The 3 Brown Girls: Nicole Johnson, left, Eboni Elektra and Kim Porter attended The Moet & Chandon’s Sex and the City 2 Private Screening at Wooduff Arts Center in Atlanta last night.

Nia Riley (Teddy’s daughter) and Deiondra Sanders (Deion Sanders daughter) also attended the screening. These two ladies are rumored to be bisexual lovers, but I have even better juice than that! According to a little birdie, Nia has allegedly been quietly sneaking over to Hawks star Al Horford’s home to get her back twisted out. During one of her weekly chiropractor sessions in Horford’s bedroom, she — allegedly — accidentally got pregnant. But, please, you didn’t hear that from me.

Meanwhile, NFL legend Deion Sanders’ daughter Deiondra never tires of spending daddy’s money. Deiondra doesn’t have a job (and if she can help it, she never will). I hear that daddy bought her a 2010 Mercedes CL600. I test drove one of those once, and before I could get it off the lot I knew I couldn’t afford the pricey coupe with a price tag in the neighborhood of $120,000! But I test drove it anyway because a sista can dream can’t she?

Rapper Rasheeda and her bestie Diamond announced yesterday that they planned to open a “weave shop” in the hood. This comes at a time when sistas are abandoning expensive and time consuming hair weaves for short, cute cuts. Good luck to Rasheeda and Diamond. They should have followed Tiny’s footseps and opened a nail shop instead.

Pseudo-celebrity and faux fashion designer Sheree Whitfield was there taking up space on the red carpet.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

D. Woods

Former NFl player Jamal Anderson, left, (who is rumored to be dating LisaRaye); and socialite Kenny Burns who hosts his own show on BeeHiveFM radio

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