Kelly Rowland airs Dirty Laundry

R&B singer Kelly Rowland supposedly airs her dirty laundry for real in a new track that seems to confirm some of the rumors that have swirled around the Diva for years.

In the song titled “Dirty Laundry”, Rowland seems to fuel the rumors that Beyonce (pictured above right) is her half sister, and that Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles is her biological dad. Kelly also suggests that she was a victim of domestic abuse — at the hands of her ex fiancé, former NFL’er Roy Williams.

Kelly Rowland airs Dirty Laundry

The couple broke off their engagement in 2006, after the dopamine faded and Williams came to his senses and decided they were “moving too fast.”

In a 2011 interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Williams said he made the decision to call off the engagement after he attempted to fill out a pre-marriage questionnaire and discovered he really didn’t know much of anything about Kelly.

Also in an interview for Cosmopolitan UK, Kelly said she was “embarrassed” by the cancelled wedding. She indicated that — like most needy women — she had put intense pressure on Williams to pop the question.

She described an “ancient aunt” glancing at her finger every Thanksgiving and asking, “No ring just yet, huh?”

Even though Williams and Rowland remain friends, it’s obvious that Kelly still harbors some resentment towards him — as evidenced by the words in her song, which may all be a figment of her overactive imagination.

For his part, Williams denies ever beating Rowland. He also hinted that Rowland might be a woman scorned.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s friends in the industry tweeted their support of Rowland and her stale and somewhat repetitive song. Scroll down to listen to the track.

Kelly Rowland airs Dirty Laundry

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