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I think we can safely say Eddie Murphy is the dumbest actor in all of Hollywood. Forrest Gump has nothing on Eddie. Pretty soon the big studios will figure out that Eddie’s movies aren’t making a dime at the box office because he has forever alienated the largest segment of the ticket-buying public: women.

Now clueless Eddie says he won’t see his daughter because Mel B tricked him into having sex without a condom:

Although Eddie accepts that Angel is his daughter, he has said that he won’t see the little girl, because he doesn’t want to set eyes on Mel.

A source said: “He says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her without any interference from her mother.”

Secrets behind the couple’s doomed three-month fling have been revealed in legal papers in which Eddie, 46, states that Mel allegedly asked him for a $9million (£4.5million) house, plus living expenses for 18 years in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant.

But Eddie baulked at the demands and it is claimed he has since refused to see the baby and the Spice Girl. (Source)

  • prynsexxx

    TRICKED!!!!!? As many kids as this man has, he knew the sex, weight and birthdate of the kid the minute his p e n i s threw up.

  • Terry .W

    What an F***ing loser/coward/punk!….

  • brwnsugga4you

    he is a poor excuse for a man. i’m sure mr. 8 kids by 3 different women was not tricked at all. further, what’s done is done. the baby is here…and he needs to step up and be an active father in his daughter’s life.

  • Kymystry

    Eddie looks like a one of them claymation crack-heads from the PJ’s .. what IS it about Hollyweird that makes folk lose their ever lovin minds … He needs to be beat with a used condom .. then maybe he won’t be “tricked” next time… PUNK !!

  • gemini83


  • Mspeng

    It makes me so sad to read this story. As a woman who had a father who had nothing to do with me for the simple fact that my mom left him, it hurt me because I had NOTHING to do with he and my mom’s relationship. And I’m the one who suffers in the end just like Angel is the one who ultimately suffers from her dad wanting nothing to do with her. I would never support anything else Eddie Murphy has to do because he has no moral fiber in his body!

  • aqtpie

    She’s a very pretty little girl. Regardless of how she was conceived she’s here and she’s his, he is sorry as hell for that one.

  • TT

    Give a f-ing break!!!!! They are so many different ways to see your child if you are that hell bent on not seeing the mom….like make arrangements to drop off and pick up at someone else’s home. But that is just dumb. He might as well call his career a WRAP!!!

  • pinkvirgo

    How could he be ok with not seeing his child.i could never be with a man who could toss a child to the side like a used rag.SMH @Eddie but I doubt that his box office sales will reflect any of this sorry sandra.He doesn’t have to see her mom I’m sure their lawyers can come to some sort of agreement.He must really hate Mel b/c he seems like hes really attentive 2 his other kids.Go fig.

  • brenden

    Wow the comments remind me of an episode of go on girl from in living color.lolol.

    Secrets behind the couple’s doomed three-month fling have been revealed in legal papers in which Eddie, 46, states that Mel allegedly asked him for a $9million (£4.5million) house, plus living expenses for 18 years in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant

    A 3 month fling. Their words not mine, yet Eddie gets all the blame. This is a no talent, non singing, yet somehow successful woman. Why is she seeking anything other than child support? Is her child too good for a 1 million dollar home? Why would she let a man sex her without a condom? All men are dogs that’s a given right? So where is her responsibility in this? I’m just saying. Something tells me if she were White some of us wouldn’t be running to her aide. Had Eddie knocked up some has been White woman she’d be getting the snide remarks that Eddie is receiving as well. People would be pointing out her obvious faults in this fiasco. However that’s just my opinion. And I’m entitled as we all are. I’ve seen Sandra tear a new 1 for the baby mommas, groupies of sports stars and celebrities. I even saw Sandra refer to Shaunie Oneal as nothing more than a groupie (even though her and shaq were married) yet SCARY SPICE (lol) gets a shoulder to cry on? Maybe I’m missing something here. Most importantly all this information is being supplied by “sources”. Which means it could very well be “bogus”.

