Swizz Beatz

Music producer Swizz Beatz, who is married to singer Alicia Keys, is no stranger to cheating rumors. The gangly 35-year-old philanderer is the father of four children by as many women.

At least three of his children were sired while he was involved with other women. So the new revelations that Mr. Swizz was caught red handed with a fitness trainer does not come as a surprise.

From Tattletailzz.com:

Back in 2011 Swizz got caught out there when a woman by the name of Chris confirmed that her and Swizz had a sexting affair going on!, Now fast forward to three years later… Same senerio, different girl! people started noticing that Swizz Beatz started liking photos on the Instagram page of a gorgeous fitness model by the name of Lita Lewis.

According to Ebengregory.com:

At one point, Swizz also told her to “check her DMs,” and from there rumors spun out of control as blog platforms blasted him for attempting to cheat on his beautiful wife, Alicia Keys. Swizz noticed the slander and decided to set the record straight once and for all by posting a screen shot of the DM exchange between Ms. Lewis and himself.

In the DM conversation, it is clear that he contacted her solely to have her link with his wife, since Lita is such a skilled trainer. He accompanied the post with a lengthy message to the public about how he had to take time away from studying for his Harvard education in order to clear his name, and how he wants everyone to keep that sort of negativity away from him and his wife.

Swizz Beatz defends himself

In a social media post, Mr. Swizz, who is studying for his business degree at Harvard, wrote:

Swizz Beatz defends himself

Then Lita chimed in with a comment of her own:

Swizz Beatz defends himself

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