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Jesse Williams and his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee are back in court.

According to Radar Online, Jesse filed for an emergency hearing after Aryn refused to agree to let their kids visit him in New York.

The couple settled their bitter divorce back in 2019 when Jesse was pulling down millions as the star of ABC series Grey’s Anatomy.


A judge eventually lowered Jesse’s child support from $40,000 a month to just $7,000 a month for the couple’s two children.


Jesse is in New York City starring in the Broadway play Take Me Out. The second run of the play begins in October.

Jesse says their two children, 8-year-old Sadie and 7-year-old Maceo, visited him multiple days a month during the play’s first run.

He says Aryn is playing hard ball and said no after he requested the same visiting schedule for the next couple of months.

The actor told the judge he doesn’t want to “miss a precious moment” with his minor kids.

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Jesse said his girlfriend Ciarra Pardo is willing to travel with the kids from California to New York at a moment’s notice.

But Aryn responded that the kids are too young to travel overnight on red-eye flights and miss days in school.

“I am not in agreement with a 7yr and 8yr old being asked to fly overnight red-eye flights on a regular basis, missing at least 2 days of school per month,” she said. “This was a temporary solution given for a temporary situation the first time. This is now a request that covers 8 out of the 12 months of 2022.”

Radar Online obtained text messages exchanged between the two parties from late April/ early May.

In one text, Aryn complained that Jesse left the kids with a nanny who didn’t answer her FaceTime calls. She also accused Jesse of giving her the wrong number.


“It is a rollercoaster of confusion, inconsistency, and disruption. And they shouldn’t have to endure it. Noting that your nanny has never answered a Facetime call of mine. Though I could have the wrong number again, since you gave me the wrong number previously.”

Aryn also told her ex that she “will not tolerate any more of your threats nor any more of your pressure while you fake being the victim.”

“I am being harassed and bullied. I am a single mom with no family in town doing my very best to care for myself and our children while rebuilding after being hit with an abrupt 84% reduction in my child support.”


Aryn claims she is forced to downgrade and borrow money from friends to make ends meet.

“I do not have extra money nor time to continue in this way with you, the attorneys, and everything that goes along with it. I am reorganizing and borrowing against my assets to make sure I maintain enough cash flow while I rebuild.”

She also slammed Jesse for hiding his substantial assets in multiple bank accounts.

“The audacity that you have, playing victim about your last minute plane tickets, that you could have bought weeks ago btw, is insane, As per 3 of the 13 bank accounts that you turned over, you have millions of dollars in the bank, And this is without consultation on the other 10 bank accounts you didn’t turn over. The way you’re engaging with me is financially and emotionally abusive. And it’s enough already.”