Poor Karrueche Tran. The aspiring model got herself mixed up with a narcissist who is now creeping with other women whose F.A.M.E. can boost his failing career. Sound familiar? I tried to warn Karrueche through her closest friends, but she wouldn't listen to them. Now they say she's depressed and taking sedatives to mask her pain, so she can sleep at night.

Chris jetted Karrueche to Miami for Valentine's Day -- the same day he was seen creeping with Lil Wayne's baby mama, Sarah ViVan, who flew to Los Angeles from Atlanta to "hang out" with CB.

Now Karrueche is the laughing stock of the industry after Rihanna took Chris Brown back -- and totally disrespect his lover on her "Birthday Cake" remix. Sources say Rihanna made CB disrespect Karrueche to force him to prove his love to her -- and CB didn't hesitate.

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Pre-Barbie footage of Nicki Minaj surfaced online over the weekend. Oddly enough, the footage shows the young Queens MC paying homage to her predecessors, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. In the video, Minaj strolls down the streets of Queens spitting her "Dirty Money" freestyle.

This video also lends support to those who say Nicki is the butch lesbian rapper in the legendary "eat the box" clip, which you can view here.

Watch Nicki's "Dirty Money" freestyle after the break.

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Kim Zolciak's former 'slave' Sweetie Hughes wants you all to know that she is not a common criminal who swipes from her former employees.

According to celebrity blogger ATLien, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' reject was a "huge topic last season after NeNe Leakes pointed out that Kim treated her like her personal 'slave'."

ATLien recently met up with Sweetie and asked her point bank if she stole from Zolciak.

SWEETIE: I seen it [on] twitter… some person tweeted me point blank ‘did you steal from Kim?’ and it was my first time hearing about it.

That shit is crazy! Do you know how much money I handled for Kim. As her assistant I had bank account access and all that… something that other assistants never had the opportunity to get that far… so as far as loyalty it’s been very high.

I think someone just made it up and I realize that out of every assistant she’s ever had, I’m the one they always talk about… they always try to keep my name out there, which is cool, it ain’t hurting me.

When asked why she was fired, Sweetie responded:
"To be honest, I really don’t even know… I guess it was just spur of the moment."

It sounds to me like her contract with Bravo expired and it was not renewed. But what do I know.

ATLien has more from the interview.

Page Six reports that Cabaret singer Beyonce is already in the studio recording a new album. Apparently, she has given Blue Ivy to the help to raise while she and her egotistical husband Jay Z continue their pursuit of the spotlight.

We're not surprised. According to our source at the hospital where Blue Ivy was born to a surrogate in January, "mother-infant bonding did not occur in the hours following the birth." Nurses are trained to look for signs of maternal failure to bond. They are instructed to summon the hospital social worker if there are signs that a mother is not bonding properly with her newborn.

We have all seen new mommies caress their precious newborns close to their chests. But this is how Beyonce held Blue Ivy on her born day -- in the crook of her arm, like she didn't know the kid. I've seen others hold babies that way, such as volunteer baby cuddlers in newborn nurseries.

Please pray for the baby: she has narcissists for parents.

Last month when TMZ reported that singer Seal's wife, Heidi Klum, was filing for divorce, we assumed it was a publicity stunt designed to coincide with the release of his new album. But Seal arrived in Australia yesterday minus his wedding ring and sporting canary yellow nail polish. When asked if Heidi and the kids would join him later he brushed past the paps and exited the airport quickly. Ladies, if you're in the market for an aging, bald, attention-seeking singer with 5 kids, Seal is your man! Photos:Andy Athineos/INFphoto.com

Troubled singer Chris Brown, and his exhausted looking girlfriend, Karabullet Train, were spotted jetting out of LAX airport on Tuesday night -- just hours after he was seen creeping at an entertainment facility with the apparently slutty baby mama of a certain amphibian rapper.

Brown was seen on Wednesday chatting on his cell phone and fondling himself on the balcony of his Miami Beach hotel while another hard leg loitered nearby. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Karpark, tweeted on her Twitter account like nothing was wrong -- like she didn't have a care in the world that her boyfriend was two-timing her right under her nose.

Photos: Chris-Brown.us

Pop icon Madonna is said to be "furious" at singer M.I.A. for stealing the show during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance. Madonna put on an elaborate halftime show for the ages, complete with gladiators and a golden throne. But it was M.I.A.'s middle finger flip everyone talked about for days afterwards.

