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I Look To You, Whitney Houston’s first new Arista/RMG studio album of original material in seven years, debuts at #1 on this week’s HITS sales chart, with a total topping 300k. Her last album (aside from a 2003 Christmas release), Just Whitney, debuted at #9 with 205k back in 2002.

Hollywood’s Miley Cyrus, last week’s #2 after her Wal-Mart exclusive album, The Time of Our Lives, went on sale before release date, remains in the same spot, with a total of 162k, a whopping 154% increase, thanks to the runaway smash, “Party in the U.S.A.”

Atlantic R&B smoothie Trey Songz is the week’s other Top 5 debut, nestling in at #3 with 136k for Ready, while Epic’s Chevelle (#7) and J/RMG’s Pitbull (#8) are the other Top 10 newcomers.

Epic’s late superstar Michael Jackson continues to hold down a pair of Top 10 slots, with Number Ones at #4 and Thriller at #9, the latter up another 59%.

New promo shots of struggling R&B singer Trey Song exposes more than his rock hard muscles. The "Panty Droppa" also bares his toned gluteus maximus for his rabid fans. The artsy images show off Trey's body art and the result of months of exhaustive personal training. I'm impressed and I'm sure the kids (gays) are impressed as well.

I'm still awaiting the clandestine photos that were supposedly taken of a naked Trey in an Atlanta hotel room by a man who claimed he had a secret rendezvous with the singer. Until I see those pics for myself, I won't believe the rumors.

I've been promised some real dirt on industry exec Mike Kyser, left, posing with Trey Song at his album release party earlier this week in NYC. I can't wait to hear what it is. By the way, sales of Trey's album, Ready, fell just short of the 100K mark for the 1st week. We're hoping Trey won't get Omarioned by Atlantic Records, which spent a grip on marketing for Trey's album. Other than singer/producer/songwriter Johnta Austin, no real celebs showed up for the party.
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Celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie attended the NY album release party for struggling R&B singer Trey Song on Tuesday. That's Atlantic Records PR Guru Sydney Margolis posing with her (he cut off his trademark dreads!). I emailed Necole and asked her if she was going to retire her Donna Summer weave and let her real hair breathe on Real Hair Day on Sept.8. I would post her response, but this is a family oriented blog, and here at, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. I'm just kidding of course.
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Chris Brown's bow tie has its own Twitter account, LOL.

And bitch boy's mama Joyce gives him the side eye on Larry King Live!

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I guess struggling R&B singer Trey Song knows who his real fans are. According to online projected sales estimates, only one third of the singer's rabid 300,000+ Twitter followers went out and purchased his album on Monday.

Trey's Ready is expected to push between 100-115K in first week's sales to take the #2 spot on the sales chart. The CD will barely break 100K even with the added advantage of a Monday release. Record labels normally release product on Tuesdays.

The Diva Whitney Houston, who struggled through her live performance in Central Park yesterday, will claim the top spot on the charts next week.

According to HitsDailyDouble, Whitney's Arista/RMG album, I Look to You, boasts an expected sales figure of 250-275k. That's more than double the sales of Trey Song, and she doesn't even have a Twitter page.

Thanks to Atlantic Records for sending this new Trey Song album for my readers to listen (and enjoy) before they buy it! I didn't get the chance to listen to the tracks yet. So let me know what you think! Ready is in stores on August 31.

01. Panty Droppa-Intro
02. Neighbors Know My Name
03. I Invented Sex (feat. Drake)
04. I Need A Girl
05. One Love
06. Does He Do It
07. Say Aah
08. LOL:-) (feat. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)
09. Ready To Make Luv
10. Jupiter Love
11. Be Where You Are
12. Successful (feat. Drake)
13. Black Roses
14. Love Lost
15. Hollalude
16. Holla If You Need Me
17. Yo Side Of The Bed

If anyone knows how to open up and say ahh, it's struggling R&B singer Trey Song (I know it's Songz, but since he's a one-hit wonder I'll call him Song). As you know, it has been rumored for months that Trey Song and a certain Canadian-born, biracial rapper have been intimate in the past. Now I have no evidence of that, so please don't quote me.

Struggling R&B singer Trey Songz is never at a loss to find ways to embarrass himself. If he isn't releasing homemade videos bragging about his (imagined) sexual exploits, then he's faking romantic liaisons with a blogger.

All of this is of course a desperate attempt to promote his new album and to cover up the fact that he reportedly goes both ways.

I am in possession of an email from a man who claims he once played hide the beef with Trey in an Atlanta hotel room. But I won't publish that email since the snitch wanted me to buy the cell phone photos of their sordid romp in the sack. Sorry, I'm not TMZ. If I'm going to spend my last dime on photos, it certainly wouldn't be spent on ol' butter teeth Trey Songz.

Anyway, the only reason I'm making a post about this bore is because he once again brought shame to his family name by lying about his prowess in the sack in an interview with Honey magazine. Somebody should sit this queen down and explain to him that men who CAN don't brag about it. They show and prove.

Trey discussed his worst moment in the sack (we're assuming this was with the aforementioned blogger):
"This girl threw up on me. She couldn't take the d*ck." Trey claims it happened twice so it couldn't have been an experienced groupie.

Trey also talks about his favorite sex game, which sounds frighteningly similar to the sex game that left "Kung Fu" actor David Carradine dead:

"I like to choke girls right before they cum, but you gotta continue hitting it at a rapid momentum. And I like girls that can take the whole d*ck."

Apparently, Trey also likes the boys that can take whole d*ck since this is a sex game that is very popular within the gay community. Not so much among heterosexuals.

To prove my point, I spoke with several female friends who are more knowledgeable about these things since I have no experience in that area. And they told me that if a man ever tried to choke them out at any point during sex they would jump up and deliver a savage beat down that would land his butt in a hospital emergency room. Maybe that's what happened to Trey's jacked up teeth?

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I'm not feeling this style worn by NBA baller Carmelo and his boy, rapper Diego Cash at the Velvet Room this past Sunday.

I was told not to mention the words "suspect" or "How U doin" in regards to the old school culottes 'Melo is sportin'. I was also told not to go in on them for dressing alike right down to the faux diamond pendants. So I won't mention any of that.

Local businessman and club promoter Alex Gidewon, right, with Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets

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Jay Z called into the Ryan Cameron Show on WVEE to clear up rumors surrounding the cancellation of his rained out concert at Chastain Park Amphitheater last night. Jigga confirmed he would return in the Fall to do a show somewhere in Atlanta, but no date was given. That pretty much means the Chastain show won't be rescheduled as previously reported, so go get your money back. A couple of loyal readers emailed me to say they received refunds by calling Ticketmaster. But if you bought your tickets at Chastain Park, you're out of luck.

Oh, and Jay Z also told Ryan exclusively that he signed a book deal. So listen for the scoop on that.

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