hands of Kim.

Images source: DM

Remember what I told you about female narcissists and how they start putting subtle putting pressure on their victims to marry them as early as two weeks after they meet? The whirlwind courtship usually ends with the female narcissist suggesting that he marry her or lose her forever to another man.

That's what happened to poor Reggie Bush, who stuck around as long as he could because he thought he was in love with reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. Kim even purchased her own 7-carat engagement ring in 2009 when Bush took too long to get with the program.

Most healthy men realize what's happening immediately and bolt for the door early. But weak minded men always get entangled in the web.

Kardashian finally got one of her victims to fall for her charms. According to People magazine online, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries, popped the question to Kim while on bended knee in the bedroom of her Beverly Hills mansion.

Humphries presented Kim with a custom-designed, 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond sparkler. "I just knew I wanted it to be big," says Humphries, 26, who, with the help of Kardashian's mom Kris Jenner, planned an intimate family celebration later that evening.

"Kris really didn't want a big celebration, but he had jokingly told my mom he'd be fine if there were mini-horses there," says Kardashian with a laugh. "Later that night at the party, my mom brought out two mini-horses, covered in glitter, for us! It was hysterical!"

It should come as no surprise that Kim's ring is a gaudy 20.5 carats. Expect the wedding to be equally as splashy and tasteless. Narcissists wouldn't have it any other way.

Sara Stewart of the NY Post has an excellent brief summary of Oprah Winfrey's past 25 years as one of the most influential TV talk show moguls in history.

There is no doubt that the so-called "Oprah Effect" has shaped the consciousness of many and influenced popular culture. But as Stewart points out, "occasionally, that influence has backfired."

The “Oprah effect” has shaped our national consciousness in profound ways. “There are a lot of people whose lives are better, thanks to what she’s done,” says Robert Thompson, founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University. “Her whole message of empowerment is the idea that you can change your circumstances.”

Occasionally, however, that influence has seriously misfired.

“Oprah has mainstreamed a lot of very questionable characters in my opinion,” anti-cult therapist Steven Hassan has said, pointing to Oprah acolyte James Arthur Ray whose infamous sweat lodge led to the deaths of three people in 2009.
The megalithic TV host and producer has also arguably helped to foster an unprecedented level of national narcisissm, and a mass susceptibility to snake-oil salesmen disguised as self-improvement gurus. She’s given a national platform to controversial topics, such as the “link” between childhood vaccines and autism, which have had ramifications far beyond the Nielsen ratings.

As Stewart notes: "No single American personality in recent years has influenced our culture as pervasively as Oprah Winfrey.

But Oprah's celebration of mediocrity, her lack of true insight into her own failings, and her inability to see past the tip of her grandiose nose will forever mark her as one of the biggest narcissists in the history of television.

Source: NYP

According to online reports, the most luxurious residential hotel in New York City has pulled its rental agreement to house accused rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn until his trial.

Strauss-Kahn, 63, was dragged off a jet early Sunday and arrested for allegedly raping a hotel maid. The horny Frenchman, whose sordid reputation for groping women rivals only Arnold Schwarzenegger's, tried to hightail it back to his native France where he was expected to run for President next year.

The commercial airliner was just minutes from departing Kennedy Airport when the NYPD swarmed the plane.

A Manhattan judge set Strauss-Kahn's bail at $6 million -- $1 million of that in cash.

Strauss-Kahn's third wife, art heiress Anne Sinclair, paid the $1 million in cash plus a $5 million secured bond for his release. But the judge granted bail with stringent conditions. Under the terms of his bail, Strauss-Kahn had to find a temporary residence that will accommodate video cameras and armed security guards who have orders to take him down if he attempts to flee.

So Sinclair agreed to pay the posh Bristol Plaza hotel $200,000 per month to house him. But the Plaza backed out of the deal at the last minute today once it discovered Strauss-Kahn would be staying there.

The beautiful 32-year-old maid, identified by various news outlets as Nafissatou D., said she was minding her own business cleaning up Strauss-Kahn's multi-room suite, when he emerged from the bathroom naked and chased her down the hallway in the suite. He yanked her into a bedroom, where he raped her, according to a police report.

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There's no doubt that musician Kanye West loves fancy clothes, fast cars and fast men. Yeezy also LOVES to make a Grand entrance.

