Photos courtesy of Prince Williams/

THIS JUST IN! According to sources, rapper Young Jeezy dissed Tameka Foster hard last night at his birthday party at the new Compound nightclub when she tried to jump in pictures with him.

At first Jeezy obliged Tameka and took a couple of pictures. But then she wouldn’t move and just kind of stood around close to him. It was clear that Tameka was drunk as hail and wanted people to think she was with the snowman.

After it was obvious she wasn’t going to move, Jeezy looked down at TAmeka and asked Tameka to bounce. But her drunk azz still didn’t budge.

So Jeezy did what any other self-respecting gentleman baller would do: he walked away and left her standing there looking stupid!

Here’s Tameka already looking drunk before she walked in

Photos courtesy of Prince Williams/