Ciara and her former producer Jazze Pha during happier times

We have reached the conclusion of The Ciara Diaries: my 3-part series on the real persona behind singer Ciara’s manufactured public image. Ciara’s public persona is vastly different from her everyday one. She is not the goody two shoes that she appears to be.

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I saved the best for last: I think this is a good time to inform you that Miss CiCi herself is a member of our small community (obviously those in her camp know what username she posts under).

CiCi also posts anonymously in the comment sections of two other popular urban blogs – both of which I won’t name since we are not affiliates.

According to an insider, who is very close to Ciara, she doesn’t trust her man 50 Cent. Ciara, allegedly, went through Fiddy’s cell phone calling his celebrity friends, former significant others, and strippers. Rather than identify herself to them, she allegedly placed crank phone calls disguising her voice pretending to be an anonymous lover who was pregnant with his child.

When a few of these people figured out who she was, they called home boy who was naturally teed off. So teed off that he, allegedly, sent his goons down to Atlanta to repossess that Phantom automobile I told you about yesterday. So if you were wondering why Ciara was profiling in that car one minute, and the next minute it was gone – now you know.

I guess when you’re dealing with a child you take away her toys to teach her a lesson? Reggie Bush dumped her because he was tired of her games.

Over the past few days, I received emails from other industry people that Ciara has pissed off. One person in particular asked me to mention producer Jazze Pha – the man who helped her secure her deal with Def Jam and whom she once referred to as her “musical soul mate”.

She started out on Jazze Pha’s Atlanta based Sho’Nuff Records and he wrote and produced her first demo. When Ci’s first album blew up she dropped Jazze Pha like she didn’t even know him. Jazze Pha ultimately took Ciara to court to get the money she owed him.

In closing: Ciara, I like you (I know it doesn’t seem like it). But you’re talking way too much about your personal business to people you should not be trusting. Your “friends” are coming out of the woodwork with their Ciara stories now. Watch what you say baby girl. I have plenty more stories to tell.[/hidepost]