Earlier this week, Kanye showed out in a chauffeur driven white convertible Maybach Landaulet Sedan at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in France.

And yesterday, he arrived in style in a silver Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss roadster with a retail value of over $1 million!

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He must have been so proud: former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver, 55, and his mistress of 20 years, Mildred Baena, 50, gave birth to his sons only 5 days apart.

According to London tabloid, The Daily Mail, Baena and Arnold's son, Tanner Baena, 13, was born on October 2, 1997 in Burbank, California. Maria's son, Christopher Schwarzenegger, was born on September 27 of that same year.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver have three other children besides Christopher: Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, and Patrick, 17.

A birth certificate obtained by gossip website TMZ.com lists Baena's then-husband, Rogelio Baena, as Tanner's father.

The Baena's divorced in February 2008, supposedly after Rogelio learned his wife had been unfaithful. Mildred Baena has 3 other children besides Tanner -- none of whom were fathered by Rogelio.

The Guatamala-born Baena's duties included cleaning, laundry, cooking and other chores around the Schwarzenegger's Brentwood mansion. She reportedly began to "pursue Arnold" in the late Nineties.

Schwarzenegger, 63, reportedly had a strong sex drive, and he often had unprotected sex with his maid during the daytime while the rest of his family were out of the house.

Click link to read more

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Just days after announcing a separation from her serial cheater husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a proud Maria Shriver appeared as a special guest on Oprah's Final show taping yesterday in Chicago.

Shriver, 55, moved out of her Brentwood mansion in January after finding out about her husband's affair and love child with the household maid. According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, Shriver miserable in her marriage to the 63-year-old sperminator, but she stayed in the marriage for the sake of her children.

Shriver displayed the same lionhearted strength and courage as her mother's generation of submissive women who stood by their man and put their own needs on hold in order to further his career.

She bravely supported Schwarzenegger, even in the face of damning evidence of his rampant cheating. Little did Shriver know that her husband, whom she gave up a promising TV journalism career for, was pursuing and humping his homely maid in every room of the house that they shared with their children.

Shriver and Schwarzenegger have four children together, Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13.

Both Shriver and the maid, 50-year-old Mildred "Patti" Baena, were reportedly pregnant around the same time with their sons. Shriver was led to believe that Baena's son was the spawn of her then-husband, who later filed for divorce from Baena.

Two of Shriver's children, Katherine and Patrick, changed their Twitter.com screen names from Schwarzenegger to Shriver in support of their mother yesterday.

Click link to read more

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Troubled singer Rihanna was spotted waiting for her ride outside her Los Angeles hotel today. Rihanna wore a black long sleeve tee with a print screen of legendary reggae star Bob Marley on the front. The 23-year-old Barbadian had just attended a business meeting at the hotel to discuss the marketing push for her next music video, "Man Down" which was filmed in Jamaica last month.

My sources tell me that business meetings with the singer rarely go well because her attention span is amazingly short.

"Man Down" is a reggae-influenced track in which the Barbadian singer shoots a man after an argument.

Video director Anthony Mandler gave MTV the scoop about the music video:

“We shot the video last month in Jamaica and it’s my favorite song she’s ever recorded, so I was really excited to get involved. And it’s just one of those songs that demands a strong narrative and visual, and let’s just say she let me go all the way.”

Mandler proceeds to unleash just about every available adjective to describe his enthusiasm for the project: “I think you can expect something that’s dramatic and shocking and intense and emotional and uplifting and enlightening.”

Based on Mandler’s description, it sounds like we can expect to see RiRi getting a little gangsta as she acts out the lyrics. This should be good!

‘Man Down’ appears on Rihanna’s album ‘Loud,’ which in only six months of release has produced the hits ‘Only Girl (In the World),’ ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘S&M.’ Source

As you know, new parents Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon left UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California on Saturday (May 14) with their 14-day-old twins. The couple left the hospital under the cover of night, surrounded by tight security and using elaborate security measures to prevent the paparazzi camped outside from getting shots of the newborns. The children were swathed in blue and pink blankets in the back seat of their Rolls Royce Phantom.

Mariah, who reportedly underwent a tummy tuck after delivering her twins via C-section, wore black Tori Burch sandals, while Nick's size 13 feet were clad in Timberland boots.