  • kpakpando

    What a donkey. So it was a casual relationship and yet you went ahead to have sex without a condom? Casual to me implies that you’re a free agent, unless my thinking is screwed up. What kind of horse chit is this male trying to feed us. Sex only happened 3 times, apparently it was one time too many… If I were Mel B I’d sue the pants of him and Johnny Gill.
    TF ever, Angel is a beautiful child, its a shame she has such a waste of oxygen as her father.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i feel u brenden but there are always two sides…and in court a person has the right to say whatever they want and let a judge decide who is 1/2 way telling the truth. the bottom line is the lil girl is here now. all that back and forth about it..should be laid to rest. she needs to be taken care of and her father needs to step up and be a man and be a parent/father to his daughter. regardless of what the mom’s intentions are and were and visa versa. it should work the same way for the women. just my opinion 🙂

  • pinkvirgo

    Brenden her responsibility in the situation is that shes raising the child.Mel can’t sing but neither can anyone else in the group so apparently somebody likes the spice girls(they should change their name b/c theres nothing girl about any of them)I’m not saying Mel is an angel but the baby’s here and the paternity test proved it was his so lets crying about the details already and man up.

  • pinkvirgo

    Damn brwnsugga4you I shoulda read your post bfore I posted their basically the reading is fundamental!

  • brwnsugga4you

    pinkvirgo: its all good. great minds think alike…lol.

  • brenden

    I don’t know for me it just feels like Eddie has the money so Eddie is the target. She had a nasty divorce with her husband. But he’s just a background dancer,,,,so the tables were turned. He’s always going after her finances, hes the 1 always petitioning the court, he’s the 1 always talking to the media. Now here she is,,,no better than her ex husband who even recently petitioned the court to keep her from taking their child on the road. That was done out of malice, out of spite…However she’s no better. It’s hard for me to feel for her when she’s been on the other side, yet turns around and does the exact same thing. Which to me just proves she’s motivated by money, not by her yearning for her childs father to be in her childs life…And don’t get it twisted I’m no fan of Eddie Murphy. Havent been since the boomerang days. I’m just pointing out what in my mind is blatantly obvious.

  • brwnsugga4you

    brendan: all that might be true but, what’s done is done. Eddie needs to work it out!!!i was in a custody battle with my daughter’s father and to have somebody that you don’t know, doesn’t know your family etc…decide the fate of your child is ridiculous. at the end of the day adults have to get past their emotional state towards each other. oh, and we were in a 10 yr relationship…and we are the best of friends …i have no drama thank god. SHOUT OUT TO MY BABYDADDY…!!!LOL

  • pinkvirgo

    Brendan I don’t empathize with Mel, I feel for the Angel Iris.

  • brwnsugga4you

    pinkvirgo Says: i concur.

  • 2bme

    …and his daughter has what to do with this? An innocent child because one parent is an idiot and the other is scanless(take your pick)..I am too through

  • brenden

    LMAO!!!!!! Well that’s good. I agree things are much better when worked out amongst the involved parties. And let me give a shout out to my daddy for teaching me the importance of Can’t nobody trick me.lolol.

    Pink I have a feeling lil angel will be just fine. Her mommy has a loving heart of golddigging,,,

  • shhhh

    I’m not going to say that it’s fair what Eddie is doing. I think that it’s EXTREMELY immature. But at the sametime, that b*tch Mel doesn’t get an ONCE of sympathy from me. She did to him what these groupy h*s do everyday to atheletes.

    Some of this should be blamed on Mel. She’s not a victim. She did exactly what he’s saying se did. I hope you guys click on the “source” and read the ENTIRE story.

    The baby is soooooooooooooo cute, I wish she was mine.

  • kpakpando

    Perhaps if Eddie wasn’t claiming MelB back in the day, I would agree with the gold digging sentiments, but he publicly came out saying that after three months they were madly in love… so where is the so called love now.

  • EmmCee

    From a man’s point of view, he’s just pissed off. He’ll come to his senses. Especially after he sees this picture of his beautiful daughter. I’m sure a lot of you ladies know some girl that was mad at her kids father and wouldn’t let him see the child, ( It might be you.) this is just the reverse male version of that.It happens. It’s rare but it happens. It’ll pass. I’m sure he’s more mad at himself for getting caught up than at her for “gold-digging”. The 1 bad thing I will say is he’s WAAAAAAAYYY to old to act like this but everybody handles their emotions differently.

  • Mia

    I’m with brenden on this one. I am by no means an Eddie Murphy fan, but I despise Mel B to the same extent. The way she acted after the break up was crazy. I literally think she’s a crazy psycho and while I don’t care for Eddie he was lucky to get away from her.

