• Kymystry

    The 20k Segway ain't the haps if you wanna lose one of them chins .. and at least a bra cup or 3 ...

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    This is sooooo funny. Raven is like, "WHATEVER, poor people - Y'ALL can walk." Love it!


    I'm looking at each pic wondering
    1. where the hell did all the weight come from? she was slim up until her teens years...


    2. Why do her parents look like twins? I mean, what are the odds that u would find someone with the same joker smile as u?


    She is too chunky not to walk.



    We can see that she never had a professional stylist work with her (hair or fashion)

  • miamore73

    I think it has alot to do with her boobs. She's usually covered up especially on the show. They always throw a jacket or something of that sort on her to play down her boobage.

    I recently saw her in person and she looked great. I was surprised that she really wasn't that big.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Her breasts are the problem..it was the same way with Alexis Fields(Kim Fields sister)she had to get those bad boys reduced..Raven seems to be on point with her life..if there was a problem with her health she'd slim down i'm sure...if she's happy then let her be

  • Made4Success

    Shoot, fo'real as much as gas is costing nowadays (and even though Raven may be able to comfortably afford the $4/gallon price of gas)I'd have me a Segway too!! No comment on the hair/clothes. I've seen her hair look 10xs better...she must'a be having a bad hair day that day.

  • Made4Success

    I agree with #7-2bme's comment. Raven is not your average Disney kid, i.e., drugs, booz, sexually suggestive pictures, drunk driving, inexplicable actions, etc. To me, Raven is top shelf, because despite her fame and fortune, she does seem to have her head on straight and seems to be very business-savy.

  • kpakpando

    Her skin looks like she drinks too much alcohol.

  • chocolatechild

    That girl has $500 million dollars...I'm sure she could care less what we think of her!

    Love Ya Raven!

  • MissGauzzz

    I'm not sure I understand...I see nothing wrong with Raven...So she's thick...AND!!?? Why must everyone be a size -2 to be relevant? I saw her doing an interview with Tavis Smiley and this is one intelligent and business savvy young woman! From listening to her, she has self-esteem through the roof which allows her to be comfortable in her own skin! Go Raven!!!

  • Mia

    She does look a mess. And it wouldn't kill her to hoof it for a while. There is nothing wrong with being slim and being healthy.

  • ms.peaches

    I like her & she looks alot like her dad!! I think she is just chillin like it's her day off or something hell she looks better than Zoe Kravitz thats for damn sure(lol)!!!

    Someome made a comment about the parents looking alike I think it's probably cause they may have been together for so long, they say couples start to look alike (lol) but her dad is really handsome!!

  • Bsoul

    I love her self-esteem!

  • Sharonda

    I think she grown to be a lovely lady.She's kind of like outcasted because most child stars go crazy.Got to give this woman credit.

  • SlimA

    I think Raven is a good role model for our young black girls. They have looked up to the Brittney's far too long. I bet you will not read about Raven going around with out underwear and showing her pocket book to the cameras or entering rehab. She actually let Lindsey Lohan move in with her when they were in their early teens. She had her stuff together at an early age. I love her look and yes I watch Raven.

  • Mzsuave

    I love Raven. She's doing it pretty big. Aside from her outfit and the fact that she is riding a scooter...she's on top of her game. And with $400+ mil in the bank, I wouldn't really trip on being caught lookin' a lil bummy in public. LOL

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    It seems like she is just chilling to me. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I feel bad for the amount of heat she is taking over this pic. Like she can't travel with wheels under her because she is not a size 2. That girl ain't bothering nobody.

  • Lisa

    I honestly think Raven can lose about 20 and FIRE HER STYLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is too cute, too talented, and too paid to be looking like this.

  • gemini83

    Who said that you have to be slim to be healthy??!!!! I'm NOT a big girl, NEITHER am I slim, but I know that I am healthy and I don't have to be a size 2 and I think Raven feels the same way. I am very happy with my size 8! I think it has a lot to do with her breasts though. She is comfortable in her own skin. It's a beautiful thing!


