iggy azalea

Now we know why Iggy Azalea seemed so unbothered by her boyfriend, Nick Young‘s cheating scandal.

Azalea is apparently capitalizing off the cheating scandal by dropping new music.

On Thursday, the 25-year-old rapper dropped a new song and music video entitled “Team” off her new sophomore album, Digital Distortion.

The music video follows closely on the heels of the cheating scandal involving the 30-year-old L.A. Lakers star who was caught on video recounting his escapades with a 19-year-old groupie to his teammate D’Angelo Russell, 20.

On “Team”, Azalea flaunts her independence, singing: “Baby I got me/ Only friend I need/Yeah that’s all I need/ Playing on my team.”

How convenient that Azalea has a new song entitled “Team” ready to drop after the scandal involving the Lakers.

Recall that it was Azalea herself who brought attention to Russell’s video in a tweet.

No one noticed the video sitting on Fameolous’ Twitter page since March 24… then Azalea tweeted about it.

In another tweet, Azalea denied that rapper Nicki Minaj‘s camp was behind Russell’s video leak.

That’s probably because Azalea herself leaked Russell’s video to Fameolous’ blog. There’s nothing like a well-planned cheating scandal to bring attention to your washed up recording career.