transgender inmate

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new policy that will house male transgender criminals in jails that align with the gender they claim to be. That means violent male criminals will now be housed with vulnerable women in NYC jails.

All a male criminal has to say be be housed with women is he has a “female gender identity.”

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Iranian team

Iranian soccer officials are accused of taking advantage of a sports policy allowing biological men to play on women’s teams if they believe they are women trapped in men’s bodies. The International Olympic Committee announced a policy allowing men to participate in Olympic events without undergoing sex change procedures.

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EJ Johnson

Socialite EJ Johnson loves attention because, you know, he’s different. But he was having none of it when he spotted the paparazzi outside Club Warwick on Wednesday. Magic Johnson’s youngest son stayed low key (as low key as one can get wearing red from head to toe) and he waved the paparazzi away and hid behind his pricey handbag.

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