Usher has yet to announce a release date for his untitled follow-up to the smash album Confessions. But his longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri tells MTV something is coming.

The question is does anyone still care at this point? In the past year Usher’s camp has leaked enough singles to fill an entire album. None of the singles are impressive or worthy of note.

Now MTV reports two more singles have been dumped on the Internets if anyone cares: “Moving Mountains” produced by Timbaland and “Make Love in The Club” produced by Polow Da Don. Click the links to listen.

The NY coroner’s office released toxioclogy reports ruling actor Heath Ledger‘s death an “accident” based on results showing he had 3 different anti-anxiety medications and 2 different sleeping pills in his system.

Overdosing on a few sleeping pills is an accident. But Ledger had Valium, Ativan, Xanax, Lunesta and Restoril in his bloodstream at the time of his death. That’s more like suicide or murder.

In somewhat related news, an LA county coroner also ruled rapper Chad “Pimp C” Butler‘s untimely death an accident due to the combination of sleep apnea and the effects of cough medicine. Despite all the headlines blaming Pimp C’s death on cough medicine, it’s more likely he died from his medical condition sleep apnea considering the levels of Phenergen and Codeine in his bloodstream were not that high.

Certain bloggers are going loony over this pic of Rihanna performing in the Bahamas over the weekend. One melanin-challenged blogger wrote, “Rihanna keeps it classy at the Atlantis Paradise Island last night, working her perfectly toned ass on stage during a sultry performance.”

Now y’all know Rihanna is one of my favorites in music right now, but in this case, “perfectly toned ass” is a stretch by anyone’s imagination.

Here in Atlanta we have strip clubs that cater to men who prefer mixed women with “perfectly toned” asses, so I can see why that particular blogger would write that. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Rihanna is still the #1 star in the world. Assets or no assets. scored an interview with the legendary Janet Jackson who reveals a little more of her family life than in previous interviews. Parade really got Janet to open up more and show her human side. On growing up the youngest Jackson and getting dumped on by big sister LaToya:

“When my brothers were on the road, I’d be the one taking out the garbage because my sister La Toya would say to me, ‘Mother wants you to do this.’ I’d think, ‘I’m sure doing a lot of the chores all by myself’. When I’d ask Mother, ‘Do you want me to do this myself?’ She’d go, ‘No, baby, I said for both you and La Toya to do it.’ La Toya was putting all her chores on me!”

But unlike many black women in today’s society, Janet learned a very valuable lesson from her mom – cooking.

“After school, I’d come home and get in the kitchen and cook up a meal for myself. Because I was too little to reach the oven or the stove, I’d stand on top of a swivel chair, cut up onions, garlic, butter, chicken or a little steak and put it in foil and make it. We children worked and still went to school. Mother made sure we still had a little playtime.”

To read more of the interview, go here.

Janet’s listening party for her CD “Disclipine” is today at a private location in New York. I have a spy attending so I’ll give you the highlights from the party later.

Photo source: Necole Bitchie via Rhymeswithsnitch

Rare pics of R&B crooner Al B. Sure and his two sons together. The oldest boy looks older than Al B! Clearly he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth like younger brother Quincy whose mother is Kim Porter and whose human ATM machine is Sean Combs.

Photo: Celebrity Baby Blog

After many disappointing failed relationships with white boys, Richard Pryor‘s baby girl Rain, 38, finally found success and happiness with a brotha (at least we think he’s a brotha). According to Celebrity Baby Blog, Rain posted this pic of her man Yale on her website. The happy couple are expecting their first child – a girl – in April. Congratulations to them!

50 Cent clears up those pesky rumors about dating Ciara once and for all. Y’all gon’ listen to your auntie Sandra! Fiddy also denies dating Hollywood gold digger Tracey Edmonds. The fact is no woman worth her salt would have anything to do with 50 Cent. Other than truckloads of money (and a killer bod) he has absolutely nothing going for him.

Not to keep going back to that Rihanna/Ciara thing, but I heard something about Rihanna that I might share with you guys if you’re good 🙂

Despite a heavy black voter turnout, Senator Hillary Clinton edged out Senator Barack Obama in the race for democratic delegates on Super Tuesday. While Obama was a slight favorite with the under 30 voters, Clinton surged to a double digit lead over Obama in delegate-rich California with support from women and Hispanics.