Madonna called into the 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' show this morning. When she was asked about the controversial hand gesture by M.I.A., Madonna went IN. The superstar called M.I.A.'s stunt "stupid", "childish", and "a juvenile thing to do." She added that M.I.A. was "irrelevant." Madonna has a right to be heated after all that hard work she put in. But the one who should really be mad is Nicki Minaj. Her halftime contribution hasn't been mentioned at all in the press.


It can't be good when a grandmother doesn't recognize her daughter's features in her own granddaughter. Tina Knowles spoke with PEOPLE magazine during the Runway to Win Fundraising reception for President Barack Obama last night.

When asked about her granddaughter, Knowles began by cryptically saying, "She's doing great."

Well, we would hope the baby is doing great -- unless she has some type of hereditary illness that we don't know about.

Knowles clarified by saying "She's beautiful." Then when she was asked pointedly who the baby resembled the most, Tina said: "She's only a month old. So we have to give her a minute."

Let's pause here to reflect on her answer... what grandmother doesn't recognize her own daughter's features in her grandbaby? Unless the baby isn't Beyonce's -- which we already figured.

Most grandmothers would say the baby has her daughter's eyes, or her son-in-law's lips, or something.

You mean to tell me Tina doesn't recognize any resemblance at all in the baby's features after an entire month?

Once again, Beyoncé was caught telling a bold faced lie after claiming she attended her husband Jay Z's concert at Carnegie Hall on Monday night.

But was she really lying this time?

On Tuesday, the 40/40 club's PR people sent out an email stating, “Despite various reports, Beyoncé did not attend Jay-Z’s concert.”

Indeed, the only photos we saw of Beyoncé were when she was leaving Jay Z's 40/40 club after the concert.

Beyoncé herself added to the confusion when a NY Daily News reporter caught up to her outside the 40/40 club. The reporter specifically asked Bey if she attended the concert.

Shortly after the booty-licious mama arrived at her husband’s 40/40 Club for post-concert festivities Monday night, we asked her if she’d gone to the show.

“Yes,” she told us, calling her spouse’s concert “amazing.”

Apparently, Jay Z and his people were concerned that not enough mention was made of Beyoncé's appearance at the 40/40 Club after the concert. The 40/40 Club needs all the publicity it can get. As you know, the bar came under scrutiny when the city's health department shut them down for failing an inspection one day after the grand re-opening last month.

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Now we know why Beyonce was in the hospital for so long in January after her surrogate allegedly gave birth to her baby, Blue Ivy. Last night, Beyonce stepped out in public for the first time to attend her husband Jay Z's concert at Carnegie Hall. It was her first public appearance since the baby's birth. No one outside of the Metropolitan New York area even knew Jay Z had a concert last night. Which is a strong indication of the media's decreasing interest in him.

It is obvious from these pics that Beyonce had recent breast enhancement surgery. Beyonce wore a red dress with a plunging neckline so the paparazzi could get good shots of her padding, in a desperate attempt to fool the public into believing she's breast feeding. How pitiful is Beyonce? Well, you won't have time to come up with an answer because the attention whore will be in our faces every day for the next few months -- until the paparazzi grows tired of seeing her.

Photos: Splash News Online

CNN's political analyst Roland Martin came under attack from gay groups after tweeting a wisecrack about British soccer star David Beckham.

Martin, who is very sensitive when he is the subject of gay jokes, took to his Twitter page last night to "live tweet" during the Super Bowl broadcast. His tweets included this one, which his followers took to be an anti-gay slur:

Martin seemed to suggest that his followers "smack the ish out of" any male Super Bowl fan who is "hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad" that was shown during the Super Bowl.

Martin added that "real bruhs" would not purchase underwear advertised by Beckham.

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That's what everyone is saying this morning after the BY Giants upended the hapless New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI 21-17. The 53-year-old pop icon rode into the arena on a chariot worthy of the gods. She launched into a performance of her hit single "Vogue" before performing her current single "Give Me All Your Lovin'" with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Madonna didn't miss a step as the athletic superstar danced her heart out and threw in a couple of cartwheels onstage. But it was M.I.A.'s flip of a finger that caused most of the buzz from last night's performance. Some are comparing M.I.A's middle finger flip to Janet Jackson's intentional disrobing in 2004's Super Bowl.

That may be a bit of a stretch when you consider that M.I.A. flipped the bird so quickly that most of America missed it. Still, M.I.A.'s obscene gesture may have stolen the show from Madge. Watch the video after the break.

