Ray and Janay Rice

Disgraced NFL star Ray Rice won his appeal and is eligible to play immediately — that is, if a team is brave enough to sign him.

Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens running back was sacked by the NFL in June, after he beat his then-fiancee unconscious inside a now-shuttered casino back in February.

A female U.S. District judge agreed that Rice should be reinstated to play in the NFL immediately because she believes he did not lie to the NFL’s league office in a meeting to discuss Rice beating his wife, Janay Rice, in a casino elevator earlier this year.

In an elevator surveillance video released by a gossip tabloid, Rice was seen punching his then-fiancee and knocking her out cold. He then dragged her motionless body out of the elevator and dropped her on the floor like a sack of potatoes.

U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones wrote: “I do not doubt that viewing the video in September evoked horror in Commissioner Goodell as it did with the public. But this does not change the fact that Rice did not lie or mislead the NFL at the June 16 meeting.”

In an exclusive interview with ESPN conducted on November 5th, Janay Rice said she didn’t remember what they were fighting about at the now-shuttered casino back in February. What she does remember is she hit Ray first.

“As we were arguing, he was on his phone and not looking at me,” she said. “I went to reach for his phone, and when he grabbed it back, he spit at me and I slapped him.”

Janay said she asked Ray to describe his feelings after he knocked her out cold.

Typical of most narcissistic sociopaths Rice could not express his feelings. He only thought of himself in the aftermath of the elevator incident.

“I asked him how he felt when he saw that I was unconscious. He told me he was in shock,” said Janay. “I asked him what happened when we got out of the elevator. He told me he was terrified because security was there. I asked him how he felt seeing me like that. He said he was thinking, “What did I just do?” I didn’t watch the video again.”

As she did after Rice was suspended indefinitely by the NFL, Janay put the blame on herself for Ray’s behavior:

“I know some people disagreed with me publicly apologizing. I’m not saying that what Ray did wasn’t wrong. He and I both know it was wrong. It’s been made clear to him that it was wrong. But at the same time, who am I to put my hands on somebody?”

Regardless of whether she put her hands on him first, a REAL MAN would not punch a woman and knock her out cold.

Read Janay Rice’s full interview with ESPN here.

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