Tamar Braxton

Reality TV star Tamar Braxton was hospitalized this week with blood clots in both of her lungs. As you know, blood clots, aka pulmonary embolism, are potentially dangerous if they travel too deep into the lung or if they lodge in the heart.

The part-time singer was rushed to a local hospital earlier this week suffering from what was initially reported as pneumonia.

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Natalie La Rose seen leaving BBC Studios - London

My niece Natalie La Rose was seen leaving London’s BBC Studios on Wednesday. Don’t act like you’ve never heard of this Rihanna look-a-like. Natalie is a superstar across the pond. She has like 100 million views on her YouTube video for “Somebody” ft. Jeremih. YouTube views isn’t an accurate measure of popularity. A record industry insider told me that if an artist has 10 million views on YouTube — 9.5 million of those views were probably paid for.

I don’t how true that is, so don’t quote me.

Photos: Splash News