    As for Angel, I’ve sounded off on this before, just not on this site. If Eddie doesn’t want to be a part of her life then that’s his loss. It wouldn’t be beneficial for Eddie or Angel to have someone require him to be a part of her life. He’d just be resentful during all of the time he spent with her and she’d pick up on that. I agree that Eddie should be a part of her life, but it’s only going to hurt Angel if he’s forced.

  • milly

    he needs to do better, Angel deserves a father.

  • Mia

    Every child deserves a father. Unfortunately not all men make good fathers.

  • Bsoul

    Shut up Eddie, just shut up. I’m really sick of you and your foolishness. Evertime you open your mouth, out pops a lie!

  • Nina

    Sounds like excuses to me and Eddie needs to get his priorities in check – as it relates to his family. Clearly, he has not been making well thought-out decisions over the last few years…and its definitely going to affect his career. I think a few people already commented that they will not support him anymore. Angel should not have to grow up feeling like her dad resents her birth…no child should. They both need some family counseling because they are creating an unhealthy environment for her and its best to start early.

    I have no comment on his “condom” statement – that is too highschool.

  • alana

    This is nonother than another case of what Diddy calls “b!tcha$$ness”. I cannot believe that a MAN who is 46 years old would give an interview and say that he doesnt plan on seeing his child because he doesnt want to see the mother. I cannot believe that Tracey Edmonds was ever considering walking down an aisle with a man who feels that way about his own flesh and blood. Mel B should NEVER let his b!tch a$$ nowhere near HER daughter when she does get older since he doesnt even love his child enough to look past whatever happend w/ the mother!!!

  • tallie

    I wouldn’t even spit on Eddie Murphy if he were on fire. That’s how much he digusts me.

  • istandbehindtheIam

    What ever happen to “being the stand up person”, Mel is as immature as Eddie, puttin’ your business in the street is straight up hot garbage.

  • AlwaysSweet

    How does he know that she will even want to have dealings with him when she grows up. She may feel like ‘since you weren’t there in the formative years when I really needed a father, don’t try to be a father to me now that I’m grown.’ What a di%* head!

  • fashionista

    is it just me…or did i not read several articles and see several pictures with Eddie and Mel parading around LA, claiming each other as bf/gf..etc. etc.? You guys keep labeling her as a gold-digger and “immature”…yet Eddie threw her name(and her child’s existence) thru the mud the WHOLE TIME SHE WAS PREGNANT. She SHOULD sue his ass over defamation of character. These are two adults who engaged in activities that lead to pregnancy.

    And if Eddie want’s to be added to the ‘dead-beat daddies’ registry…then let him. It appears that Mel B.’s husband has gladly taken up the role as father for Angel, so for the time being the little girl, I’m sure, is showered with love and affection. And, something tells me that while EDDIE may not be a part of Angel’ life, his EX-WIFE, Nicole, is making sure she and her FIVE kids are….

    I guess Eddie won’t be invited to Easter Dinner this year…

  • 2Unruly

    He needs to SIT IT DOWN! Some day when he is old and gray, he will find that his kids will be the first & only ones (who aren’t on the payroll) to come and change his diapers—that is if he treated them RIGHT. Get it together Eddie.

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  • Anna

    alana, I agree with u. I could not believe Tracey would stay with Eddie after finding out Mel was pregnant. Tracey had not been with Eddie for very long. I would have cut my loses and moved on even before the blood test. Being that she did stay and knew the baby was his what kind of woman does that make her, that she did not encourage him to extend his hand out to his daughter, she herself is a mother. I could not be with a man that does not acknowlede his own. I would be on his @ss to see his child like I was his mama. I don’t care how much child support a man sends, kids need physical contact with their parents. If I were a father I could not imagine another man walking my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

  • claire

    just another so called man taking the coward approach and if he really wanted to see his daughter mel b or no one else would stop him..

  • Coop

    Eddie should find away to get to know his daughter but I also understand that some women are crazy B*TChES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hellava10

    He knew how fertile he is and with him I think you could get pregnant from kissing. Poor Angel.

