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Lori Harvey denies reports that her split from A-list actor Michael B. Jordan left her in a deep depression.

Rumor has it that Lori dropped 20 pounds and fell into a deep depression after Michael broke up with her.

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"I'm in a really, really good space," she told E! News. She said she is looking forward to her hot girl summer as a single woman.

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"Like, really happy, I'm excited for the summer. I feel like this is the first summer that we have kind of no real restrictions, like we're off lockdown. So I feel good!"

She says she's focusing on her skin care line SKN by LH and building her brand.

"Business is going good. I have some new fun projects that are coming soon that I've been working on, so I'm extremely excited to share that with everybody. Just excited to continue to grow, continue to evolve, continue to learn as I go."


Sources say Lori is taking a break from reading her DMs. She's tired of the constant stream of "pick me" messages from lonely men.

The daughter of Marjorie Harvey and stepdaughter of standup comedian Steve Harvey said her parents advised her "To not get caught up in the comment section" on social media. Lori says she repeats her mantra to her younger self: "Remember you're the prize, always."