Bobby Brown, LaPrincia Brown and Alicia Etheridge

Old skool stars Trey Songz, Bobby Brown, Too Short, and Warren G attended the 8th Annual Kandyland event at the elegantly appointed Gatsby Mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif. Billed as 'An Evening of Decadent Dreams,' female guests were encouraged to wear "Kandy inspired sexy attire," and men were asked to wear all black. Brown is pictured above with his wife/manager Alicia Etheridge. Tickets were priced from $750-$7500 each.

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Last night AG Entertainment and Mr. Rugs threw a Grand Opening for the brand new PRIVÉ Lounge in Atlanta. Trey Songz, Draya Michele hosted the Grand Opening bash. All of Atlanta turned out for the all white everything affair. Other celebrities in the house included reality TV stars Mimi Faust (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), Che Mack (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), Lil Scrappy, Kirk Frost, Bambi, Monyetta Shaw (Ne-Yo's baby mama, Marlo Hampton (RHOA), Travis Porter, Dondria (SoSo Def), Porsha Stewart (RHOA), Kirk Frost (Love & Hip Hop), Kenny Burns, T.I., R&B singer Mario, Jazze Phe and Vawn, Lil Scrappy (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), R&B singer Verse Simmons, Khadijah Rowe (BIG RICH ATL), DICE (La La's Full Court Life), and V-103's Big Tigger.
Photos by, and

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Remember back in the days when singer Trey Songz was 3X harder than he is now -- or at least he pretended to be. I dug deep into the SR archives for this video jewel.

Back in 2007, Trey was performing in a hole in the wall club on the chitlin' circuit when a hater tossed a couple of ice cubes his way.

"Who throwin' ice?" Trey demanded to know. When a chick raised her hand, Trey and his bodyguard leaped off the stage and beat ol' girl beat down! Trey would probably look back on that azz whippin' as the highlight of his career.

I bet some of you ladies yearn for the good ol' days when Trey at least pretended to hard as a rock.

Two well-known closeted bisexuals got together yesterday on the set of Fuse TV. Host, Toure interviewed singer Trey Songz (who earned his 'Z' back because he is no longer a one-hit wonder). I have no clue what they talked about. But the big buzz online is the "slave rape" tweets made by Toure under the guise of his cousin on Twitter earlier this week.

It's been known for a while that Toure is a bit unstable, but his instability became a lot more obvious when he began retweeting racist tweets from a user he claimed was his cousin.

In one tweet, Toure, under the guise of his cousin, wrote:

"i'm not toure, but i am starting to worry about his mental health to the point i don't wanna pile on. "weird place"?"

The tweets, mostly about slavemaster rape on plantations in the deep South, would have gone unnoticed were it not for Toure retweeting them to his 14,000 followers, some of whom were so upset that they asked him to stop reposting the tweets.

Toure later admitted he made up the tweets himself, but then he deleted his own bizarre confession. It's obvious that the writing styles of both Twitter accounts are the same.

Luckily, What About Our Daughters blog founder, Gina, was online at the time and got a screen grab of Toure's lunacy.

If you check Toure's Twitter @Tourex, you will see where he deleted all his tweets, including the one where he wrote, "pretty sneaky, sis. I wrote that stuff." Interestingly, he (and his supposed cousin) haven't been back online since Mar. 1, which is strange for such a prolific Tweeter. It can only be assumed that Toure's employers, MSNBC and Fuse, "got at him" for his slavemaster rape rants.

As I've said before, Twitter is not the place for people with poor impulse control because once you put it out there, you can't take it back.

MORE pics of Trey Songz on the set of Fuse TV after the break!

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Struggling R&B singer Trey Song decided to come for me over the weekend on after I wrote a tweet congratulating him on his apparent win during the BET Hip Hop Awards which took place here in the ATL over the weekend.