  • Anna

    In Sandra’s post she menioned the “ticket- buying public being woman. Woman and mothers buying tickets for thier kis to see his movies. Shortly after his denial of his pregnant ex he was on the Red Carpet for the premier of “Shrek 4” I was surprised there was not a boycot of the movie. Here we have a man promoting a so called kids movie and denying his own child. SMH. I sure hope he is losing “Brownie Points” across the country. BTW, I wish him and Johnny the best of luck and love. lol

  • Abhor_

    He’s such an intelligent man…(all sarcasm intended)

  • Bird

    That story is absolutely ridiculous. Obviously Eddie’s people put it out. They didn’t have a fling, they had a relationship. At least Eddie thought of it as a relationship. We have all seen the pictures of them vacationing together with both of their kids. I also recall that they were together while she was pregnant and broke up in the middle of the pregnancy. That story is saying Mel revealed the pregnancy right after they broke up. Anyway, Eddie is a freakin trip. I can’t believe he thinks there is a way he can justify not seeing this child.

  • heart2heart

    Eddie is too old for this, he needs to step up to the plate. As far as MelB being a golddiger, haha, the woman has her own damn money. None of them Spicegirls are broke. Who cares how a mess she may be, she’s always been a mother to her children. In the end it’s about were you there for your child.

  • Anna

    @heart2heart and bird. Mel said that they had matching tats. I am married and have not one tattoo. No tramp stamps to get lasered off, no tats to remind me of stupidy. Off the subjuct. when Sandra showed us the pics of Kim’s big ass did anyone notice the green skin above her bought booty. I thought she had a tramp stamp or 2 different tats removed. Unless it was the needles from trying to get a tat removed it looks like there were tats in the middle of her back and also the left side of her back in the pic. Cellulite or tat removed? PS. I would never want to be known for a sex tape(having a governer resign) Power washing my kid at a car wash or being dumb enough to try out for a reality show, i e. American Idol. (I know I CAN’T SING). But I only hurt the ears of the ones I love and who love me back.

  • Anti-believer

    That’s not Eddie’s child. That is Mel B’s husband sperm. The child resembles nothing of Eddie. Look at Mel’s husband then Eddie then the child.

    Wake up!

  • bigqdawg

    The DNA test said that is is Eddie’s kid.

  • http://usherworld sweetface


  • katgirl33

    Anna Says: Off the subjuct. when Sandra showed us the pics of Kim’s big ass did anyone notice the green skin above her bought booty. I thought she had a tramp stamp or 2 different tats removed. Unless it was the needles from trying to get a tat removed it looks like there were tats in the middle of her back and also the left side of her back in the pic.

    I thought those were her a$$ fat injection sites…..LOL

  • SnootyPooty1

    Ignorance is bliss… 🙁

  • DMNB

    Eddie needs to grow up, and stop being so foolish.

  • Doganr

    In the end Eddie will suffer the most..I have no doubt he will provide for his child monetarily but physically being in his child life IS optional. Soem of you people need to stop being so critical and get a job and get a life!!

  • Anti-believer

    bigqdawg Says:

    The DNA test said that is is Eddie’s kid.


    Big… the DNA test was never published to the public. Just because publicist said so doesn’t mean it true. WAKE UP!

    You must believe everything you read!

  • ms.kimba412

    Tricked how? Did Mel slip the condom off without him noticing? Or did he believe her when she said she was on the pill/patch/whatev? Eddie is a grown man, and was fully capable of providing his own contraception. He really needs to quit.

  • Tmekio

    I really HOPE that this $hit is NOT true….

    I’m not even going to comment on this any further until we hear some MORE stories about this in the press at a later time….

  • candycane

    How the hell does someone one trick a grown azz man into NOT using a condom. The man has 5 kids, he knows he has super sperm. WHAT A FOOLISH MAN!! I’m sure they can make some type of arrangements to have someone pick up the girl, or have someone drop her off without Eddie having to see Mel. SHe will always be the mother, so he will always have to deal with her in some type of way.

  • AlwaysSweet

    Being in your kid’s life physically is an option. This is true. But you’re still no less of an a$$hole if you’re not physically there.

  • notnice

    thats crazy


    Thats is just sad from him to even admit this to the media whether if it’s true or not. And out of this entire nonsense and innocent child was created…..JUST SAD!!!!


    tricked? nah…he wanted it. i’m sure it didn’t take much trickery. but at least the baby has a new daddy figure in her life with mel’s FINE husband. maybe it’s for the betss that eddie stay out of her life for a while. he seems like a mean, selfish nut. later he will regret his bitter ignorance. i wish folks could look past the person they slept with in love for the child, it may be hard but pleae America, get it together! glad tracey edmonds got rid of him!