By Sandra Rose  | 

First and foremost, I want to send a big thank you to all the AUC and Spelman students and my loyal readers who sent in pics of Jasmine Lynn.


Jasmine Lynn loved school so much, her mother said, it was hard to believe she died not far from the university she had dreamed of going to since seventh grade.

She was 802 miles away from her home in Kansas City, Mo., the first in her family to go to college.

Now just two weeks into her sophomore year, police said, she was killed early Thursday walking near Spelman College.

“I never in a million years would’ve thought she’d be killed at school,” said her mother, Constance Franklin.

The 19-year-old psychology major was struck by a stray bullet, the victim of the kind of senseless violence she might have healed some day.

She came to Atlanta to make her family proud.

“She had a big heart,” said her grandmother Carolyn Williams. “She loved people, and people loved her.”

Thursday her Kansas City home was filled with friends and family trading stories about Jasmine — how much she loved school, adored her grandmother and hated polka dots.

In the 24 hours since Jasmine was slain, Franklin and Williams have not been alone. Read more...

  • masonmom

    so sad bein in the wrong place at the wrong time for somethin so senseless! why dont people fist fight anymore.

  • Daisy

    I feel she was at the right place (college) at the wrong time

    Bless her mamas heart! I can't even imagine the pain n grief she has to be going through right now.


    I am glad they arrested somebody though

  • Kat

    you are so right masonmom. what happened to the days of just throwing down in the street? *sigh* so sad...

  • Charles

    This is so sad the killer should be in prison!

  • Krysi J

    thats more like it!

  • KaraZ

    It's so unnatural to bury your own children. I pray this family can heal from the grief eventually.

    The AUC & the City of Atlanta needs to do something about the West End already, it's a damn shame that the surrounding neighborhoods of these universities is in such disarray. A student should be able to walk from their dorm to their classroom without having to see a crackhead prostitute soliciting for customers or witness senseless violence like this one. They should be able to roam freely & safely on their campus at any point of time and expect to live to see the next day. We need to do better Atlanta.

  • mirsmommy

    This is so sad. RIP. This family will be in my prayers.


    I have been asking this same question for years now, "Why don't people just fight and get it over with?" Now this is three lives gone over nothing. Jasmine, the guy they caught, and the actual shooter.

  • bk2atl

    Beautiful girl. As a parent of a high school senior,this hits too close to home. I pray that God grants this family some strength to be able to continue on in the midst of their sorrow and suffering.

  • Anna

    Thanks Sandra. That was sad and beautiful. Her fav color is green and she hate polka dots, sounds like me. First generation in her family to go to college and she paid for her vehicle by getting a J O B. She will surely be missed. She is one of those special beings that touches everyone she meets. RIP. Condolences to everyone, she made friends where ever she went.

  • LadyJustice

    R.I.P. Jasmine Lynn

    what were her and her friends doing walking the streets at 12:30am though???

  • bk2atl you really think that 12:30 am is late for a college sophmore??? I know I stayed out way later than that at that age (19-20) and I lived in Brooklyn.

  • Daisy

    I stayed out later than that as well n college n every blue moon now lol

  • Shauny

    Oh so sad. I'm kind of scared for my baby to go off to college (she's a sophmore now) but I want and more importantly she wants to stay on campus to get the full college experience.

    My daughters curfew now is 10:30 school nights and 11:30 weekends and she's 15. 12:30 isn't really late for a 19 year old. I know I was out that late at that age.

    RIP Jasmine

  • KaraZ

    @LaydeeJustice. The main part of my school library closed at midnight and the latest campus dining closed at 1am. 12:30 isn't late... plus she was on the AUC campus, she should feel safe enough to walk her own campus at night without having to dodge bullets