    I wonder if she was driving a car, would she get the same feedback? I like raven, i watch her show (and I'm a grown ass woman). I just dont understand where the sudden weight gain came from. She's still a great, beautiful young woman. I would rather my daughter look up to her than Paris Hilton or Karrine Steffans

  • http://www.myspace.com/reddymond_45 The Black Katie Couric

    I'm sorry but how the hell can you hate on Olivia!!!!!!!!!

    That chic has cash. LIKE WHITE FOLK CASH. Do you know how much a freaking segway costs!!!!!!!

    The chic is on her game business wise like no other. And has yet to pimp out some flea market fashion line so many other "stars"

    She's a beautiful young lady and that talk about her weight HAVE YALL LOST YOUR MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, you act like the chic has one foot in the grave. Would you rather have her skinny with a coke habit or the way she is, rocking the Lane Bryant and Torrid gear with pride.

    She has done what few childhood (and adult)stars are capable of saying, maintianed their dignity and pride while staying true to their craft. You don't see pics crotch shots of this chic on the internet like that broad on the Glow in the Dark tour.

    If anything we (African Americans) should support her for maitaining her common sense and not relaying up sham marriages and photo ops to gain publicity.

    You can hate on Beyonce, Tyra Banks and crew but not Raven Simone.

    Like crabs in a barrel.

  • http://www.myspace.com/reddymond_45 The Black Katie Couric

    Sorry for the numerous typos but Raven S. is one fem that doesn't deserve the hate.

  • katgirl33

    Why would we feel sorry for the $400 Million Dollar woman????

    I would wear whatever the hell I wanted, whenever I wanted if I had 400 mil....and would ride that segway in some polka dot boy shorts.....on my 20 acre estate of course! LOL ;0)

  • Hotstuff


    Another thing Raven has made it known she's gonna remain herself...she knows when to put on a dress and she knows when to chill and I respect her for that....

    On another note...not that it matters but is she gay???? That might also explain why she dresses so grungy on her down days

  • Mspeng

    Raven was beautiful as a kid and she's beautiful now. She looks perfectly fine for a hot that some money hungry paparazzo snapped of her just relaxing and having her privacy invaded. Sorry to disappoint...but everybody is not slim. Nor does she need to be slim to be sexy. I think she's beautiful as she is and until she feels she needs to have her boobs reduced (if her dr tells her for health reasons to)...then she should continue to do her because she's going straight to the bank!!

  • aprilshowers

    2bme Says:

    Her breasts are the problem..it was the same way with Alexis Fields(Kim Fields sister)she had to get those bad boys reduced..Raven seems to be on point with her life..if there was a problem with her health she’d slim down i’m sure…if she’s happy then let her be

    Thank you 2bme!!! Amen! Leave her alone... she's an awesome person and a great role model! She dont get out in the streets and show her azz like those other kids who grew up in the industry, she's fuq'n RICH and doesn't apologize for who she is! I respect that.

    Ya'll need to leave people alone. Always ready to tear into someone.

  • theatrkakal

    Raven is the ish, but this is just plain lazy!

  • bklynchick

    That' so RAVEN!!
    I don't care what size she is I love her because she is a beautiful,positive, young black female. She doesn't have to be almost sent to jail in order for her to do right because she stays true to herself. As far as her weight it seems like the skinny girls are the ones who stays in trouble aka Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears. Seems like the extra weight help the brain functions. Stop hatiing on Raven!!

  • pointhimout

    get a personal trainer.

  • Bubbles

    So just because she's worth $400 million it's okay for her to be overweight? smh

    Anyway she's a great role model and an individual in a sea of carbon copies but honestly she could be in better shape for her age. That's all. No hating.

