President Obama Snubs Black Ebola Nurse

Amber Vinson

Three American health care workers, one white, one Asian, and one black, were diagnosed with Ebola and eventually recovered. Guess which one was not invited to the White House for a staged photo op with President Obama?

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Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Meets With President Obama

Nina Pham meets with President Obama

Ebola-free nurse Nina Pham was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama in the Oval Office today after she was released from NIH hospital in Maryland.

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Michelle Obama Dances With a Turnip

Michelle Obama

Health food enthusiast Michelle Obama participated in an #AskTheFirstLady question and answer session on yesterday.

One of the first questions (which was surely pre-planned) came from a well-known President Obama impersonator who asked Mrs. Obama how many calories she burns when she turns up. “Turn up” is ghetto slang for get down.

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GONE: Director of Secret Service Resigns

President Obama

Julia Pierson resigned her position as director of the Secret Service this morning, reports. Pierson tendered her resignation to the head of Homeland Security one day after testifying about serious security breaches at the White House during a hearing on Capital Hill.

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Secret Service Agents Missed Man With Gun Who Got On Elevator With President Obama

President Obama

The alarming extent of security lapses surrounding American President Barack Obama has some lawmakers demanding answers.

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Head of Secret Service on the hot seat after it was revealed fence jumper made it all the way inside the White House

Julia Pierson

White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez was not tackled just inside the door of the White House as was originally claimed by the Secret Secret.

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Eric Holder Steps Down As Attorney General

Eric Holder

Another high ranking member of President Barack Obama’s inner circle has jumped ship. reports that Eric Holder Jr., the nation’s first black U.S. attorney general, has announced he will be stepping down as soon as his successor is confirmed. Holder, 63, was hospitalized in February after suffering shortness of breath and dizziness at work. He is also plagued by recurring back problems.

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