Beyonce Has Had Enough; Hires Bodyguard to Spy On Jay Z

Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Frustrated singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter has apparently had enough of those pesky rumors about her cheating husband, rapper Jay Z.

According to Grazia, Beyonce hired a bodyguard to follow her husband and to report his findings back to her.

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Tidal Averaging 1 Million Streams Per Day

Jay Z

Jay Z’s unfortunately named Tidal music streaming app is all washed up.

The aging rapper’s plans for a dominant music streaming service to compete with Spotify and Pandora were a bit premature.

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You Can’t Buy Beyonce’s Gold Apple Watch Band – Even if You Had $17K

gold Apple Watch

Megastars such as Beyonce enjoy certain perks like free clothing and shoes, free hair weave, and complimentary dinners at the finest restaurants. Case in point: Apple reportedly gifted Beyonce with a limited edition gold Apple Watch. The dazzling watch comes with a solid gold link bracelet that will not be available in Apple stores.

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NBA Playoffs 1st Round Matchups Are Set (How Did the Brooklyn Nets Get in?)

Jay-Z and Beyonce attend the Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets Playoff game in Brooklyn

Not since the 1980s has the 1st round of the NBA playoffs been this boring.

Sports purists are questioning how rap mogul Jay Z’s lowly Brooklyn Nets made it into the first round of the NBA playoffs while other noteworthy teams such as OKC, the Pacers, and the Miami Heat sit at home.

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Off the Market: Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson Tie the Knot

Tina Knowles And Richard Lawson in New Orleans in November  2014

Tina Knowles and actor Richard Lawson are man and wife. The couple got hitched on board a yacht anchored in Newport Beach, California on Sunday, April 12.

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Beyonce Fighting With Jay Z Over Rihanna

beyonce and Jay Z at Shuko SPL

Beyonce and her philandering husband, rapper Jay Z, are at war again. This time the couple are on the outs over a secret cell phone that Jay Z reportedly kept hidden from Bey so he could remain in contact with his side pieces and his protege, Bajan singer Rihanna.

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Jay Z Pulling His Albums from Spotify in Desperate Bid to Save His Failing TIDAL App

Jay Z

In yet another desperate move to attract subscribers to his Tidal music streaming app, hip hop mogul Jay Z is pulling his albums from Spotify.

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