It seems that one of my readers pulled a fast one on me by emailing me to say that Trey won the "BET Best One-hit-wonder Award." After tweeting a congratulatory message to Trey on Twitter, I checked with BET, and as it turns out, there is no such award.

Just as I was about to delete the offending tweet -- and issue an apology to Mr. Song, the same reader emailed me to say that Trey was "going in" on me on the social microblogging site.

In response to my tweet (which as I said was tweeted in error), Trey mobilized his half-million strong fan base of followers on to make my face a trending topic on and I was ridiculed and disrespected by total strangers for hours on until my face finally stopped trending.

I am puzzled as to why Trey didn't mobilize his 500,000 (mostly unemployed and broke) Stans on Twitter to buy his most recent album, which debuted at #3 on the charts with a measly 131K copies sold. To date, Trey's CD is nowhere near going gold.

I was also clueless as to why Trey would come at me on Twitter over what was obviously an error. Then my friend informed me that Trey might be butt hurt by my constant references to his (alleged) down low lifestyle. But how can that be when I've never gone into any specific details about his sexual exploits with other industry men?

For years, the entire industry has been whispering that Trey takes it up the rear and gladly returns the favor. But I never mentioned the baseless gossip since we here at hold ourselves to a higher standard than other blogs.

In fact, from what I understand, Trey's label sank a lot of cash into remaking his soft cupcake image, in part, because of the rampant gay rumors.

They even paid a celebrity blogger to manufacture a laughable faux relationship with the struggling singer. But, lol, nobody in their right minds believed it.

Speaking of said blogger, I'm told she at first balked at the chance to help remake Trey's image, but whatever they offered her must have been too good to refuse. She can't stand the punk as you can clearly see from the following email that she sent to an industry exec (please note the date the email was sent):

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Hey
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 16:32:44 -0500
From: Necole (
To: [Name removed]

Oh trust me, you don't want to get to a point where other bloggers are talking about you.
I should know. Um who's jealous of trey songz? lol. i can't....he is a nobody

Yea you are not lying about "more fake people which I can't stomach".Womp womp!

Yea twitter is fun once you figure it out. you'll be addicted in no time. just you watch!


And to those who think this email is fake, I have the email with the headers in its original form, not a copy. Of course, it could be that she thought Trey was a "nobody" until she met him. But it's interesting to see what she thought about him until he started kissing her ass.

It will take Trey a hot minute (depending upon how dumb he is) to figure out that he was used for blog hits. But then again, he used her too, right?

Oh, by the way, the person she sent this email to originally DID NOT forward the email to me. I want to make that clear! Let's just say I have my ways of getting information.

Moving right along...

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Blogger Nigel D. of sent along these behind the scenes pics from the video set of Fabolous' video shoot for "Say Aah" featuring Trey Song. We're still waiting for one-hit-wonder Trey to score a hit so we can add that 'Z' back to the end of his name.

Over the weekend, I received an email from producer/songwriter Johnta Austin (pictured, right), who defended his home boy Trey in a most civil and respectful manner.

Johnta was so courteous and nice in his email. You can tell he really likes Trey a lot. Johnta asked me not to post his email, so I won't. But I remember little child prodigy Johnta from one of those kiddie TV shows from back in the day. He has grown up to be quite the hunk. So I asked Johnta for some shirtless pics since my readers have been hounding me about doing a Morning Wood featur on him.

Johnta promised to send a few 'vacation' pics of himself. But like I said, that was over the weekend. And here it is Thursday and still no pics. Oh well. I tried, ladies.

When is Trey going to get his buttery teeth whitened?

Hhhow They Doin?

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This Morning Wood is strictly for the fellas! Struggling R&B singer Trey Song strikes questionable gay poses in the current issue of Urban Ink magazine. These heavily Photoshopped pics of Trey look like they came straight out a gay themed magazine or a male online dating service. Trey has the gay poses down to perfection (and why not?) He tries so hard doesn't he? And he wonders why we bloggers keep spilling his tea.