Russian Warplanes Target ISIS in Syria; John McCain Blames Obama’s ‘Weakness’

2 days after meeting with American President Barack Obama at the United Nations in NY, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered airstrikes in Syria.

In addition, Putin warned Washington to keep U.S. fighter jets out of Syrian airspace.

The start of airstrikes by Russian warplanes in Syria this morning caught Obama and his administration totally off guard.

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Barack Obama Blocks 13-Year-Old Boy On

President Barack Obama reportedly blocked 13-year-old conservative YouTube star C.J. Pearson, right, on

The president took such drastic action because Pearson routinely criticizes his policies and agendas.

By contrast, when 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for having a hoax bomb at school, Obama praised the teen and invited him to the White House. The difference between the 2 teenagers is one is Muslim.

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Obama Hires the White House’s 1st Transsexual Staff Member

Obama and Raffi

Gay rights activist Barack Obama continues his noble crusade to advance the rights of gays, transsexuals and cross-dressers.

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White House considering Petition to Extradite Killer Dentist Back to South Africa

Walter James Palmer

The Obama administration is considering a petition to extradite killer dentist Walter Palmer to South Africa to face charges of poaching.

Over 100,000 animal lovers signed the petition on the White House website. The petition asks the White House to force Palmer to face charges for luring Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the Lion from a protected game reserve and shooting the animal with a bow and arrow.

100K is the number of signatures required to get a response from the White House.

Palmer allegedly paid $55,000 to three tour guides to help him lure Cecil out of a national park by tying a dead animal to a Jeep.

The men hunted the bleeding lion for 40 hours before shooting him with a gun and beheading and skinning him. African officials seized the lion’s head as evidence.

After a London newspaper putted Palmer as the heartless big-game hunter who killed Cecile, Palmer released a statement claiming he had no knowledge that Cecil was protected. Park officials say Palmer removed a GPS collar from Cecil’s neck and hunted him at night — both violations of park rules.

In 2008, Palmer was convicted of poaching a bear then dragging the carcass off protected land.

Hundreds of animal lovers descended on Palmer’s River Bluff Dental practice in Bloomington, Minnesota. The business is closed for the rest of the week.

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    Malia Obama Takes New York

    Malia Obama

    First teen Malia Obama is spending part of her summer in Manhattan working on an internship with HBO.

    According to Page Six, Malia is a familiar face around Manhattan these days.

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    Obama Eliminates Religious Objections from Oath of Allegiance

    Barack Obama

    The Obama administration plans to omit (remove) critical parts of the eligibility requirements for illegal immigrants to become citizens of the United States.

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    Gang Members Attack KKK Protestors During Planned Pro-Confederate Flag Protest in South Carolina

    A planned rally by white supremacists and a faction of the KKK was marred by violence when members of the Bloods street gang and other hoodlums attacked the protestors.

    What should have been a peaceful protest descended into chaos and violence because South Carolina was unprepared to handle outside agitators.

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