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Police body cam video shows the moment a math teacher was called out of class and arrested for improper conduct with one of his students.

Carlos Aguirre Rendon, 29, a teacher at Deltona Middle School in Florida, was arrested Wednesday and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and witness tampering in a case involving a 15-year-old student.

Video shows Rendon surrounded by several officers as he is escorted out of the school building and placed in handcuffs.

Deputies began investigating Rendon after the girl’s mother spotted him with his arm around her daughter in a public park.

On Tuesday, deputies learned that Rendon approached potential witnesses in the park and asked at least one witness not to talk to police.

Investigators interviewed students who said Rendon asked them to leave the classroom so he could be alone with the girl. He is also accused of stalking the girl around the campus.

The affidavit reads:

“(Rendon) would regularly ask other students to leave the classroom so he could be alone with her. He would follow her around campus in between classes and even offered himself as a private English tutor when he noticed she was struggling with the subject.”