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“Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes was reportedly fired after getting into a heated debate with Al Reynolds about Tyler Perry’s relationship advice.

According to reports, the Atlanta dentist was let go by Bravo producers after she lashed out at Al Reynolds in a YouTube livestream that went left.

Tyler sparked debate recently when he said high value Black women should settle for broke men.

Tyler said successful Black women who earn more money than most Black men should be open to dating broke men who can at least pay the light bill.

“If you can find love, if that man works at whatever job and is a good man, and is good to you, and honors you, and honors the house, and honors his wife, and does what he can, because his gift might not be your gift, that is okay,” Tyler said.

However, Dr. Heavenly Kimes disagreed with Tyler’s advice during the Sept. 19 episode of Fox Soul’s “Tea-G-I-F” web series.

Dr. Heavenly said Tyler was “disrespectful” to Black women by suggesting they pay most of the bills while men only pay a light bill.

“What b-tch gonna say that? Nobody’s gonna say that,” Dr. Heavenly said. “What Black woman gonna say it’s OK for me to pay all the damn bills?”

“Tyler Perry done made me mad with that,” she said, before saying Tyler wants Black women to settle for “some bulls-t.”

Al responded, saying Dr. Heavenly is married to a “very good man” and she lives a very wealthy lifestyle.

“You can’t give me no advice out here on how to handle men,” Al said.

Al, who is openly bisexual, accused Dr. Heavenly of attacking Black men.

“I’m not gonna sit up here on my good Internet and let you attack Black men who are out here trying to do their best,” Al said.

Dr. Heavenly took offense and lashed out at Al on a YouTube livestream the next day. She also brought up Al’s marriage to former “The View” co-host Star Jones.

“I’m about to talk about Al Jones’s ass,” Heavenly said. “Yes I’m about to talk about Al Jones, because he disrespected all Black women, saying that we should settle for 20 percent and let a man live in your household paying 20 percent.”

“Women I’m telling you, know your worth,” she continued. “And if a man can only put in 20 percent, he don’t need to be your man!”