Photo may have been deleted

Rumors are swirling that Chicago rapper FBG Cash, 31, was shot and killed because he posed in front of a mural of fellow drill rapper King Von.

FBG Cash, real name Tristan Hamilton, was driving on Chicago’s South Side at 5:32 a.m. Friday when a black Cadillac blocked his Hyundai SUV at the intersection of West 81st and S. Marshfield. Two men hopped out and opened fire.

FBG Cash tried to run, but he was gunned down in a hail of bullets. A 29-year-old woman who was with him was shot twice in the arm and is listed in stable condition. Cops counted 23 shell casings at the scene.

Photo may have been deleted

Lil Durk (left) and King Von (right) were like brothers. Durk, 29, convinced King Von to move from Chicago to Atlanta and signed him to a record deal with his label. They were both arrested in connection with a shooting in Atlanta in June 2019, and were awaiting trial when King Von was fatally shot in Atlanta on Nov. 6, 2020 at age 26.

FBG Cash routinely dissed King Von and Durk’s late brother, OTF DThang, in videos and songs.

FBG Cash discussed his beef with Lil Durk in a recent interview on the “No Jumper” podcast.

Cash said Durk sent him a text message challenging him to take the infamous photo in front of King Von’s mural.

“Go over there and do that and see what happen to you,” FBG Cash quoted the text message from Durk as saying.

“I’m outside right now,” Cash replied in a text to Durk, meaning he was near King Von’s mural.

In the “No Jumper” interview, Cash said he didn’t regret taking the photo at the mural and posting it on social media. “It was risky, but, like, it’s the play I made… I posted it,” Cash said.

Rapper King Yella, who relocated from Chicago to Las Vegas, seemed to confirm the rumors that FBG Cash was killed over beef with a certain millionaire rapper.

In a new video, Yella urged gangsta rappers to “do better” and “stop beefing with ni**as with money.”

“Ni**as got too much money man… I ain’t got nothing else to say. Like, y’all understand what I’m saying. A couple dollars, man. That’s all it take, man.”

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