One of the first things A$AP Rocky did when he was freed from a jail in Sweden was to reach out to his good friend Kanye West to let him know he would attend his Sunday Service in Calabasas, Calif. Rocky was arrested and jailed in a pre-trial detention center in Sweden following a street fight with 2 Afghan migrants on June 30.

The rapper was freed on Friday after a 3-day trial. He was allowed to leave the country, pending the trial verdict. Some say Rocky was released early after President Trump made an offer to the Swedes that they couldn't refuse.

Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian-West are credited with urging President Trump to intervene on the rapper's behalf.

At the Sunday Service, Rocky was filmed talking with ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner, Kanye West, and rapper A$AP Ferg.

Trump sent the U.S. special presidential envoy for hostage affairs to Stockholm to attend day one of Rocky's trial and to show Swedish officials that the rapper had the full weight of the U.S. State Department behind him.

The special presidential envoy, Ambassador Robert O'Brien, told reporters Trump sent him to see that justice was done in Rocky's case.

Rocky, 30, faces a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison if convicted on the assault charge. But he and 2 crew members, who were released with him, are not expected to return to Sweden for the verdict.

Photo by FREDRIK PERSSON/AFP/Getty Images

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    Did something happen in Toledo?

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  • Seldomseen

    Oh lawd, Rocky gonna but a bun in a Kardashian’s oven soon. Then he really gonna be in a jail he can’t get out of. He betta ask somebody

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    ASAP couldnt wait to run into the arms of those white heathens aka the jenners/karadshians smh

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    I wonder if Conye would allow a minister to come and speak at this service? Is it just a music ministry? Is he donating the money from the merchandise to a charity like Donda’s House? I have so many questions ?

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    Kanye's slippers...

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    He had to join the cult cause they "spoke up" on his behalf.... Got it! ?

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    Is Kanye or Trump the beast from book of revelations? Because one is a liar and deceiver wearing a false crown leading the country the other is a liar and deceiver running a church/cult.

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    He better drop it low for Jesus!!

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    Don't know much about Kanye's Sunday services. Hopefully God is in the midst.

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    That's a book of its not meant to be taken literally


    How long does he think his career is going to last? Is he just a socialite now?

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    Sunday saints Monday aints?

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    Which god! Theirs 2..GOOD & evil!


    There's so many more things black folks could be focused on besides religion. We're so far behind other groups..?

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    Sounds about


    There are like 500 gods globally

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    Book of parabells and spirituality! KNOW HOW TO DECIPHER the WORDS!


    I was about to buy that same jacket last month.. lol


    A book of stories that ain't been helping the black community. That's all I got sis.

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    He's such an unlikable person after this whole fiasco
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  • Let them eat cake

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    Can't you see it?? All roads lead to Babylon. Even our beloved Church... i said the Church - NOT His Word.

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