  • hellava10

    She is doing it with big! Big ta-tas, big checks in the bank, big hair. Leave that girl alone.

    ~~~~ Compared to the other child stars, if steaks and cookies are her only addiction....fill her plate to the top. She's not taking naked pictures, she's not dusting her nose, she's not having babies, she's not on her way to rehab---let her be. We actually have a decent person for our little girls to watch.

  • estyle4039

    Leave Ra Ra alone!

    Sandra need to turn the comments back on the Diamond post . . .so she can get hammered!!!

  • estyle4039

    Diamond?! She looks more like a broke 7-up bottle.

  • blackstar

    i like raven she looks like a real girl ( SHE LIKES FOOD)

  • Sharonda

    Lol, maybe it's my screen, but Raven is NOT overweight.Now and days nobody size is average or perfect.Being a smaller size doesn't make you HEALTHY either.

  • candycane

    I just read an article on her in the 4/28 Jet, speaking on her size, she says It's not a concern of mine, it's a concern in society in general. When I look in the mirror I see how voluptuously fabulous I am and cant even worry about it. GO RAVEN, I am such a fan

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I went to high school with Raven, shes a sweet,smart,business savy chic and I'm not gon hate. Make that money Raven, I aint mad at you boo!

  • honeycoated

    omg @ people saying she's overweight. Some people are just going to be big based on their body structure. Just like Luther was bit, but he didnt even loo right once he slimmed down. His body sturcture was big. Just like Raven, I dont even think she would look right if she was slimmer. He bone structure just might be wide-set. Jus tlike my body structure is slim and will not hold weight where i want, it just goes to my belly and I look pregnant.

    I wonder what some of these people look like that are typing these comments. Damn, since when cant celebrities dress down? Every celebrity is not going to wear skinny jeans and stilletos everyday so they can look perfect for the paparazzi.

  • Goliano

    Skip Diamond, what's up with Princess?


    Why do you "feel sorry" for Raven? She's approaching billionaire status like the Olsen Twinswith all of her business moves. So not sure why you feel so sorry for her, she was a genuis at 4. I know you're not referring to her appearance because if that's the case we're all going to die on your behalf!

  • tintin

    she was the cutest kid. whenever i watch cosby show i jus thave to say "what happened?, she was so cute and small". but she's a positive role model doing her thing, i'm proud of her and as a 28 year old woman , i actually watch her show and love it.

  • LAChick

    I prefer RAVEN all day long over that tarnished diamond who we can't comment on. Raven is doing her thing, she is creating an empire, has many many things in her life we all should be proud of and she can lose weight, some other folks can never gain class and get over without shaming their family. SO interesting to see who gets kudos and love and who does not.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Raven isn't worth 400 million. It's how much she's earned Disney.

    And these pictures scream attention whore.

  • brwnsugga4you

    since she is the 400 million dollar woman...i really think she doesn't give a rats a** what folks think about her.

  • DMNB

    I think some of you guys are just a little critical, so she is a little over weight. Lets focus on some of the positive things about her.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    i love how people are defending her here. it speaks volumes of her character.

    plus it makes me feel good cuz Lord knows my breats are so dang big and i don't have a large frame so it can look off. but in pictures when i see myself i feel so fat. it's like my boobs are gonna topple me over or something. folks r quick to stare at you or say get a breat reduction BUT who wants to go through surgery, pay money, and change so much just to please the publics view and opinion of how you should look? Their ideal? You are not meant to please the world, but God. the world, they are wishy washy and their opinions change and matter little. Like who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.

  • heart2heart

    This woman is rich, who cares what she's wearing. LOL I sure wouldn't! Mr. Cosby has taught her well.

  • heart2heart

    Soliel Moonfrye (sic) aka Punky Brewster had to get breast reduction surgery as well as the other names mentioned. When Judy Garland played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she had to have her breasts tapped down.

  • heart2heart

    Raven is never in tabloids, let's show her some love for that alone.