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Old school rapper Jay Z laughs off his fans' hopes that he will run for president one day. Jay thinks his criminal past (drug dealing) and rap career would make him an easy target for the media (LOL). But don't we already have a narcissistic president with a shadowy past in the White House now?

We don't know a thing about Barack Obama's early adult years. He has no past great political accomplishments that we know of other than community organizing. Yet Barack's pot smoking and cocaine snorting days didn't keep him from being elected president, did it?

Shawn shouldn't be so quick to dismiss his pipe dreams of one day becoming the first 100% black, narcissistic president of the United States. Who would have thought that a half black man who voted "present" 130 times in his 2 short years as an Illinois state senator would one day be president?

And who would have imagined that Barack Obama, in only 8 months in office, would have an approval rating of just 42% -- only 2 points higher than Richard Nixon's approval rating when he was impeached from office.

I say give Jay Z a running shot at the presidency in 2012. By then, this country will still be mired in a deep recession and unemployment will hover at around 25-30%. Schools will be nothing more than a training ground for Obama's Youth Corps. There will only be one bank in the entire U.S. and it will be government run.

America will be renamed the United States Republic of China -- now that Obama has gone and pissed China off by imposing a tariff on imported tires. And all television and radio stations will merge into one state run channel broadcasting anti-American music and Van Jones' Greatest Hits all day.

By 2012, Obama will have succeeded in destroying America as we now know it. Jay Z cant possibly do any worse.


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  • missmiami

    HOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "they luv ya jigga" :)

  • iyonah

    LOL ... Sandra your a trip ...

  • iscream

    Good Morning SR fam.

    This is the only place I've heard this story. If he runs will you be his running mate?


  • attorneymom

    I didn't know that Camels can run for President. LOL

  • Daisy

    @attymom he addresses being called a camel on his new cd lol

  • attorneymom

    @Daisy, what did he say?? LOL

  • licia

    lmao i leave for a few weeks and i still come back to foolishness. lmao

  • 2thick4u

    licia Says:

    lmao i leave for a few weeks and i still come back to foolishness. lmao

    Girl...I been gone damn near a year and I feel the same way :) !!!

    Sandra cut it out...Jay ain't runing for President and how many shady ass white Presidents have we had that should have been fiven the side many to count.

  • Daisy

    HEY LICIA you have been MIA