According to RadarOnline.com, Mariah is still under scrutiny from Child Protective Services. A CPS social worker is investigating Mimi after receiving a complaint that she was drinking beer and popping pain pills while nursing her babies. Cannon explained that Mariah was advised to drink Guinness Stout beer to stimulate the production of milk in her breasts. But the beer story had holes in it from the start, given the fact that Mariah has breast implants.

The CPS worker will make one final 30-minute home visit with the Cannons before closing the case -- after sneaking a hidden camera inside.


Donald Trump is waving the white flag to signal the end of his run for presidency in 2012.

Our own Stephanie Wash (ABC News reporter and longtime Sandrarose.com member) broke the scoop first on Twitter.com. Who would have thought that U.S. President Barack Obama's calculated chess move (killing Osama) would be the death blow to the Donald's presidential aspirations?

Oh, and Mike Huckabee (my personal favorite) isn't running either. What a shame.

Loyal reader Melia M. writes:

The title says it all..

This is only news to their Stans. But it makes sense that Rihanna, 23, and Chris Brown, 21, would seek each other out to ease their emotional pain. Only narcissists can truly understand one another. As I told you in an earlier post, Rihanna is having problems finding a man willing to put up with her notorious attitude. She's gorgeous on the outside but her attitude makes her ugly.

And Chris Brown's problems with women are well-documented. No one in their right minds wants to be involved with either of these two troubled individuals. They are both creepy.

Update I, 11:29am ET:

Loyal reader Torreon writes:

Hi Sandra,

First, I want to apologize for any hate thrown your way from me. I was just a stan blinded by my love for an artist. But not anymore, and I should have listened to you sooner. It may seem small, but for Rihanna to follow Chris Brown on Twitter sends such a horrible message to everyone. Her OWN fans (of which she follows less than 400) and to girls/women who have suffered domestic abuse. I don't use Rihanna as a role model, but, she is a public figure. How am I now supposed to explain to my 16-year-old sister, who also was with an abusive little punk, that it is OK to socialize and put herself back in danger b/c time has passed? I go very hard for Rihanna and support all of her endeavors. But if she doesn't have her best interest at heart then why should I? I'm proudly turning in my Rihanna Navy badge now and whatever happens to her will be deserved.


*This email was edited for clarity

Sandra Rose responds: Thank you Torreon.

Some of you were inquiring about Ron Artest's date at the Samsung event in Hollywood yesterday. Well, according to loyal reader Misty G., she's his mistress, Shin Shin (or one of his mistresses).

I'm not surprised. But this is so messy.

Ron's wife, Kimsha Hatfield, is @Msmish37Laker on Twitter. That's her on the left with Chanita Foster at a recent Lakers game. I think I'll head on over to Twitter and ask her what she thinks about all this.

According to Playerwives.com:

* UPDATE: Given Ron Ron's recent suspension from game 3 of the Western Conference semi-finals against the Mavericks, it seems like he'll have some extra down time to sort out his wife versus girlfriend situation.

* Fast Facts: Despite Ron Artest being married to his wife Kimisha Hatfield, Ron has been seen out lately quite a bit with a woman who isn't his wife. From various reports around the Internet, it appears that Ron Artest's girlfriend is Shin Shin, a singer of Chinese and Korean descent. Based on the sheer number of times they have appeared in public together, and the poses they choose to take for cameras, it looks pretty obvious to us that Shin Shin is Ron Artest's mistress. Or, if you believe him, she is simply "talent" that he signed to his record label Tru Warier. Too bad she isn't actually listed on his website, which definitely brings into question the validity of that. Anyone's guess as to how Ron Artest's wife feels about this, but based on her appearance - I'm sensing another brawl in the Palace style fight on the horizon for those two.

Photos by Sportsbybrooks.com via Playerswives.com

Skateboard punk rappers Odd Future, aka Wolf Gang Kill Them All, just bailed another one of its members out of jail last night.

After promoting their new album, Goblin, at Westchester High School in Los Angeles yesterday, group member Tyler, the Creator, 17, was handcuffed and charged with disturbing the peace, loitering and skateboarding on school property.

A fan snapped these photos of Tyler in handcuffs and a cop confiscating his skateboard.

After he was released, the infantile Tyler took to his Twitter page and went on a "f*ck the po-lice" rant similar to the one that his fellow band member, Frank Ocean, went on when he was arrested last month.


How classy.