You’re in luck ladies: Lamar Odom is back on the market. The former NBA star denies reports he is dating an unclockable male-to-female transgender.

Odom seemed to confirm reports he was dating Australian trans model and actor Daniiellè Alexis last week.
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But sources tell TMZ they are “just friends” and the 2-time NBA Champion has “no problems with the transgender community”.

Speculation ran rampant when Alexis posted selfies of them together on Instagram. In one image, Alexis appears to blow a kiss at the former L.A. Laker star.

In one post, Alexis called Odom: “One of the most beautiful humans I’ve met.”

According to TMZ, they met in June when Odom was in LA to attend the BET Awards.

A source claims Odom was out shopping when a car pulled up and Alexis jumped out and asked for a photo. Odom got in the car to take photos with Alexis.

TMZ’s sources said Odom has “no issue with Alexis being a transgender woman”, but “there’s simply no romantic spark between them” because he is strictly heterosexual.