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Some of you may recall that disgraced preacher Eddie Long stepped down from his position as spiritual leader of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church late last year. His stated goal was to focus on his family -- in particular, his long-suffering wife who is divorcing him.

Well, Bishop Long is back in the pulpit. And he returned in typical dramatic fashion.

New Birth brought in a controversial "Rabbi" to crown Long as King in an elaborate Jewish ceremony using 300-year-old sacred scrolls that were found discarded outside a concentration camp in Germany in the 1940s.

I wonder how the Jews feel about this?

Update I, 4:45 pm ET: according to this blog, the "Rabbi" isn't even Jewish and the 300-year-old "Jewish scrolls" are fake:

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According to the Huffington Post, Rapper K'Naan is angry with Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney for using his song "Wavin' Flag" during his Florida primary victory speech on Tuesday.

In a statement Wednesday, K'naan says Romney's campaign didn't seek approval to use the song and that he would not have granted permission if it had.

The Somali-born, Canadian-based rapper says he would happily grant President Barack Obama's campaign the use of the song.

But Romney's camp defends the usage of the song under a blanket copyright license that covers songs performed by candidates or played over public address systems.

It seems odd that K'naan -- also known as the Dusty Foot Philosopher -- offered his song free of charge to the Obama administration. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama didn't have a hand in this. I never heard of K'naan or "Wavin' Flag" until today. K'naan should be grateful that Romney gave his song free pub.

Listen to the song after the break.

*(bold emphasis mine)

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Quick: who won the 2011 US X-Factor?

I watched bits and pieces of the woefully boring US X-Factor reality show, and the worst part of the show were the judges. A judge is supposed to remain neutral and unbiased. How can a judge make an unbiased decision when he or she is emotionally involved to the point of breaking down in tears?

The glaring flaws of the judge's panel drew widespread criticism from the media - especially after Nicole Scherzinger's fake sobbing during the Top 5 performances show in December. In fact, Nicole's "performance" was so bad that enraged viewers slammed her on Twitter.com, and even threatened her life.

Judge Paula Abdul was universally hated for telling Scherzinger to let the public make the decision whether to send 13-year-old Rachel Crow home.

It was clear that something had to be done about the celebrity judges.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Simon Cowell has fired judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and the horrible suck-up Steve Jones.

Recording exec LA Reid's job might also be on the chopping block. THR reports that "a source close to LA Reid says the fourth member of the X Factor panel has not been informed of any change to his status as judge."

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Earlier this week, paparazzi photos of troubled singers Rihanna, 23, and Chris Brow, 22, leaving the same nightclub fueled rumors that they were seeing each other. But nothing could be further from the truth. As we told you in this post, Rihanna and Brown, who was accompanied by his girlfriend KT, did not speak to each other.

PEOPLE confirms that Rihanna and Brown never bumped into each other that night (or any night for that matter).

Well, that could have been awkward: Chris Brown and Rihanna were both partying at L.A. nightspot Greystone Manor Supperclub, but the exes stuck to separate sides of the venue... According to the clubgoer, the exes never interacted.

According to my credible source, the fact that Brown chose Karaoke over Rihanna is "messing with her mind."

Rihanna is a classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder; she thinks she's entitled to have whomever or whatever she wants, she has little empathy for others, and she is very manipulative in relationships. Which explains why men (and women) avoid her like the plague.

Meanwhile, Brown continues to pollute the radio airwaves with his techno junk music. His latest musical offering is something called "Turn Up The Music". Click below to listen.


Heavily Photoshopped pictures of Evelyn Lozada's fake abs are on all the blogs today. That must mean a new season of the Fake Basketball Wives of Miami is right around the corner. Speaking of Evelyn, she is featured in the new issue of Maxim magazine, looking like a KING magazine reject. Whoever airbrushed her abs did a poor job.

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If you thought Beyonce was going to give us a break after having that baby, you thought wrong. Beyonce was recently tapped to appear in L'Oreal's "Find Your True Match" makeup commercial.

"Today was all about being honest," says one of the most dishonest celebrity's in entertainment history. "There's a story behind my skin; it's a Mosaic of all the faces before it," she says as the words 'African American, Native American and French' appear on the screen.

In the ad, Beyonce pretends to be mixed with Black, Indian and French -- and the L'Oreal marketing people fell for her blatant lies! If Beyonce had any French or Indian in her why would would she need a walk-in closet full of custom made lacefronts?

