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Pop sensation Rihanna looked stunning in her high school prom pic taken in Barbados before she became a household name. It's amazing that she looks exactly the same as she does today. This photo would conflict with the haters who say Rihanna's style is dependent upon her stylists - unless she had a stylist in high school.

Thanks to loyal reader Pumpkin for the pic!

  • kbug83

    This is not a pic of Rihanna's high school prom. This was from a show on MTV where a random high schooler got to take a celebrity to his prom. I believe the male feature on the same show was Bobby Valentino, and it premiered last year!

  • shonnek

    The boy in this pic won a contest on MTV and Rihanna was his prom date. It aired sometime last year, but this isn't her prom.

  • miss lovely

    ok, this picture is from an mtv show where the guy in the picture won the chance to have rihanna as his prom date. it was just a couple of years ago. This IS NOT a picture of her prom in Barbados.

  • Miss Jay

    Hi, Sandra! I visit your site all the time and this is my first time commenting. I just wanted to say that if I'm not mistaken, I believe that this photo is actually taken from a special on MTV where celebrities go to the prom w/ their fans. I watched that episode and I just remember that guy being really nervous about meeting Rihanna.

  • towanda25

    Okay, I had to finally sign up for an account to tell you, Sandra Rose that a number of your postings are incorrect. So today was the day I had to leave a comment. This picture of Rhianna and her date were taken a at this young mans prom. This is not her prom. He won a date with her on a popular music television Network. I think you can figure it out. Thanks for letting me comment. I think the episdoe aired last year. Check it out.

  • MsShayinGA

    Cute pic, but are we sure this is from highschool? If I recall, Rhianna just cut her hair like that a year or so ago when her 2nd album came out. So this pic may be within that time frame.

  • NB


    This is not Rihanna's HS prom pic. This is a picture of her on MTV's Once Upon a Prom, when HS students were paired with celebrities for the show. I remember seeing that on TV. You can find more pics on MTV's Web site.

  • alexia0820

    this isn't her prom. she did a special for mtv. they had high school students compete for celebrity prom dates. bobby valentino was on there too.

  • iamuniq

    This prom pictures is actually the young fella on the left. It's taken from a show on MTV called MADE>

  • bamagirl

    This is not her prom, but a photo from when she appeared on MTV as the date of that young man. That was the same show when Bobby V appeared taking a young lady from ATL to her prom

  • MsShayinGA

    FYI, just did some research - this pic is from a new show on MTV called "Once Upon a Prom". Rihanna and Bobby Valentino escorted two high school students to their prom's. The pics can be viewed here

  • MZN

    What's up with her date? There's something about him thats just seems off...

  • Maroussi08

    Hi Sandra,

    I know you like to stay accurate with your posts. So I wanted to let you know that the Throwback photo of Rihanna is from the MTV show, Once Upon A Prom, where they surprised two teenagers with celebrity dates for their prom. If I remember correctly, it featured Rihanna and Bobby Valentino.

  • ll

    That's not true!!!

    she took that picture for MTV "Once a Prom" ;) She surprised that boy to go with him to the Prom ;)

  • litebright01

    This is not her prom date this was a " Made" special on MTV and this guy was turned into a "stud" and Rihanna was his surprise date when the date he wanted turned him down..

  • phenomonalgirl04

    That is NOT Rihanna at her own prom. That is from a show on MTV where she made her fans dream come true by taking him to prom, I actually watched that show and didnt like how standoffish that Rihanna was being towards him, like he was a leapor. They had other celebrities on there like Bobbi Valentino, etc. Your source was wrong.

  • ygoody88

    This was NOT her prom in barbados, I dont think she actually had one. This pic was from a show she did (post fame) for MTV, where this guy won a competition and rhianna was his prom date. Bobby valentino also featured on tha show.

  • CT

    Hi Sandra,

    This picture is not from Rihanna's high school prom. This is from a MTV special called Once Upon a Prom, in which high school students competed for a celebrity prom date. Bobby Valentino was also featured on the show.

  • monica_sbiggest_fan

    Hey Sandra
    This pic is not from Rihanna's prom. This is from the guy's prom. He won a date with her on MTV and this was their prom picture. Notice the haircut, this wasn't that long ago.

  • hautelady

    This is not Rihanna's highschool prom pic. She was a celebrity date on a show called "Once upon a prom" that aired on MTV in 2007. The guys name is Richard, and she is surprise celebrity date.

  • Mississippigirl08

    Sorry, but that picture is actually from an episode of a Prom special that MTV did last spring. She was his date for his senior prom. He got a huge makeover and everything.

  • kay kay

    sorry but this is the guy who won a prom date with rhi rhi on MTV last year or the year before it was the "once upon a prom"

  • nbr1dwnazzchck

    This is picture is not from Rhianna's prom. This is a shot from Rhianna on the MTV reality show "Once upon a Prom".

  • Leadel23

    CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!!! This is from the MTV Show, Once Upon A Prom, where she went to prom with a fan last year, 2007. And it was not in Barbados.....I mean really, look at her..she literally just walk off the set of the Umbrella Video See more pics at

  • pinky2083

    i was gon say that i'm sure she didn't look like that back in the day. that's more recent...

