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According to YouTube blogger Chronicle Speaks, Shirley Strawberry and Ernesto Williams are not married because he is still married to his first wife, Edith Williams.

Edith reached out to Chronicle Speaks to inform her that Ernesto was not married 4 times.

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Edith said she is his only wife and she provided receipts in the form of a marriage certificate that shows they have been married for the past 38 years.

According to the marriage certificate, Ernesto and Edith were wed on Oct. 22, 1985 in South Carolina.

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For some unknown reason, Ernesto and Edith never got divorced. So his other three “marriages” are not valid. Bigamy is against the law in many states including South Carolina and Georgia.

Ernesto’s other “wives” include Carol and Martha. He was married to Martha for 20 years and for 2 years to Carol.

Photo may have been deleted

Chronicle Speaks contacted the county clerk in Aiken County, who confirmed Edith’s marriage to Ernesto is still valid in that state. Which means any marriage that took place after 1985 are invalid.

During an emotional Strawberry Letter 2 weeks ago, Shirley told her boss, Steve Harvey, that she filed for divorce from Ernesto.

However, legal scholars say Shirley, 69, was never married in the first place.

Ernesto, 58, is still locked up in Georgia on fraud and ID theft charges.

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