TI and Tiny

Yesterday, a well-connected insider reached out Sandrarose.com to “confirm” rumors that Atlanta Power Couple T.I. and Tiny had separated on Saturday in Los Angeles. The insider provided Sandrarose.com with information that only someone close to the couple would know. After my post was published, another close friend of T.I. and Tiny reached out to this blog by phone to not only confirm the rumors but to add that there had been tension in the couple’s marriage for nearly a year.

TI and Tiny publicity stunt

I had no reason to believe the information from my inside source was not valid. That is, until Tiny’s stylist and bestie, Shekina Jo, took to her Instagram page yesterday to deny the rumors. It should be noted that neither T.I. nor Tiny addressed the rumors that they themselves helped create. Which leads this blogger to believe that their “break up” might be a stunt to promote T.I. and Tiny’s reality show (which returns in March) and/or Tiny’s new Tequila line. What’s done in the dark will soon come to light.

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