  • only1msdee

    This isnt her prom.. It was a show on MTV i believe and certain seniors won a date with their favorite celebrity to go to the prom with.. Dude was very goofy tho.. :)

  • angelita07

    thanks for informing Ms. Rose. I was going to make the same comment about MTV. Please make sure you have the right info before you state information

  • Negrito

    LOL...That's not her prom pic taken in Barbados before she became famous. Whoever told you that straight up lied to you.

    That's a pic from MTV (I believe it was from last year or in 2006) where a fan gets a chance to go to his/her prom with a celebrity. Bobby Valentino was on that show too with some chick who was a big fan of BV (actually the same episode).

  • ashley01

    You are terrible at reporting accurate info.This is an MTV special where the white guy won the date with her to his prom. Are you just a liar or you just dont know? Why does Monica or any other celeb in ATL trust you? Lying ass,I used to think you were funny but I 'm starting to see now that you just make shit up!

  • J Gats Juice

    are u guys surprised that sandra got some info wrong? sigh... poor thing, please do ur research before u go defending ur precious rhi rhi

  • prettybrwngrl

    sandra this is wrong. this is a photo from mtv's reality show. where rhianna surprised her biggest fan with going to the prom with him. this is not her old high school prom photo.

  • ryan18mac

    This is not her prom date. MTV aired this sometime like 3 or more months ago. She was chosen to be the celebirty Prom Date for this guy. Bobby Valentino was the ceebirty date for the girl. This is how runors get started.

  • closetcolumnist

    damn sandra you believe anything huh? slow monday?

  • wifey404770

    To kbug 83:

    You're right. I saw that show on MTV last year. He was kind of shy and they danced a little bit together. Bobby Valentino chose one girl with the boyfriend and surprised her by paying for her boyfriend to come to the prom because he couldn't afford it. At the end of the night, Bobby ended up with the other 2 girls.

  • wifey404770

    Rhianna was surprisingly nice to her date and she left kind of early after they took the picture.

  • milly

    Still a cute pic of Rhi Rhi though

  • Lovlee

    I know you couldn't have been serious when you put this up. Haha - I smell something in those words...

  • jojo

    For someone who says they always check their sources sure didn't check this one. You just want her to be on top so bad that you will post and say anything good about her. She looks pretty here but this is not her high school prom...... Sorry Sandra try again.

  • dj_dceezy

    lol, rihanna is cold, but dayum she aint that cold! Prom pic... lol... she prolly had hella long hair in high school


    when i saw this post i knew it was WRONG but say that all other 39 previous comments knew it too! this pic was taken last year for the mtv special...she did not know this lil goofy white boy. his name is richard and rihanna was his special prom date. it was super cute to watch tho. sandra you have got to know better woman!! :)

  • mrswatson

    This was from MTV I watched this show!!! Sandra, your posts are chock full of false info lately...gotta check your sources,hun!

  • tonidanielle

    So you don't verify anything Why are we getting our Gossip from You when Clearly You dont Know, This is from MTV Prom Show last year 2007 and Rhianna and Bobby Valentino escorted High School Seniors to there Prom!!!!

    Sandra get it together PLEASE your site is slowing going down the drain I think that Gabby Union may have a point about BLACK Bloggers you are worst or at least almost as BAD as the White Bloggers....This is Media Fakeout for Blacks....

  • tonidanielle

    FYI: Next time someone send you something verify it Please you are going to be the NEW TAKE BACK KID. 1st The Game and 50 were mad then they took it back and was mad again

    Lil Wayne sd Jay was the Greatest Rapper Alive "THEN HE TOOK IT BACK" But was on Jay's album

    Raz and Romeo said that they were rapped and then TOOK IT BACK

    Sandra reported to us to many things that she have to take back like THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not enough Jay or Bey to talk about this week so instead you feed up with stories that you have to take back like Fantasia brother been signed to Grand Hustle..all Yeah he didn't you had to TAKE IT BACK..GOSH SANDRA NO JOURNALIST DEGREE NEEDED TO BE A GOSSIPER BLOGGER

  • TooTot

    ONCE AGAIN you need to verify your cources...This was on mtv a while back!! LMAO @ the ridiculousness of coming here for anything that had validity!

  • TooTot

    i meant sources



  • Sandra Rose

    Hey Munchie and everyone else, I don't watch MTV so I rely on my readers to be honest when they send me info. It was an honest mistake. It's a shame that a few had to be banned over this post.

  • jane

    Sandra, I don't understand why everyone must repeat that this is from the mtv show after the first 5 people already let you know haha

  • LB


  • buttercup24

    I guess we can go back to saying Rihanna got her style from a stylist now lol.

  • 2bme

    goodness gracious you guys were ready to pounce weren't you..Sandra admitted she was wrong..geesh it's ok everyone..lmao

  • kat

    sandra, why are people being banned for speaking their opinion?

  • Caron02

    Sandra you should do your reseach b4 just posting thing..thsi pic is from on of MTV's shows.. C'mon now! Rih does look pretty though

  • PaigeyWaigey

    You've got some damn nerve....banning people for YOUR still have yet to RETRACT the story...or is that too big of a word for you since we all know you got your journalism degree from the dollar store.