True Match™ Super-Blendable Makeup shades are now cleaner, truer and even more natural. With the new patented color technology, True Match Makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture. With 9 NEW & 5 improved shades, True Match is the first complete makeup collection to precisely match your skin’s tone and texture. 33 Shades organized into our exclusive warm, neutral and cool collections for your truest match!

Watch the videos after the break, if you care:

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In her first interview since daughter Blue Ivy was born on Jan.7, Beyonce gushed about motherhood, changing diapers and justifying the absurd, over-the-top security measures.

“He will change diapers, of course he will,” said Beyonce, referring to Jay Z, who announced he would stop using the word "bitch" in honor of the child.

“He is going to be a very hands-on father,” Beyonce told UK Star magazine. “He has already said publicly that providing isn’t love. Love is being there. Love is doing little things for your child.”

Jay-Z, who grew up slinging crack cocaine on the streets of Brooklyn, was in the delivery room when their first child was born.

“He would not have missed it for anything,” Beyonce crowed. “He is a very protective and loyal guy by nature. He is a very protective husband, and since we have found out I was pregnant I have seen the protective father in him.”

Beyonce's chose of words is very interesting. In fact, she mentions variations of the word protection as if she feels unsafe subconsciously.

The 30-year-old first-time mom also defended the ultra-tight security surrounding the baby's birth at Lenox Hill Hospital.

“Security was very tight, not for the sake of it,” she said. “It was for the security of our daughter.”

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A home video showing Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran clowning Rihanna is quickly making the rounds of social networking websites.

Using a mock Chinese accent, Tran and 2 of her friends taunt Rihanna as her music video for "Hard" plays in the background.

Tran perfectly describes Rihanna's persona ("sexy, but ugly"), and she sticks the knife in and twists slowly by asking Rihanna "why you no have boyfriend?"

If you recall, Rihanna and Chris Brown surreptitiously tweeted each other on Dec. 29, expressing their undying love for one another.

Watch the hilarity after the break!

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Usher Raymond's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond continues her quest to gain public sympathy. She recently sat down for an interview with Uptown magazine to talk about why she thinks User is fighting her for full custody of their sons, Usher Raymond IV, aka Cinco, 4, and Daviyd, 3.

“He is a man very accustomed to having his way,” Raymond says. “This has nothing to do with how I parent. Trust me, I never will have a desire to keep a man away from his kids. I am not June Cleaver or head of the PTA, but I know I am a good mother.”

The above photo from the interview shows Tameka with her oldest son, Darrin, 21 (far right), whom she had when she was 19 and roughing it in Oakland, CA.

The other boys are Daviyd play fighting with his half brother (whom Tameka had with Atlanta clothier Ryan Glover). Glover's other son is the boy sitting 2nd from left with Cinco.

Darrin is a mystery to many Tameka observers who thought she only had 4 boys.

As Uptown Editor-in-chief Isoul Harris explains: Darrin's father was murdered before he was born. During the photo shoot, Darrin noticed Isoul snapping a pic with his cell phone and he immediately signaled to Tameka, whom he is "?ercely protective" of.

“Because I had him at such a young age, he and I basically grew up together and we are extremely close. But I am very conscious not to be an overbearing mother,” says Tameka.

Source: Snitch

Amid all the hoopla over the "birth" of The Chosen One, Solange Knowles, the sister of the new mom, whose name shall not be mentioned, went on a Twitter rant yesterday deploring the insensitivity towards her sister.

"It has really gotten out of hand. I've been doing my best at keeping my mouth shut....but the ignorance is really sad and upsetting," she wrote in one of a series of tweets on her verified Twitter page.

We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed. It is one of THE hardest things to accept. In any other workplace...if someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake ect...you would naturally express yourself. However, the pure happiness and joy I've witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut.

We hear that Solo's anger was misdirected at her sister and brother-in-law, who refused to allow Solo to live tweet her niece's birth -- and who had the audacity to give fame whore Gwyneth Paltrow the honor of announcing the baby's name to the world via a tweet!

Our very credible sources tell us Solange is "mad as hell" at her sister and brother-in-law for not giving her the privilege of announcing the baby's name. But her sister reportedly told her she'll get over it.

What kind of girl would want to look like Canadian rapper Drake? Answer: a feminine, girly girl, of course!

This Asian chick takes the makeup video tutorials to a new level by teaching you how to transform yourself into the Emo rapper.

It seems chicks can't get enough of Aubrey Graham -- maybe because he reminds them so much of themselves?

One mentally disturbed woman even went so far as to have Drake's name tattooed, in big block letters, on her forehead so that everyone would know who was constantly on her mind.

We don't understand the physical attraction to Drake who resembles a light-skinned Shrek. But we LOVE his music.

Watch the video tutorial, courtesy of WSHH, after the break!

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Apparently Beyonce and Jay Z think they're the Obamas? The couple left Lenox Hill hospital early Tuesday with newborn baby Blue Ivy in tow. The NY Daily News says witnesses described a scene similar to the rolling roadblocks that the local police and Secret Service employ whenever President Obama is in town:

A procession of vehicles with blacked-out windows made a speedy exit from the upper East Side hospital’s side gate in the wee hours of Tuesday, witnesses said.

Two black SUVs motored quickly out of the facility’s E. 76th St. loading dock at 1:30 a.m.

Moments later, a van parked on a nearby corner reversed into the same loading dock, and the large roll-down gate closed.

The gate reopened a few minutes later and the van drove out, turned the wrong way on the one-way 76th St., and then headed north on Park Ave.

One of the two SUVs blocked traffic on Park Ave. so the van would not be impeded.

The second SUV pulled in behind the van, apparently to prevent anyone from following the music icons and their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

It was “very precise, very military-like,” one witness said.

“Immediately, security personnel began leaving the hospital.” Source

Twitter.com was all abuzz with news of Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy's arrival on Saturday. Many of my followers tweeted the link to this video showing E! Television footage of Beyonce (at around 10 months gestation) hopping into her custom SUV with very little effort -- as if she had already dropped her load the day before!

After viewing the video myself, I agree with my followers: she does not look pregnant, nor does she move like a pregnant woman who is about to deliver her precious cargo in less than 48 hours.

Beyonce and Jay Z have managed to pull the wool over the gullible national media's eyes, but my readers were never fooled!

Watch the amazine footage after the break!

Loyal reader Lisa McGhee sent in this exclusive cover for Amber Rose's much-anticipated 1st single. Rose once made a living polishing stripper poles in Philadelphia until she lucked up with one of her customers -- Kanye West.

Kanye was badly in need of beard services, having battled pesky ghey rumors for most of his storied career. Kanye made Amber into a star of sorts, and she made him look virile and very straight.

Eventually, Kanye got tired of Amber using him and he kicked her to the curb. So the former bisexual stripper found another sucker in smoked out rapper Wiz Khalifa, and now she's using him to get famous.

Anyway, Amber's single "Fame" will be released exclusively on Perez Hilton's blog on Tuesday at 9am EST. But we don't read that blog. So we'll wait until Miss Jia posts the single on her blog to hear if it's any good.

I’m so excited to release my first song… It’s CRAZY! Working with Wiz is a dream come true; I am fortunate to have his support.

This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans. I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It’s my interpretation of what it means to be “FAMOUS,” which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are.

You can feel famous everyday if you believe in yourself! Source

Beyonce and her fake baby bump were spotted leaving that office building in NYC that she seems to visits daily. Does she have a 9-5 job in that building? There are still no photos of Bey entering or leaving a doctor's office. If she can visit a random office building every other day then surely she can visit a doctor's office? Beyonce is such a fraud. She does not look pregnant anywhere on her body.


By comparison, this is what a pregnant woman looks like. Jessica Simpson, who is carrying a real 6-month old fetus, looks every bit pregnant. She is due to give birth in the Spring. Meanwhile, Beyonce, who is in her 10th month of pregnancy, plans to "deliver" her "baby" onstage at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

LeBron James celebrated his 27th birthday on New Year's Eve by proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, at the Shelborne Beach Resort in Miami Beach, Florida.

According to SPLASH News, this is the cake that was made for NBA player Lebron James' 27th birthday. The call was made 2 days before the party. The instructions: make a birthday cake that is fit for a King. The baker, Alethea Hickman, (pictured above with her royal creation) was promised publicity for her bakery Hickman's Passion for Pastry. The Shelborne would receive the $3,000 cake as a freebie in exchange.

But Hickman was surprised to see a different cake in photos tweeted worldwide on Twitter.com on Jan. 1. After getting in touch with James' people, Hickman was told her work wasn't fit for the king: "It just wasn't what was expected. When LeBron's people saw it, they just didn't want to use it and decided to bring their own cake."

The cake is ugly, but at least she got the free publicity.

Photo: Splash News Online